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How stage magic perpetuates magical beliefs
Mohr Christine, Kuhn Gustav dans Mind Reading as a Cultural Practice. Perspectives on its Epistemologies, Technologies, Modes of Subjectivization, and Cultural and Political Dimensions in the 20th Century.
The Utility of Physiological Measures in Assessing the Empathic Skills of Incarcerated Violent Offenders.
Palix J., Abu-Akel A., Moulin V., Abbiati M., Gasser J., Hasler C., Marcot D., Mohr C., Dan-Glauser E. International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology pp. 306624X21994056. Peer-reviewed.
English colour terms carry gender and valence biases: A corpus study using word embeddings
Jonauskaite Domicele, Sutton Adam, Cristianini Nello, Mohr Christine, 2021/06/01. PLOS ONE, 16 (6) pp. e0251559. Peer-reviewed.
Colour-emotion associations in individuals with red-green colour blindness
Jonauskaite Domicele, Camenzind Lucia, Parraga C. Alejandro, Diouf Cécile N., Mercapide Ducommun Mathieu, Müller Lauriane, Norberg Mélanie, Mohr Christine, 2021/04/07. PeerJ, 9 pp. e11180. Peer-reviewed.
How Cognitive Control, Autistic and Schizotypal Traits Shape Context Adaptation of Divergent Thinking
Ramain Julie, Mohr Christine, Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2021/01/05. The Journal of Creative Behavior.
Universal Patterns in Color-Emotion Associations are Further Shaped by Linguistic and Geographic Proximity
Jonauskaite D., Abu-Akel A., Dael N., Oberfeld D., Abdel-Khalek A. M., Al-Rasheed A. S., Antonietti J.-P., Bogushevskaya V., Chamseddine A., Chkonia E. et al., 2020/10/01. Psychological Science, 31 (10) pp. 1245-1260. Peer-reviewed.
Epilogue. From then to now – from now to then: Contemporary research in affective colour psychology might inform research on affective colour meaning in ancient Greek and Roman writings
Mohr Christine, Jonauskaite Domicele, 2020/09. pp. 347-383 dans Colour Psychology in the Graeco-Roman World chap. Epilogue, Fondation Hardt.
Extrapolating continuous color emotions through deep learning
Ram Vishaal, Schaposnik Laura P., Konstantinou Nikos, Volkan Eliz, Papadatou-Pastou Marietta, Manav Banu, Jonauskaite Domicele, Mohr Christine, 2020/09. Physical Review Research, 2 (3) p. 033350. Peer-reviewed.
Stripping #The Dress: the importance of contextual information on inter-individual differences in colour perception.
Jonauskaite D., Dael N., Parraga C.A., Chèvre L., García Sánchez A., Mohr C., 2020/06. Psychological research, 84 (4) pp. 851-865. Peer-reviewed.
To see or not to see: Importance of color perception to color therapy
Jonauskaite Domicele, Tremea Irina, Bürki Loyse, Diouf Cécile N., Mohr Christine, 2020/04/07. Color Research & Application, 45 (3) pp. 450-464. Peer-reviewed.
Autistic and positive schizotypal traits respectively predict better convergent and divergent thinking performance
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Webb Margaret E., de Montpellier Emilie, Von Bentivegni Sophie, Luechinger Lyn, Ishii Alessandro, Mohr Christine, 2020/04. Thinking Skills and Creativity p. 100656. Peer-reviewed.
A commentary: The sun is no fun without rain: Reply to “The sun and how do we feel about the color yellow? Methodological concerns”
Jonauskaite Domicele, Mohr Christine, 2020/02. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 67 p. 101379.
Feeling Blue or Seeing Red? Similar Patterns of Emotion Associations With Colour Patches and Colour Terms
Jonauskaite Domicele, Parraga C. Alejandro, Quiblier Michael, Mohr Christine, 2020/02. i-Perception, 11 (1) p. 204166952090248. Peer-reviewed.
The sun is no fun without rain: Physical environments affect how we feel about yellow across 55 countries
Jonauskaite D., Abdel-Khalek A. M., Abu-Akel A., Al-Rasheed A. S., Antonietti J.-P., Ásgeirsson Á. G., Atitsogbe K. A., Barma M., Barratt D., Bogushevskaya V. et al., 2019/12. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 66 p. 101350. Peer-reviewed.
A machine learning approach to quantify the specificity of colour–emotion associations and their cultural differences
Jonauskaite Domicele, Wicker Jörg, Mohr Christine, Dael Nele, Havelka Jelena, Papadatou-Pastou Marietta, Zhang Meng, Oberfeld Daniel, 2019/09/27. Royal Society Open Science, 6 (9) p. 190741. Peer-reviewed.
Pink for girls, red for boys, and blue for both genders: Colour preferences in children and adults
Jonauskaite Domicele, Dael Nele, Chèvre Laetitia, Althaus Betty, Tremea Alessandro, Charalambides Laetitia, Mohr Christine, 2019/05. Sex Roles, 80 (9-10) pp. 630-642. Peer-reviewed.
What color do you feel? Color choices are driven by mood
Jonauskaite Domicele, Althaus Betty, Dael Nele, Dan-Glauser Elise, Mohr Christine, 2019/04. Color Research & Application, 44 (2) pp. 272-284. Peer-reviewed.
Цвета эмоций: экспериментальное исследование ассоциативных связей в современном русском языке [Colors of emotions: Experimental research of associative relations in modern Russian]
Griber Yulia, Jonauskaite Domicele, Mohr Christine, 2019/02/08. Litera, 8 (1) pp. 69-86. Peer-reviewed.
Language lateralisation measured across linguistic and national boundaries.
Hausmann M., Brysbaert M., van der Haegen L., Lewald J., Specht K., Hirnstein M., Willemin J., Barton J., Buchilly D., Chmetz F. et al., 2019/02. Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior, 111 pp. 134-147. Peer-reviewed.
Early Detection of the Risk of Developing Psychiatric Disorders: A Study of 461 Chinese University Students under Chronic Stress.
Zhang M., Bridler R., Mohr C., Moragrega I., Sun N., Xu Z., Yang Z., Possenti M., Stassen H.H., 2019. Psychopathology, 52 (6) pp. 367-377. Peer-reviewed.
Sex-related differences in vision are heterogeneous
Shaqiri Albulena, Roinishvili Maya, Grzeczkowski Lukasz, Chkonia Eka, Pilz Karin, Mohr Christine, Brand Andreas, Kunchulia Marina, Herzog Michael H., 2018/12. Scientific Reports, 8 (1) p. 7521. Peer-reviewed.
Magic Performances – When Explained in Psychic Terms by University Students
Lesaffre Lise, Kuhn Gustav, Abu-Akel Ahmad, Rochat Déborah, Mohr Christine, 2018/11/06. Frontiers in Psychology, 9. Peer-reviewed.
The association between schizotypal traits and social functioning in adolescents from the general population
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Baxendale Laura, Mohr Christine, Sullivan Sarah, 2018/11. Psychiatry Research. Peer-reviewed.
Enhancing Psychosis-Spectrum Nosology Through an International Data Sharing Initiative.
Docherty A.R., Fonseca-Pedrero E., Debbané M., Chan RCK, Linscott R.J., Jonas K.G., Cicero D.C., Green M.J., Simms L.J., Mason O. et al., 2018/10/15. Schizophrenia bulletin, 44 (suppl_2) pp. S460-S467. Peer-reviewed.
Reasons, Years and Frequency of Yoga Practice: Effect on Emotion Response Reactivity
Mocanu Elisabeth, Mohr Christine, Pouyan Niloufar, Thuillard Simon, Dan-Glauser Elise S., 2018/07/04. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 12 p. 264.
Psychiatric framing affects positive but not negative schizotypy scores in psychology and medical students
Mohr Christine, Schofield Kerry, Leonards Ute, Wilson Marc S., Grimshaw Gina M., 2018. Psychiatry Research, 266 pp. 85-89.
Unifying research on colour and emotion: Time for a cross-cultural survey on emotion associations to colour terms
Mohr Christine, Jonauskaite Domicele, Dan-Glauser Elise S, Uusküla Mari, Dael Nele, 2018. pp. 209-222 dans MacDonald Lindsay, Biggam Carole P, Paramei Galina V (eds.) Progress in Colour Studies: Cognition, language and beyond chap. 11, John Benjamins.
Unkept promises of cognitive styles: A new look at old measurements
Cuneo Félix, Antonietti Jean-Philippe, Mohr Christine, 2018. Plos One, 13 (8) pp. e0203115. Peer-reviewed.
An investigation of left/right driving rules on deviations while walking
Thomas Nicole A., Churches Owen, White Ian, Mohr Christine, Schrag Yann, Obucina Sabrina, Nicholls Michael E. R., 2017/10/11. PLOS ONE, 12 (10) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
Mentalizing skills do not differentiate believers from non-believers, but credibility enhancing displays do
Maij David. L. R., van Harreveld Frenk, Gervais Will, Schrag Yann, Mohr Christine, van Elk Michiel, 2017/08/23. PLOS ONE, 12 (8) pp. e0182764. Peer-reviewed.
Electrophysiological correlates of visual backward masking in high schizotypic personality traits participants
Favrod Ophélie, Sierro Guillaume, Roinishvili Maya, Chkonia Eka, Mohr Christine, Herzog Michael H., Cappe Céline, 2017/08. Psychiatry Research, 254 pp. 251-257. Peer-reviewed.
Embodied perspective-taking indicated by selective disruption from aberrant self motion
Gardner MR, Stent C, Mohr C, Golding JF, 2017. Psychological Reports, 81 pp. 480–489. Peer-reviewed.
Hand Matters: Left-Hand Gestures Enhance Metaphor Explanation
Argyriou Paraskevi, Mohr Christine, Kita Sotaro, 2017. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 43 (6) pp. 874-886. Peer-reviewed.
Salivary testosterone levels are unrelated to handedness or cerebral lateralisation for language
Papadatou-Pastou M, Martin M, Mohr C, 2017. Laterality, 22 (2) pp. 123-156. Peer-reviewed.
Pro Free Will Priming Enhances "Risk-Taking" Behavior in the Iowa Gambling Task, but not in the Balloon Analogue Risk Task : Two Independent Priming Studies
Schrag Y., Tremea A., Lagger C., Ohana N., Mohr C., 2016/03. PLoS ONE (en ligne), 11 (3) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
Stability of right visual field advantage in an international lateralized lexical decision task irrespective of participants' sex, handedness or bilingualism.
Willemin J., Hausmann M., Brysbaert M., Dael N., Chmetz F., Fioravera A., Gieruc K., Mohr C., 2016/01/18. Laterality, 21 pp. 1-24. Peer-reviewed.
French validation of the O-LIFE Short questionnaire
Sierro G., Rossier J., Mason O., Mohr C., 2016. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 32 pp. 195-203. Peer-reviewed.
Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety and Insomnia in a Higher Education Context
Morris Joanna, Firkins Ashlyn, Millings Abigail, Mohr Christine, Redford Paul, Rowe Angela, 2016. Anxiety, Stress and Coping, 29 (4) pp. 415-431. Peer-reviewed.
Measuring body movement : current and future directions in proxemics and kinesics
Dael N., Bianchi-Berthouze N., Kleinsmith A., Mohr C., 2016. pp. 551-587 dans Matsumoto D., Hwang H. C., Frank M. G. (eds.) APA Handbook of Nonverbal Communication, Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
Most and Least Preferred Colours Differ According to Object Context : New Insights from an Unrestricted Colour Range
Jonauskaite D., Mohr C., Antonietti J.P., Spiers P.M., Althaus B., Anil S., Dael N., 2016. Plos One, 11 (3) pp. e0152194. Peer-reviewed.
Put on that colour, it fits your emotion: Colour appropriateness as a function of expressed emotion.
Dael N., Perseguers M.N., Marchand C., Antonietti J.P., Mohr C., 2016. Quarterly journal of experimental psychology (2006), 69 (8) pp. 1619-1630. Peer-reviewed.
Validation of the French Autism Spectrum Quotient Scale and its relationships with schizotypy and Eysenckian personality traits
Sierro Guillaume, Rossier Jérôme, Mohr Christine, 2016. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 68 pp. 147-155. Peer-reviewed.
Same or diametrical relationships between autistic and schizotypy traits ? Implication for autism and schizophrenia spectrum research
Sierro G., Rossier J., Mohr C., 2015/06. pp. S215 dans Mindera R., Castro-Fornieles J., Eliez S. (eds.) European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Springer.
Are we modular lying cues detectors ? The answer is "yes sometimes"
Arminjon M., Chamseddine A., Kopta V., Paunović A., Mohr C, 2015. PLoS ONE, 10 (9) pp. e0136418. Peer-reviewed.
Brain dysfunctions, psychopathologies, and body image distortions
Mohr C., Messina S., 2015. European Psychologist, 20 (1) pp. 72-81. Peer-reviewed.
Can the effectiveness of an online stress management program be augmented by wearable sensor technology?
Millings A, Morris J, Rowe AC, Easton S, Martin JK, Majoe D, Mohr C, 2015. Internet Interventions, 2 (3) pp. 330-339. Peer-reviewed.
Caregiver's interpret infants' early gestures based on shared knowledge about referents
Dimitrova N., Moro C., Mohr C., 2015. Infant Behavior and Development, 39 pp. 98-106. Peer-reviewed.
Cognition and brain function in schizotypy : a selective review
Ettinger U., Mohr C., Gooding D. C., Cohen A. S., Rapp A., Haenschel C., Park S., 2015. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 41 (suppl. 2) pp. S417-S426. Peer-reviewed.
Does chronic nicotine consumption influence visual backward masking in schizophrenia and schizotypy ?
Shaqiri A., Willemin J., Sierro G., Roinishvili M., Iannontuoni L, Rürup L, Chkonia E, Herzog MH, Mohr C, 2015. Schizophrenia research : Cognition, 2 (2) pp. 93-99. Peer-reviewed.
Hemispheric language asymmetry in first episode psychosis and schizotypy : the role of cannabis consumption and cognitive disorganization
Herzig D. A., Sullivan S., Lewis G., Corcoran R., Drake R., Evans J., Nutt D., Mohr C., 2015. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 41 (suppl. 2) pp. S455-S464. Peer-reviewed.
Integration and development in schizotypy research : an introduction to the special supplement
Debbané M., Mohr C., 2015. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 41 (suppl. 2) pp. S363-S365. Peer-reviewed.
Priming psychic and conjuring abilities of a magic demonstration influences event interpretation and random number generation biases
Mohr C., Koutrakis N., Kuhn G., 2015. Frontiers in Psychology, 5 p. 1542. Peer-reviewed.
Quantifying insufficient coping behavior under chronic stress. A cross-cultural study of 1,303 students from Italy, Spain, and Argentina.
Delfino J.-P., Barragán E., Botella C., Braun S., Bridler R., Camussi E., Chafrat V., Lott P., Mohr C., Moragrega I. et al., 2015. Psychopathology, 48 (4) pp. 230-239. Peer-reviewed.
Schizotypy : do not worry, it is not all worrisome
Mohr C., Claridge G., 2015. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 41 (suppl. 2) pp. S436-S443. Peer-reviewed.
Schizotypy as an organizing framework for social and affective sciences
Cohen A.S., Park S., Mohr C., Ettinger U., Chan R.C.K., 2015. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 41 (suppl. 2) pp. S427-S435. Peer-reviewed.
The Measurement Invariance of Schizotypy in Europe
Fonseca-Pedrero E., Ortuño-Sierra J., Sierro G., Daniel C., Cella M., Preti A., Mohr C., Mason O., 2015. European Psychiatry, 30 (7) pp. 837-844. Peer-reviewed.
The role of dopamine in schizotypy
Mohr C., Ettinger U., 2015. pp. 33-47 dans Mason O. J., Claridge G. (eds.) Schizotypy : New Dimensions chap. 2, Routledge.
Affective state and voice : cross-cultural assessment of speaking behavior and voice sound characteristics : a normative multicenter study of 577 + 36 healthy subjects
Braun S., Botella C., Bridler R., Chmetz F., Delfino J.P., Herzig D., Kluckner V.J., Mohr C., Moragrega I., Schrag Y. et al., 2014/10. Psychopathology, 47 (5) pp. 327-340.
Language lateralization in early and late bilinguals using an international vocabulary
Willemin J., Hausmann M., Dael N., Gieruc K., Fioravera A., Mohr C, 2014/09., University of Durham, Durham, UK dans 4th North Sea Meeting on Brain Asymmetries. Peer-reviewed.
Reduced left hemisphere dominance for multiple versus single anagram solutions and its modulation by individuals' schizotypy
Ishii A., Sierro G., Mohr C., 2014/09., University of Durham, Durham, UK dans 4th North Sea Meeting on Brain Asymmetries. Peer-reviewed.
Electrophysiological correlates of visual backward masking in schizotypy
Favrod O., Cappe C., Mohr C., Herzog M., 2014/07. dans The 17h European Conference on Personality, European Association for Personality Psychology (EAPP).
Validation and psychometric features of a French translation of the short O-LIFE questionnaire
Sierro G., Mason O., Rossier J., Mohr C., 2014/07., European Association for Personality Psychology (EAPP) dans The 17th European Conference on Personality.
Visual backward masking deficits in schizotypy are observed in late but not early onset nicotine smokers
Willemin J., Iannantuoni L., Beaud G., Sierro G., Herzog M., Mohr C., 2014/07., European Association for Personality Psychology (EAPP) dans The 17th European Conference on Personality.
Visual contrast sensitivity in schizotypy: Better with negative schizotypy and worse with cognitive disorganisation
Picci J., Sierro G., Ishii A., Mohr C., Herzog M., 2014/07., European Association for Personality Psychology (EAPP) dans The 17th European Conference on Personality.
Trying to define Free Will : a cognitive and fonctional model proposal
Schrag Y., Schenk F., Sachse C., Mohr C., 2014/04. dans Toward a Science of Consciousness 2014.
Alcohol and relatively pure cannabis use, but not schizotypy, are associated with cognitive attenuations
Herzig D.A., Nutt D., Mohr C., 2014. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 5 (133) p. 1. Peer-reviewed.
An Overview of the association between schizotypy and dopamine
Mohr C., Ettinger U., 2014. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 5 p. 184. Peer-reviewed.
Free will and determinism as a function of schizotypy and religiosity
Schrag Y., Armengol J., Tremea A., Makowka O., Sierro G., Mohr C., 2014. dans 17th European Conference on Personality.
Insufficient coping behavior under chronic stress and vulnerability to psychiatric disorders
Mohr C., Braun S., Bridler R., Chmetz F., Delfino J.P., Kluckner V.J., Lott P., Schrag Y., Seifritz E., Stassen H.H., 2014. Psychopathology, 47 (4) pp. 235-243. Peer-reviewed.
Is there a common factor for vision?
Cappe C., Clarke A., Mohr C., Herzog M. H., 2014. Journal of Vision, 14 (8) pp. nn. Peer-reviewed.
Schizotypy and hemispheric asymmetry: results from two Chapman scales, the O-LIFE questionnaire, and two laterality measures
Schofield K., Mohr C., 2014. Laterality, 19 (2) pp. 178-200. Peer-reviewed.
The longitudinal association between social functioning and theory of mind in first episode psychosis
Sullivan S., Lewis G., Mohr C., Herzig D. A., Corcoran R., Drake R., Evans R., 2014/01. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 19 (1) pp. 58-80. Peer-reviewed.
Vulnerabilität und psychische Erkrankung
Stassen H.H., Delfino J.P., Kluckner V.J., Lott P., Mohr C., 2014. Swiss Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry, 165 (5) pp. 152-157. Peer-reviewed.
Affect-related synesthesias: A prospective view on their existence, expression and underlying mechanisms
Dael N., Sierro G., Mohr C., 2013/10. Frontiers in Psychology, 4 (754) pp. 1-9. Peer-reviewed.
Cognitive disorganisation and Sex affect visual backward masking: data from patients with schizophrenia, non-affected relatives and healthy controls
Sierro G., Brand A., Chkonia E., Roinishvili M., Herzog M.H., Mohr C., 2013/09., Lemanic Neuroscience dans The 10th Lemanic Neuroscience Annual Meeting.
Visual backward masking performance is modulated by sex and schizotypy.
Sierro G., Cappe C., Herzog M.H., Mohr C., 2013/08., ESCOP dans The 18th Meeting of The European Society for Cognitive Psychology.
Visual backward masking deficits are specific to female observers scoring high on cognitive disorganisation.
Sierro G., Cappe C., Herzog M.H., Mohr C., 2013/07., International Society for the Study of Individual Differences dans ISSID 2013.
Bodily perspective taking goes social: the role of personal, interpersonal, and intercultural factors
Mohr C., Rowe A. C., Kurodawa I., Denby L., Theodoridou A., 2013. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 43 (7) pp. 1369-1381. Peer-reviewed.
Does disbelief in Free Will promote risk-taking behavior? a pilote study combining belief induction and Iowa Gambling Task
Schrag Y., Mohr C., 2013., SPSP dans Society for Personality and Social Psychology.
Does disbelief in Free Will promote risk-taking behavior? A study (n=143) combining belief induction and Iowa Gambling Task
Schrag Y., Mohr C., 2013. dans European Society for Cognitive Psychology.
Inferring about individual drug and schizotypy effects on cognitive functioning in polydrug using mephedrone users before and after clubbing
Herzig D.A., Brooks R., Mohr C., 2013. Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, 28 (2) pp. 168-182. Peer-reviewed.
Line bisection by eye and by hand reveal opposite biases
Leonards U., Stone S., Mohr C., 2013. Experimental Brain Research, 228 (4) pp. 513-525. Peer-reviewed.
Men perform comparably to women in a perspective taking task after administration of intranasal oxytocin but not after placebo
Theodoridou A., Rowe A.C., Mohr C., 2013. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 7 (197) pp. 1-11. Peer-reviewed.
Performance of younger and older adults in lateralized right and left hemisphere asymmetry tasks supports the HAROLD model
Collins K., Mohr C., 2013. Laterality, 18 (4) pp. 491-512. Peer-reviewed.
Put on that colour, it fits your emotion: Colour appropriateness as a function of expressed emotion
Dael N., Perseguers M.-N., Marchand C., Antonietti J.-P., Mohr C., 2013. dans 18th meeting of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology, Budapest, 29 August - 1 September.
Put on that colour, it fits your emotion: Colour appropriateness as a function of expressed emotion
Dael N., Perseguers M.-N., Marchand C., Antonietti J.-P., Mohr C., 2013. dans 12th International AIC Colour Congress, Newcastle, 8 - 12 July.
Stressing schizotypy: The modulating role of stress-relieving behaviours and intellectual capacity on functional hemispheric asymmetry.
Herzig D.A., Mohr C., 2013. Laterality, 18 (2) pp. 152-178. Peer-reviewed.
Synesthesia in space versus the "mind's eye": How to ask the right questions
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Theory of mind and social functioning in first episode psychosis
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How perceptual learning shapes perception
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Sex moderates the relationship between cognitive disorganisation and visual backward masking: potential implications for an endophenotype of schizophrenia
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Disentangling the red effects. The importance of emotional arousal and potency in the processing of red
Dael N., Mohr C., 2012/04. dans Colour my Wellbeing - Applied Arts and Health Conference, Northampton.
Facing the inversion effect: do schizotypal and autistic traits contribute differently to the "face(-like) inversion effect"?
Sierro G., Mohr C., 2012/04., Schizophrenia International Research Society dans 3rd Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference.
Representational pseudoneglect and reference points both influence geographic location estimates.
Friedman A., Mohr C., Brugger P., 2012/04. Psychonomic bulletin & review, 19 (2) pp. 277-284. Peer-reviewed.
Visual backward masking deficits in schizotypy
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Cognitive disorganisation in schizotypy is associated with deterioration in visual backward masking.
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Does disbelief in Free Will promote risk-taking behavior? a pilote study combining belief induction and Iowa Gambling Task
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Former eating disorder impairs 3rd person but not 1st person perspective taking. Does dance training help?
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Hemispheric asymmetry and theory of mind: Is there an association?
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Sind außerkörperliche Erfahrungen so außergewöhnlich?
Mohr C., 2012. pp. 97-123 dans Ambach W. (eds.) Experimentelle Psychophysiologie in Grenzgebieten chap. 5, Ergon-Verlag.
The better I feel, the less clingy I feel: Posture, self-esteem, and closeness to attachment figures
Rowe A. C., Parnes C. I. L., Mohr C., 2012. dans International Association for Relationship Research (IARR) meeting in Chicago, USA.
Visual backward masking deficits in schizotypy
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When the type of motor output matters: Line bisection by eye and by hand reveal opposite bisection biases
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A putative implication for fronto-parietal connectivity in out-of-body experiences
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Out of the body, but not out of mind
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Schizotypal personality traits influence idiosyncratic initiation of saccadic face exploration
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Adult attachment dimensions, sex, and romantic relationship status: How each predicts scores on the empathy quotient and its subcomponents
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