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Association of 24-Hour Blood Pressure With Urinary Sodium Excretion in Healthy Adults.
van der Stouwe J.G., Carmeli C., Aeschbacher S., Schoen T., Krisai P., Wenger G., Ehret G., Ponte B., Pruijm M., Ackermann D. et al., 2018/06/11. American journal of hypertension, 31 (7) pp. 784-791. Peer-reviewed.
Socioeconomic status, non-communicable disease risk factors, and walking speed in older adults: multi-cohort population based study.
Stringhini S., Carmeli C., Jokela M., Avendaño M., McCrory C., d'Errico A., Bochud M., Barros H., Costa G., Chadeau-Hyam M. et al., 2018/03/23. BMJ, 360 pp. k1046. Peer-reviewed.
Socioeconomic status and the 25 × 25 risk factors as determinants of premature mortality: a multicohort study and meta-analysis of 1·7 million men and women.
Stringhini S., Carmeli C., Jokela M., Avendaño M., Muennig P., Guida F., Ricceri F., d'Errico A., Barros H., Bochud M. et al., 2017/03/25. Lancet, 389 (10075) pp. 1229-1237. Peer-reviewed.
Weakened functional connectivity in patients with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) converges on basal ganglia.
Barzegaran E., Carmeli C., Rossetti A.O., Frackowiak R.S., Knyazeva M.G., 2016. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, 87 (3) pp. 332-337. Peer-reviewed.
Structural covariance of superficial white matter in mild Alzheimer's disease compared to normal aging.
Carmeli C., Fornari E., Jalili M., Meuli R., Knyazeva M.G., 2014. Brain and Behavior, 4 (5) pp. 721-737. Peer-reviewed.
Demyelination in mild cognitive impairment suggests progression path to Alzheimer's disease.
Carmeli C., Donati A., Antille V., Viceic D., Ghika J., von Gunten A., Clarke S., Meuli R., Frackowiak R.S., Knyazeva M.G., 2013. Plos One, 8 (8) pp. e72759. Peer-reviewed.
Evolution of source EEG synchronization in early Alzheimer's disease.
Knyazeva M.G., Carmeli C., Khadivi A., Ghika J., Meuli R., Frackowiak R.S., 2013. Neurobiology of Aging, 34 (3) pp. 694-705.
Quantifying network properties in multi-electrode recordings: spatiotemporal characterization and inter-trial variation of evoked gamma oscillations in mouse somatosensory cortex in vitro.
Carmeli C., Bonifazi P., Robinson H.P., Small M., 2013. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 7 (134) pp. 1-13.
Glutathione precursor N-acetyl-cysteine modulates EEG synchronization in schizophrenia patients: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial.
Carmeli C., Knyazeva M.G., Cuénod M., Do K.Q., 2012. Plos One, 7 (2) pp. e29341. Peer-reviewed.
Binding under Conflict Conditions: State-Space Analysis of Multivariate EEG Synchronization.
Knyazeva M.G., Carmeli C., Fornari E., Meuli R., Small M., Frackowiak R.S., Maeder P., 2011. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23 (9) pp. 2363-2375.
Glutathione Precursor, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Modulates EEG Synchronization in Schizophrenia Patients
Carmeli Cristian, Knyazeva Maria G., Cuenod Michel, Do Kim Q., 2010. pp. 263S-264S dans 65th Annual Convention of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, Biological Psychiatry. Peer-reviewed.
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