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Reactive fluid infiltration along fractures: Textural observations coupled to in-situ isotopic analyses
Bégué Florence, Baumgartner Lukas P., Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Robyr Martin, 2019/08. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 519 pp. 264-273.
Grain scale processes recorded by oxygen isotopes in olivine-hosted melt inclusions from two MORB samples
Manzini Mélina, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Baumgartner Lukas P., Rose-Koga Estelle F., Schiano Pierre, Shimizu Nobumichi, 2019/02. Chemical Geology. Peer-reviewed.
Tracing of Cl input into the sub-arc mantle through the combined analysis of B, O and Cl isotopes in melt inclusions
Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Manzini Mélina, Rose-Koga Estelle F., Nichols Alexander R.L., Baumgartner Lukas P., 2019/02. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 507 pp. 30-39. Peer-reviewed.
Time and duration of chondrule formation: Constraints from 26Al-26Mg ages of individual chondrules
Pape J., Mezger K., Bouvier A.-S., Baumgartner L. P., 2019. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 244 pp. 416-436. Peer-reviewed.
Multi fluid-flow record during episodic mode I opening: A microstructural and SIMS study (Cotiella Thrust Fault, Pyrenees)
Lacroix Brice, Baumgartner Lukas P., Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Kempton Pamela D., Vennemann Torsten, 2018/12. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 503 pp. 37-46. Peer-reviewed.
The role of crustal melting in the formation of rhyolites: Constraints from SIMS oxygen isotope data (Chon Aike Province, Patagonia, Argentina)
Seitz Susanne, Putlitz Benita, Baumgartner Lukas Peter, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, 2018/12/01. American Mineralogist, 103 (12) pp. 2011-2027. Peer-reviewed.
Accurate Measurements of H2 O, F and Cl Contents in Biotite Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Siron G., Baumgartner L.P., Bouvier A.-S., Vennemann T., 2018/09/26. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research. Peer-reviewed.
Zircon petrochronology reveals the timescale and mechanism of anatectic magma formation
Farina Federico, Dini Andrea, Davies Joshua H.F.L., Ovtcharova Maria, Greber Nicolas D., Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Baumgartner Lukas, Ulianov Alexey, Schaltegger Urs, 2018/08. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 495 pp. 213-223. Peer-reviewed.
A NanoSIMS Investigation on Timescales Recorded in Volcanic Quartz From the Silicic Chon Aike Province (Patagonia)
Seitz Susanne, Putlitz Benita, Baumgartner Lukas, Meibom Anders, Escrig Stéphane, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, 2018/07/24. Frontiers in Earth Science, 6. Peer-reviewed.
The dark side of zircon: textural, age, oxygen isotopic and trace element evidence of fluid saturation in the subvolcanic reservoir of the Island Park-Mount Jackson Rhyolite, Yellowstone (USA)
Troch Juliana, Ellis Ben S., Schmitt Axel K., Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Bachmann Olivier, 2018/07. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 173 (7).
Pervasive Eclogitization Due to Brittle Deformation and Rehydration of Subducted Basement: Effects on Continental Recycling?
Engi Martin, Giuntoli Francesco, Lanari Pierre, Burn Marco, Kunz Barbara, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, 2018/03/23. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.
A Preliminary SIMS Study Using Carbon Isotopes to Separate Natural from Synthetic Diamonds
Wang Hao, Cartier Laurent, Baumgartner Lukas, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Bégué Florence, Chalain Jean-Pierre, Krzemnicki Michael, 2018/03/01. Journal of Gemmology -London-, 36 (1) pp. 22-27.
Carbonatitic dykes during Pangaea transtension (Pelagonian Zone, Greece)
Schenker Filippo Luca, Burg Jean-Pierre, Kostopoulos Dimitrios, Baumgartner Lukas P., Bouvier Anne-Sophie, 2018/03. Lithos, 302-303 pp. 329-340.
Mineralized breccia clasts: a window into hidden porphyry-type mineralization underlying the epithermal polymetallic deposit of Cerro de Pasco (Peru)
Rottier Bertrand, Kouzmanov Kalin, Casanova Vincent, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Baumgartner Lukas P., Wälle Markus, Fontboté Lluís, 2018/01/02. Mineralium Deposita.
Significance of OH, F and Cl content in biotite during metamorphism of the Western Adamello contact aureole
Siron G., Baumgartner L., Bouvier A.-S., 2018. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 173 p. 63. Peer-reviewed.
Reconstruction of multiple P-T-t stages from retrogressed mafic rocks: Subduction versus collision in the Southern Brasília orogen (SE Brazil)
Tedeschi Mahyra, Lanari Pierre, Rubatto Daniela, Pedrosa-Soares Antônio, Hermann Jörg, Dussin Ivo, Pinheiro Marco Aurélio P., Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Baumgartner Lukas, 2017/12. Lithos, 294-295 pp. 283-303.
Weekly to monthly time scale of melt inclusion entrapment prior to eruption recorded by phosphorus distribution in olivine from mid-ocean ridges
Manzini Mélina, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Baumgartner Lukas P., Müntener Othmar, Rose-Koga Estelle F., Schiano Pierre, Escrig Stéphane, Meibom Anders, Shimizu Nobumichi, 2017/12/01. Geology, 45 (12) pp. 1059-1062.
Biotite Reference Materials for Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry 18 O/16 O Measurements
Siron Guillaume, Baumgartner Lukas, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Putlitz Benita, Vennemann Torsten, 2017/06. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 41 (2) pp. 243-253. Peer-reviewed.
Experimental determination of melt interconnectivity and electrical conductivity in the upper mantle
Laumonier Mickael, Farla Robert, Frost Daniel J., Katsura Tomoo, Marquardt Katharina, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Baumgartner Lukas P., 2017/04. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 463 pp. 286-297.
Evaluation of potential monazite reference materials for oxygen isotope analyses by SIMS and laser assisted fluorination
Didier Amélie, Putlitz Benita, Baumgartner Lukas P., Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Vennemann Torsten W., 2017/02. Chemical Geology, 450 pp. 199-209.
SIMS chlorine isotope analyses in melt inclusions from arc settings
Manzini Mélina, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Barnes Jaime D., Bonifacie Magali, Rose-Koga Estelle F., Ulmer Peter, Métrich Nicole, Bardoux Gérard, Williams Jeffrey, Layne Graham D. et al., 2017/01. Chemical Geology, 449 pp. 112-122.
Warm storage for arc magmas
Barboni Mélanie, Boehnke Patrick, Schmitt Axel K., Harrison T. Mark, Shane Phil, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Baumgartner Lukas, 2016/12/06. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113 (49) pp. 13959-13964. Peer-reviewed.
Heterogeneous melt and hypersaline liquid inclusions in shallow porphyry type mineralization as markers of the magmatic-hydrothermal transition (Cerro de Pasco district, Peru)
Rottier Bertrand, Kouzmanov Kalin, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Baumgartner Lukas P., Wälle Markus, Rezeau Hervé, Bendezú Ronner, Fontboté Lluís, 2016/12. Chemical Geology, 447 pp. 93-116. Peer-reviewed.
Melt Extraction Zones in Shallow Arc Plutons: Insights from Fisher Lake Orbicules (Sierra Nevada, Western USA)
McCarthy Anders, Müntener Othmar, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Baumgartner Lukas, 2016/10. Journal of Petrology, 57 (10) pp. 2011-2052.
Contrasting hydrological processes of meteoric water incursion during magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposition: An oxygen isotope study by ion microprobe
Fekete S., Weis P., Driesner T., Bouvier A.-S., Baumgartner L.P., Heinrich C.A., 2016. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 451 pp. 263-271. Peer-reviewed.
Evidence for cavity-dwelling microbial life in 3.22 Ga tidal deposits
Homann M., Heubeck C., Bontognali T.R.R., Bouvier A.-S., Baumgartner L.P., Airo A., 2016/01. Geology, 44 pp. 51-54. Peer-reviewed.
Quartz Reference Materials for Oxygen Isotope Analysis by SIMS
Seitz S. , Baumgartner L. P. , Bouvier A.‐S. , Putlitz B. , Vennemann T., 2016. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research. Peer-reviewed.
Short magmatic residence times of quartz phenocrysts in Patagonian rhyolites associated with Gondwana breakup
Seitz S., Putlitz B., Baumgartner L.P., Escrig S., Meibom A., Bouvier A.-S., 2016/01. Geology, 44 pp. 67-70. Peer-reviewed.
Dynamic growth of garnet in granitic magmas
Lackey J.-S., Romero G.A., Bouvier A.-S., Valley J.W., 2012. Geology, 40 pp. 171-174. Peer-reviewed.
Li isotopes and trace elements as a petrogenetic tracer in zircon: insights from Archean TTGs and sanukitoids
Bouvier A.-S., Ushikubo T., Kita N.T., Cavosie A.J., Kozdon R., Valley J. W., 2012. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 163 pp. 745-768. Peer-reviewed.
Fluid inputs to magma sources of St.Vincent and Grenada (Lesser Antilles): New insights from trace elements in olivine-hosted melt inclusions
Bouvier A.-S., Deloule E., Métrich N., 2010. Journal of Petrology, 51 pp. 1597-1615. Peer-reviewed.
Light elements, volatiles, and stable isotopes in basaltic melt inclusions from Grenada, Lesser Antilles: Inferences for magma genesis
Bouvier A.-S., Métrich N., Deloule E., 2010. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 11 pp. 1-20. Peer-reviewed.
Slab-derived fluids in magma sources of St. Vincent (Lesser Antilles Arc): Volatile and light element imprints
Bouvier A.-S., Métrich N., Deloule E., 2008. Journal of Petrology, 49 pp. 1427-1448. Peer-reviewed.
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