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Transcriptome-wide sites of collided ribosomes reveal principles of translational pausing.
Arpat A.B., Liechti A., De Matos M., Dreos R., Janich P., Gatfield D., 2020/07. Genome research, 30 (7) pp. 985-999. Peer-reviewed.
Charting DENR-dependent translation reinitiation uncovers predictive uORF features and links to circadian timekeeping via Clock.
Castelo-Szekely V., De Matos M., Tusup M., Pascolo S., Ule J., Gatfield D., 2019/06/04. Nucleic acids research, 47 (10) pp. 5193-5209. Peer-reviewed.
Design of in vitro Transcribed mRNA Vectors for Research and Therapy.
Tusup M., French L.E., De Matos M., Gatfield D., Kundig T., Pascolo S., 2019/05/29. Chimia, 73 (6) pp. 391-394. Peer-reviewed.
MicroRNAs shape circadian hepatic gene expression on a transcriptome-wide scale.
Du N.H., Arpat A.B., De Matos M., Gatfield D., 2014. Elife, 3 pp. e02510.
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