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More on the question ‘When does absence of evidence constitute evidence of absence?' How Bayesian confirmation theory can logically support the answer
Taroni F., Bozza S., Hicks T., Garbolino P., 2019/08. Forensic Science International, 301 pp. e59-e63. Peer-reviewed.
Are inconclusive decisions in forensic science as deficient as they are said to be?
Biedermann Alex, Bozza Silvia, Taroni Franco, Vuille Joëlle, 2019/03/19. Frontiers in Psychology, 10 (520) pp. 1-9. Peer-reviewed.
Letter to the Editor — Commentary on: Dror IG, Langenburg G. “Cannot decide”: the fine line between appropriate inconclusive determinations versus unjustifiably deciding not to decide
Biedermann Alex, Vuille Joëlle, Bozza Silvia, Taroni Franco, 2019/01/03. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 64 (1) pp. 318-321. Peer-reviewed.
A formal approach to qualifying and quantifying the ‘goodness' of forensic identification decisions
Biedermann Alex, Bozza Silvia, Taroni Franco, Garbolino Paolo, 2018/12/01. Law, Probability and Risk, 17 (4) pp. 295-310. Peer-reviewed.
Prova genetica del DNA e risultati dissonanti: come valutare congiuntamente gli elementi scientifici di prova
Taroni Franco, De March Ilaria, Garbolino Paolo, Bozza Silvia, 2018/11/12. Diritto Penale Contemporaneo, 11 pp. 77-94. Peer-reviewed.
Dynamic signatures: A review of dynamic feature variation and forensic methodology
Linden Jacques, Marquis Raymond, Bozza Silvia, Taroni Franco, 2018/10. Forensic Science International, 291 pp. 216-229. Peer-reviewed.
Reconciliation of subjective probabilities and frequencies in forensic science
Taroni Franco, Garbolino Paolo, Biedermann Alex, Aitken Colin, Bozza Silvia, 2018/09/03. Law, Probability and Risk, 17 (3) pp. 243-262. Peer-reviewed.
Statistical adhockeries are no criteria for legal decisions – The case of the expert medical report on the assessment of urine specimens collected among athletes having participated to the Vancouver and Sochi Winter Olympic Games
Taroni Franco, Biedermann Alex, Vuille Joëlle, Bozza Silvia, 2018/08/20. Frontiers in Sociology, 3 pp. 1-3. Peer-reviewed.
Critical analysis of forensic cut-offs and legal thresholds: A coherent approach to inference and decision.
Biedermann A., Taroni F., Bozza S., Augsburger M., Aitken CGG, 2018/07. Forensic science international, 288 pp. 72-80. Peer-reviewed.
Bayesian networks of age estimation and classification based on dental evidence: A study on the third molar mineralization
Sironi Emanuele, Pinchi Vilma, Pradella Francesco, Focardi Martina, Bozza Silvia, Taroni Franco, 2018/04. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, 55 pp. 23-32. Peer-reviewed.
Analysing and exemplifying forensic conclusion criteria in terms of Bayesian decision theory
Biedermann A., Bozza S., Taroni F., 2018/03. Science & Justice, 58 (2) pp. 159-165. Peer-reviewed.
Contaminazioni di un reperto con il DNA. Quando la prova genetica porta direttamente alla condanna
Taroni Franco, Bozza Silvia, Garbolino Paolo, 2018. Diritto Penale Contemporaneo pp. 1-14. Peer-reviewed.
The meaning of justified subjectivism and its role in the reconciliation of recent disagreements over forensic probabilism
Biedermann Alex, Bozza Silvia, Taroni Franco, Aitken Colin, 2017/11. Science & Justice, 57 (6) pp. 477-483. Peer-reviewed.
Reconsiderando la individualización forense como una decisión = Rethinking forensic individualization as a decision
Biedermann A., Bozza S., Taroni F., Lucena Molina J. J., 2017. Revista espanola de medicina legal, 43 (2) pp. 87-88. Peer-reviewed.
Il ruolo della probabilità nella valutazione della prova scientifica
Taroni Franco, Bozza Silvia, Vuille Joëlle, 2017. pp. 23-74 dans Canzio Giovanni, Luparia Luca (eds.) Prova scientifica e processo penale, CEDAM - Wolters Kluwer.
The consequences of understanding expert probability reporting as a decision.
Biedermann A., Bozza S., Taroni F., Aitken C., 2017/01. Science & justice : journal of the Forensic Science Society, 57 (1) pp. 80-85. Peer-reviewed.
Analysis and evaluation of magnetism of black toners on documents printed by electrophotographic systems
Biedermann A., Bozza S., Taroni F., Fürbach M., Li B., Mazzella W., 2016/10. Forensic Science International, 267 pp. 157-165. Peer-reviewed.
Reframing the debate: a question of probability, not of likelihood ratio
Biedermann A., Bozza S., Taroni F., Aitken C., 2016/10. Science & Justice, 56 pp. 392-396. Peer-reviewed.
Posterior likelihood ratios for evaluation of forensic trace evidence given a two-level model on the data by Alberink et al. (2013)
Bozza S., Taroni F., 2016/05. Journal of Applied Statistics, 43 (8) pp. 1561-1563. Peer-reviewed.
The decisionalization of individualization
Biedermann A., Bozza S., Taroni F., 2016/05. Forensic Science International, 266 pp. 29-38. Peer-reviewed.
Dismissal of the illusion of uncertainty in the assessment of a likelihood ratio
Taroni Franco, Bozza Silvia, Biedermann Alex, Aitken Colin, 2016/03. Law, Probability and Risk, 15 (1) pp. 1-16. Peer-reviewed.
Taroni F., Bozza S., Biedermann A., Aitken C., 2016/03. Law, Probability & Risk, 15 (1) pp. 31-34. Peer-reviewed.
Statistical hypothesis testing and common misinterpretations: should we abandon p-value in forensic science applications?
Taroni F., Biedermann A., Bozza S., 2016/02. Forensic Science International, 259 pp. e32-e36. Peer-reviewed.
La naturaleza decisoria de las conclusiones de los expertos en ciencia forense (The decisionalization of individualization)
Biedermann A., Bozza S., Taroni F., 2016. Teoría & derecho: revista de pensamiento jurídico, 20 pp. 262-284. Peer-reviewed.
“同一认定”中的意见决策论 (The decisionalization of individualization)
Biedermann A., Bozza S., Taroni F., Li B., Zhao D., 2016. Evidence Science, 24 pp. 627-641. Peer-reviewed.
Prediction in forensic science: a critical examination of common understandings
Biedermann A., Bozza S., Taroni F., 2015/05. Frontiers in Psychology, Quantitative Psychology and Measurement. Research topic "Judgement and decision under uncertainty : Theory and measurement", 6 (737) pp. 1-7. Peer-reviewed.
Bayesian classification criterion for forensic multivariate data
Bozza S., Broséus J., Esseiva P., Taroni F., 2014/12. Forensic Science International, 244 pp. 295-301. Peer-reviewed.
Bayes factor for investigative assessment of selected handwriting features
Taroni F., Marquis R., Schmittbuhl M., Biedermann A., Thiéry A., Bozza S., 2014/09. Forensic Science International, 242 pp. 266-273. Peer-reviewed.
Decision analysis for the genotype designation in low-template-DNA profiles
Gittelson S., Biedermann A., Bozza S., Taroni F., 2014/03. Forensic Science International: Genetics, 9 pp. 118-133. Peer-reviewed.
Toxic substances in blood: an analysis of current recommendations under a Bayesian (decision) approach
Taroni F., Biedermann A., Bozza S., Vuille J., Augsburger M., 2014/03/01. Law, Probability and Risk, 13 (1) pp. 27-45. Peer-reviewed.
Bayesian Networks for Probabilistic Inference and Decision Analysis in Forensic Science
Taroni F., Biedermann A., Bozza S., Garbolino P., Aitken C., 2014., 2nd ed. 443, Wiley.
Decision-theoretic reflections on processing a fingermark
Gittelson S., Bozza S., Biedermann A., Taroni F., 2013/03. Forensic Science International, 226 (1-3) pp. e42-e47. Peer-reviewed.
Modeling the forensic two-trace problem with Bayesian networks
Gittelson Simone, Biedermann Alex, Bozza Silvia, Taroni Franco, 2013. Artificial Intelligence and Law, 21 (2) pp. 221-252. Peer-reviewed.
Value of DNA tests: a decision perspective.
Taroni F., Bozza S., Bernard M., Champod C., 2007. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 52 (1) pp. 31-39.
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