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My research focuses on advancing hydrological prediction for sustainable water ressources management.

Besides, I am strongly in favour of open access publication and public review (and an editor of Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, HESS); I am strongly involved in the organisation of the annual meeting of hydrologists at the EGU annual assembly, as the head of the Catchment Hydrology Subdivision.

I maintain a hydrological data wiki for Switzerland at the address ""

Code downloads

A Matlab version of the model SEHR-ECHO (Spatially-explicit hydrological response model of the ECHO lab) is available for download here:

The corresponding paper is available here:

A Matlab version of the model GSM-SOCONT (version 2.4) (Glacier-SnowMelt SOil CONTribution) is available for download here:

A description of the model, different applications (paper 1, paper 2,paper 3) and a comment on the numerics are freely available in the journal "Hydrology and Earth System Sciences".

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