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Spatial and temporal genetic dynamics of the grasshopper <i>Oedaleus decorus</i> revealed by museum genomics.
Schmid S., Neuenschwander S., Pitteloud C., Heckel G., Pajkovic M., Arlettaz R., Alvarez N., 2018/02. Ecology and evolution, 8 (3) pp. 1480-1495. Peer-reviewed.
A DNA barcode reference library for Swiss butterflies and forester moths as a tool for species identification, systematics and conservation.
Litman J., Chittaro Y., Birrer S., Praz C., Wermeille E., Fluri M., Stalling T., Schmid S., Wyler S., Gonseth Y., 2018. PloS one, 13 (12) pp. e0208639. Peer-reviewed.
HyRAD - X, a versatile method combining exome capture and RAD sequencing to extract genomic information from ancient DNA
Schmid Sarah, Genevest Rémi, Gobet Erika, Suchan Tomasz, Sperisen Christoph, Tinner Willy, Alvarez Nadir, 2017/05/07. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Peer-reviewed.
Hybridization Capture Using RAD Probes (hyRAD), a New Tool for Performing Genomic Analyses on Collection Specimens.
Suchan T., Pitteloud C., Gerasimova N.S., Kostikova A., Schmid S., Arrigo N., Pajkovic M., Ronikier M., Alvarez N., 2016. PLoS One, 11 (3) pp. e0151651. Peer-reviewed.
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