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Tokophobia and fear of birth: a workshop consensus statement on current issues and recommendations for future research
Jomeen J., Martin C. R., Jones C., Marshall C., Ayers S., Burt K., Frodsham L., Horsch A., Midwinter D., O'Connell M. et al. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology pp. 1-14.
Music performance anxiety from the challenge and threat perspective: psychophysiological and performance outcomes
Guyon Amélie J. A. A., Studer Regina K., Hildebrandt Horst, Horsch Antje, Nater Urs M., Gomez Patrick, 2020/12. BMC Psychology, 8 (1).
Psychological impact of an epidemic/pandemic on the mental health of healthcare professionals: a rapid review
Stuijfzand Suzannah, Deforges Camille, Sandoz Vania, Sajin Consuela-Thais, Jaques Cecile, Elmers Jolanda, Horsch Antje, 2020/12. BMC Public Health, 20 (1). Peer-reviewed.
Parental Birth-Related PTSD Symptoms and Bonding in the Early Postpartum Period: A Prospective Population-Based Cohort Study
Stuijfzand Suzannah, Garthus-Niegel Susan, Horsch Antje, 2020/09/23. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11.
Moral and mental health challenges faced by maternity staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Horsch A., Lalor J., Downe S., 2020/08. Psychological trauma, 12 (S1) pp. S141-S142. Peer-reviewed.
Posttraumatic stress symptoms following childbirth: associations with prenatal attachment in subsequent pregnancies.
Garthus-Niegel S., Horsch A., von Soest T., Haga S.M., Drozd F., Ayers S., Eberhard-Gran M., 2020/08. Archives of women's mental health, 23 (4) pp. 547-555. Peer-reviewed.
Predictors and consequences of weight retention in the early and late postpartum period in women with gestational diabetes.
Quansah D.Y., Gross J., Gilbert L., Arhab A., Horsch A., Puder J.J., 2020/07. Diabetes research and clinical practice, 165 p. 108238. Peer-reviewed.
Protecting physical and mental health of healthcare workers
Nicca Dunja, Zuniga Franziksa, Horsch Antje, Stuijfzand Suzannah, Bischofberger Irène, Larkin Philip, De Geest Sabina, Suggs Suzanne, Wiedenmann Margarethe, Eicher Manuela et al., 2020/06/16., National COVID-19 Science Task Force.
Psychological Impact of an Epidemic/Pandemic on the Mental Health of Healthcare Professionals: A Rapid Review
Stuijfzand Suzannah, Deforges Camille, Sandoz Vania, Sajin Consuela-Thais Consuela-Thais, Jaques Cécile, Elmers Jolanda, Horsch Antje, 2020/06/03..
The Higher-Order Structure of Schema Modes.
Jacobs I., Lenz L., Wollny A., Horsch A., 2020/06. Journal of personality disorders, 34 (3) pp. 348-376. Peer-reviewed.
Accouchements traumatiques: perspective soignante
Schobinger Elisabeth, Gaschi Sebara, Avignon Valérie, Horsch Antje, 2020/04/01. Soins Infirmiers.
Breastfeeding peer counselling for mothers of preterm neonates: protocol of a stepped-wedge cluster randomised controlled trial
Laborie Sophie, Denis Angelique, Horsch Antje, Occelli Pauline, Margier Jennifer, Morisod Harari Mathilde, Claris Olivier, Touzet Sandrine, Fischer Fumeaux Celine Julie, 2020/01. BMJ Open, 10 (1) pp. e032910.
Le trouble de stress post-traumatique lié à l'accouchement
Deforges C., Sandoz V., Horsch A., 2020. Revue de Médecine Périnatale.
Striatal reactivity to reward under threat-of-shock and working memory load in adults at increased familial risk for major depression: A preliminary study
Gaillard Claudie, Guillod Matthias, Ernst Monique, Federspiel Andrea, Schoebi Dominik, Recabarren Romina E., Ouyang Xinyi, Mueller-Pfeiffer Christoph, Horsch Antje, Homan Philipp et al., 2020/01. NeuroImage: Clinical p. 102193.
Improving mental health and physiological stress responses in mothers following traumatic childbirth and in their infants: study protocol for the Swiss TrAumatic biRth Trial (START).
Sandoz V., Deforges C., Stuijfzand S., Epiney M., Vial Y., Sekarski N., Messerli-Bürgy N., Ehlert U., Bickle-Graz M., Morisod Harari M. et al., 2019/12/30. BMJ open, 9 (12) pp. e032469. Peer-reviewed.
Setting the global research agenda in psychosocial aspects of women's health – outcomes from ISPOG world conference at The Hague
Quinlivan Julie, Rowe Heather, Wischmann Tewes, Thomson Gill, Stuijfzand Suzannah, Horsch Antje, Bittner Antje, Lennertz Ilka, Takamatsu Kiyoshi, Benyamini Yael et al., 2019/12/05. Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology pp. 1-4.
Prospective associations between maternal stress during pregnancy and fasting glucose with obstetric and neonatal outcomes.
Horsch A., Gilbert L., Lanzi S., Kang J.S., Vial Y., Puder J.J., 2019/10. Journal of psychosomatic research, 125 p. 109795. Peer-reviewed.
Striatal responsiveness to reward under threat-of-shock and working memory load: A preliminary study.
Gaillard C., Guillod M., Ernst M., Torrisi S., Federspiel A., Schoebi D., Recabarren R.E., Ouyang X., Mueller-Pfeiffer C., Horsch A. et al., 2019/10. Brain and behavior, 9 (10) pp. e01397. Peer-reviewed.
Posttraumatic stress disorder following childbirth
Horsch Antje, Garthus-Niegel Susan, 2019/08/23. pp. 49-66 dans Childbirth, Vulnerability and Law, Routledge.
Intuitive eating is associated with improved health indicators at 1-year postpartum in women with gestational diabetes mellitus.
Quansah D.Y., Gilbert L., Gross J., Horsch A., Puder J.J., 2019/08/01. Journal of health psychology p. 1359105319869814. Peer-reviewed.
Intuitive eating is associated with weight and glucose control during pregnancy and in the early postpartum period in women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM): A clinical cohort study.
Quansah D.Y., Gross J., Gilbert L., Helbling C., Horsch A., Puder J.J., 2019/08. Eating behaviors, 34 p. 101304. Peer-reviewed.
Intergenerational transfer of perinatal trauma-related consequences.
Horsch A., Stuijfzand S., 2019/07. Journal of reproductive and infant psychology, 37 (3) pp. 221-223. Peer-reviewed.
Counseling after perineal laceration: does it improve functional outcome?
Vasseur A., Lepigeon K., Baud D., Horsch A., Meyer S., Vial Y., Achtari C., 2019/06. International urogynecology journal, 30 (6) pp. 925-931. Peer-reviewed.
Maternal post-partum depression symptoms are negatively associated with emotion regulation of children born very preterm.
Sandoz V., Bickle-Graz M., Camos V., Horsch A., 2019/05. Acta paediatrica, 108 (5) pp. 969-970. Peer-reviewed.
Psychometric Properties of the French Brief Resilience Scale
Jacobs Ingo, Horsch Antje, 2019/05. European Journal of Health Psychology, 26 (1) pp. 1-9. Peer-reviewed.
Validity, Reliability, and Factor Structure of the Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale-French Version
Jacobs Ingo, Charmillot Marion, Martin Soelch Chantal, Horsch Antje, 2019/04/12. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 10. Peer-reviewed.
Intrusive memories of trauma: A target for research bridging cognitive science and its clinical application.
Iyadurai L., Visser R.M., Lau-Zhu A., Porcheret K., Horsch A., Holmes E.A., James E.L., 2019/04. Clinical psychology review, 69 pp. 67-82. Peer-reviewed.
Joint observation in NICU (JOIN): study protocol of a clinical randomised controlled trial examining an early intervention during preterm care.
Schneider J., Borghini A., Morisod Harari M., Faure N., Tenthorey C., Le Berre A., Tolsa J.F., Horsch A., JOIN Research Consortium, 2019/03/30. BMJ open, 9 (3) pp. e026484. Peer-reviewed.
How diet, physical activity and psychosocial well-being interact in women with gestational diabetes mellitus: an integrative review.
Gilbert L., Gross J., Lanzi S., Quansah D.Y., Puder J., Horsch A., 2019/02/07. BMC pregnancy and childbirth, 19 (1) p. 60. Peer-reviewed.
Influence of Acute Physical Activity on Stress Reactivity in Obese and Normal Weight Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Messerli-Bürgy N., Horsch A., Schindler C., Boichat A., Kriemler S., Munsch S., Crottet B., Marquez-Vidal P.M., Borghini A., Puder J.J., 2019. Obesity facts, 12 (1) pp. 115-130. Peer-reviewed.
The relationship between sense of coherence and post-traumatic stress: a meta-analysis.
Schäfer S.K., Becker N., King L., Horsch A., Michael T., 2019. European journal of psychotraumatology, 10 (1) p. 1562839. Peer-reviewed.
Interprofessionnalité []
Larkin P., Doyon O., Eicher M., Horsch A., Mabire C., Ramelet A.S., Lugrin G., 2018/12/12. Revue medicale suisse, 14 (631) p. 2271. Peer-reviewed.
The prospective relationship between postpartum PTSD and child sleep: A 2-year follow-up study.
Garthus-Niegel S., Horsch A., Bickle Graz M., Martini J., von Soest T., Weidner K., Eberhard-Gran M., 2018/12/01. Journal of affective disorders, 241 pp. 71-79. Peer-reviewed.
Effectiveness of Trauma-Focused Psychological Therapies for Treating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in Women Following Childbirth: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Furuta Marie, Horsch Antje, Ng Edmond S. W., Bick Debra, Spain Debbie, Sin Jacqueline, 2018/11/20. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 9.
Spontaneous childbirth-related mental images among pregnant women: a mixed-method study.
Favrod C., Holmes E.A., Vial Y., Morisod Harari M., Horsch A., 2018/09. Journal of reproductive and infant psychology, 36 (4) pp. 393-405. Peer-reviewed.
The influence of postpartum PTSD on breastfeeding: A longitudinal population-based study.
Garthus-Niegel S., Horsch A., Ayers S., Junge-Hoffmeister J., Weidner K., Eberhard-Gran M., 2018/06. Birth, 45 (2) pp. 193-201. Peer-reviewed.
Improving cardiometabolic and mental health in women with gestational diabetes mellitus and their offspring: study protocol for <i>MySweetHeart Trial</i>, a randomised controlled trial.
Horsch A., Gilbert L., Lanzi S., Gross J., Kayser B., Vial Y., Simeoni U., Hans D., Berney A., Scholz U. et al., 2018/02/27. BMJ open, 8 (2) pp. e020462. Peer-reviewed.
Burnout, Psychological Symptoms, and Secondary Traumatic Stress Among Midwives Working on Perinatal Wards: A Cross-Cultural Study Between Japan and Switzerland.
Oe M., Ishida T., Favrod C., Martin-Soelch C., Horsch A., 2018. Frontiers in psychiatry, 9 p. 387. Peer-reviewed.
Maternal posttraumatic stress disorder during the perinatal period and child outcomes: A systematic review.
Cook N., Ayers S., Horsch A., 2018/01/01. Journal of affective disorders, 225 pp. 18-31. Peer-reviewed.
Mental Health Symptoms and Work-Related Stressors in Hospital Midwives and NICU Nurses: A Mixed Methods Study.
Favrod C., Jan du Chêne L., Martin Soelch C., Garthus-Niegel S., Tolsa J.F., Legault F., Briet V., Horsch A., 2018. Frontiers in psychiatry, 9 p. 364. Peer-reviewed.
The Impact of Postpartum Posttraumatic Stress and Depression Symptoms on Couples' Relationship Satisfaction: A Population-Based Prospective Study.
Garthus-Niegel S., Horsch A., Handtke E., von Soest T., Ayers S., Weidner K., Eberhard-Gran M., 2018. Frontiers in psychology, 9 p. 1728. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of perinatal asphyxia on parental mental health and bonding with the infant: a questionnaire survey of Swiss parents
Horsch Antje, Jacobs Ingo, Gilbert Leah, Favrod Céline, Schneider Juliane, Morisod Harari Mathilde, Bickle Graz Myriam, 2017/09. BMJ Paediatrics Open, 1 (1) pp. e000059. Peer-reviewed.
Reducing intrusive traumatic memories after emergency caesarean section: A proof-of-principle randomized controlled study.
Horsch A., Vial Y., Favrod C., Harari M.M., Blackwell S.E., Watson P., Iyadurai L., Bonsall M.B., Holmes E.A., 2017/07. Behaviour research and therapy, 94 pp. 36-47. Peer-reviewed.
Reducing intrusive traumatic memories after emergency caesarean section: A proof-of-principle randomized controlled study.
Horsch A., Vial Y., Favrod C., Harari M.M., Blackwell S.E., Watson P., Iyadurai L., Bonsall M.B., Holmes E.A., 2017/07. Behaviour research and therapy, 94 pp. 36-47. Peer-reviewed.
The impact of miscarriage and stillbirth on maternal-fetal relationships: an integrative review.
Lee L., McKenzie-McHarg K., Horsch A., 2017/02. Journal of reproductive and infant psychology, 35 (1) pp. 32-52. Peer-reviewed.
Testing a cognitive model to predict posttraumatic stress disorder following childbirth.
King L., McKenzie-McHarg K., Horsch A., 2017/01/14. BMC pregnancy and childbirth, 17 (1) p. 32. Peer-reviewed.
Playing the computer game Tetris prior to viewing traumatic film material and subsequent intrusive memories: Examining proactive interference.
James E.L., Lau-Zhu A., Tickle H., Horsch A., Holmes E.A., 2016/12. Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry, 53 pp. 25-33. Peer-reviewed.
Improving Maternal Mental Health Following Preterm Birth Using an Expressive Writing Intervention: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Horsch A., Tolsa J.F., Gilbert L., du Chêne L.J., Müller-Nix C., Bickle Graz M., 2016/10. Child psychiatry and human development, 47 (5) pp. 780-791. Peer-reviewed.
Stress exposure and psychological stress responses are related to glucose concentrations during pregnancy.
Horsch A., Kang J.S., Vial Y., Ehlert U., Borghini A., Marques-Vidal P., Jacobs I., Puder J.J., 2016/09. British journal of health psychology, 21 (3) pp. 712-729. Peer-reviewed.
Mindfulness facets, trait emotional intelligence, emotional distress, and multiple health behaviors: A serial two-mediator model.
Jacobs I., Wollny A., Sim C.W., Horsch A., 2016/06. Scandinavian journal of psychology, 57 (3) pp. 207-214. Peer-reviewed.
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Spaight Caroline, Gross Justine, Horsch Antje, Puder Jardena Jacqueline, 2016/01/19. pp. 163-178 dans Novelties in Diabetes, S. Karger AG.
Childbirth and Stress
Horsch A., Ayers S., 2016. pp. 325-330 dans Stress: Concepts, Cognition, Emotion, and Behavior, Elsevier.
Diabète gestationnel--quelles sont les approches non médicales [Gestational diabetes--what are the non-medical approaches?].
Horsch A., Gross J., Jornayvaz F.R., Lanzi S., Puder J.J., 2016. Revue Médicale Suisse, 12 (521) pp. 1089-1091. Peer-reviewed.
Cognitive predictors and risk factors of PTSD following stillbirth: a short-term longitudinal study.
Horsch A., Jacobs I., McKenzie-McHarg K., 2015/04. Journal of traumatic stress, 28 (2) pp. 110-117. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of physical activity on energy balance, food intake and choice in normal weight and obese children in the setting of acute social stress: a randomized controlled trial.
Horsch A., Wobmann M., Kriemler S., Munsch S., Borloz S., Balz A., Marques-Vidal P., Borghini A., Puder J.J., 2015. BMC Pediatrics, 15 (1) p. 326. Peer-reviewed.
Posttraumatic stress disorder following childbirth: An update of current issues and recommendations for future research.
McKenzie-McHarg Slade P., Horsch A., Stramrood C., Sawyer A., Ford E.M., Jomeen J., Ayers S., 2015. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology pp. 1-19. Peer-reviewed.
Standard care practices and psychosocial interventions aimed at reducing parental distress following stillbirth: A systematic narrative review
Crispus-Jones H., McKenzie-McHarg K., Horsch A., 2015. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 33 (5) pp. 448-465. Peer-reviewed.
"A renewed sense of purpose": mothers' and fathers' experience of having a child following a recent stillbirth.
Campbell-Jackson L., Bezance J., Horsch A., 2014/12/19. BMC pregnancy and childbirth, 14 p. 423. Peer-reviewed.
Brief report: Maternal posttraumatic stress symptoms are related to adherence to their child's diabetes treatment regimen.
Horsch A., McManus F., 2014/08. Journal of health psychology, 19 (8) pp. 987-992. Peer-reviewed.
Cognitive and non-cognitive factorsassociated with posttraumatic stresssymptoms in mothers of children with type Idiabetes
Horsch A., 2014. p. 4 dans 40th Annual Conference of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD), Pediatric Diabetes. Peer-reviewed.
Mothers' experience of their contact with their stillborn infant: an interpretative phenomenological analysis.
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The psychological impact of stillbirth on women: a systematic review.
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Expressive writing intervention for mothers following the birth of their premature baby.
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Maternal coping, appraisals and adjustment following diagnosis of fetal anomaly.
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Posttraumatic stress disorder in mothers of individuals with Anorexia Nervosa.
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Women's decision making and experience of subsequent pregnancy following stillbirth.
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Cognitive and non-cognitive factors associated with posttraumatic stress symptoms in mothers of children with type 1 diabetes.
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Stillbirth : Understanding and management
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Posttraumatic stress disorder following childbirth and pregnancy loss.
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Anxiety, depressive, and posttraumatic stress symptoms in mothers of children with type 1 diabetes.
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Stillbirth and maternal mental health.
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Can having a child with diabetes cause posttraumatic stress disorder in mothers?
Horsch A. McManus F. Kennedy P. & Edge J. , 2006. pp. A21-A22 dans Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 10th Spring Meeting, Archives of Disease in Childhood. Peer-reviewed.
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