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Situated Activity and Performance

Talent Development

This line of research focuses on the development of talented athletes with regard to the psychological characteristics required to achieve the highest level of performance.
Various tools are developed (for example, the French version of the Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence Questionnaire (PCDEQ) (MacNamara & Collins, 2011) (Gesbert, Crettaz von Roten & Hauw, 2018).
Studies also focuse on personal factors such as the personality of athletes as mental dispositions for development (eg, characterization of the mental dispositions of high-level female athletes- FFA) or those who contribute to the development of talents in team sports (eg, Thesis of Samuel Owiti on Social Adaptability Skills)
This studies promote scientific evidence of the different psychological characteristics needed to achieve excellence in sport, tools and methodology for their evaluation in French langage.
A consulting service for sports facilities via the PHASE laboratory is possible (eg Lausanne Curling)

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