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Expression of glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptor genes co-varies with a stress-related colour signal in barn owls.
Béziers P., Ducrest A.L., San-Jose L.M., Simon C., Roulin A., 2019/11/01. General and comparative endocrinology, 283 p. 113224. Peer-reviewed.
Baseline and stress-induced corticosterone levels are heritable and genetically correlated in a barn owl population
Béziers Paul, San-Jose Luis M., Almasi Bettina, Jenni Lukas, Roulin Alexandre, 2019/09. Heredity, 123 (3) pp. 337-348.
Differential fitness effects of moonlight on plumage colour morphs in barn owls.
San-Jose L.M., Séchaud R., Schalcher K., Judes C., Questiaux A., Oliveira-Xavier A., Gémard C., Almasi B., Béziers P., Kelber A. et al., 2019/09. Nature ecology & evolution, 3 (9) pp. 1331-1340. Peer-reviewed.
Circulating testosterone and feather-gene expression of receptors and metabolic enzymes in relation to melanin-based colouration in the barn owl.
Béziers P., Ducrest A.L., Simon C., Roulin A., 2017. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 250 pp. 36-45. Peer-reviewed.
Nocturnal, diurnal and bimodal patterns of locomotion, sibling interactions and sleep in nestling Barn Owls
Scriba M.F., Dreiss A.N., Henry I., Béziers P., Ruppli C., Ifrid E., Ducouret P., Da Silva A., Monstiers B. des, Vyssotski A. L. et al., 2017. Journal of Ornithology, 158 (4) pp. 1001-1012. Peer-reviewed.
Double brooding and offspring desertion in the barn owl (Tyto alba)
Béziers P., Roulin A., 2016. Journal of Avian Biology, 47 (2) pp. 235-244. Peer-reviewed.
Social huddling and physiological thermoregulation are related to melanism in the nocturnal barn owl.
Dreiss A.N., Séchaud R., Béziers P., Villain N., Genoud M., Almasi B., Jenni L., Roulin A., 2016. Oecologia, 180 (2) pp. 371-381. Peer-reviewed.
Agricultural land use and human presence around breeding sites increase stress-hormone levels and decrease body mass in barn owl nestlings.
Almasi B., Béziers P., Roulin A., Jenni L., 2015. Oecologia, 179 (1) pp. 89-101. Peer-reviewed.
Effect of the MC1R gene on sexual dimorphism in melanin-based colorations.
San-Jose L.M., Ducrest A.L., Ducret V., Béziers P., Simon C., Wakamatsu K., Roulin A., 2015. Molecular Ecology, 24 (11) pp. 2794-2808. Peer-reviewed.
Stronger transferability but lower variability in transcriptomic- than in anonymous microsatellites: evidence from Hylid frogs.
Dufresnes C., Brelsford A., Béziers P., Perrin N., 2014. Molecular Ecology Resources, 14 (4) pp. 716-725. Peer-reviewed.
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