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Multiculturalism in classically liberal societies: Group membership and compatibility between individual and collective justice
Gale Jessica, Staerklé Christian, 2019/11. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 85 p. 103877.
Speaking Up or Silencing Out in the Face of Rising Right-Wing Populism: A Dynamic Test of the Spiral of Silence across 15 European Countries
Thurre Frédéric Olivier, Gale Jessica, Staerklé Christian, 2019/10/19. International Journal of Public Opinion Research.
Immigration and Multiculturalism in Context: A Framework for Psychological Research
Ward Colleen, Gale Jessica, Staerklé Christian, Stuart Jaimee, 2018/11/14. Journal of Social Issues. Peer-reviewed.
Flexible Solidarity with Refugees: Integrating Minority Influence and Intergroup Communication
Politi Emanuele, Gale Jessica, Staerklé Christian, 2017/07/27. International Review of Social Psychology, 30 (1) pp. 172-183.
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