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The influence of the few: a stable 'oligarchy' controls information flow in house-hunting ants.
Richardson T.O., Mullon C., Marshall JAR, Franks N.R., Schlegel T., 2018/02/14. Proceedings. Biological sciences, 285 (1872) p. 20172726. Peer-reviewed.
Measuring site fidelity and spatial segregation within animal societies
Richardson T.O., Giuggioli L., Franks N.R., Sendova-Franks A.B., 2017/08. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 8 (8) pp. 965-975. Peer-reviewed.
Short-term activity cycles impede information transmission in ant colonies.
Richardson T.O., Liechti J.I., Stroeymeyt N., Bonhoeffer S., Keller L., 2017/05. PLoS computational biology, 13 (5) pp. e1005527. Peer-reviewed.
Beyond contact-based transmission networks: the role of spatial coincidence.
Richardson T.O., Gorochowski T.E., 2015. Journal of the Royal Society, Interface, 12 (111) p. 20150705.
Speed-cohesion trade-offs in collective decision making in ants and the concept of precision in animal behaviour
Franks N.R., Richardson T.O, Stroeymeyt N., Kirby R.W., Amos W.M.D., Hogan P.M., Marshall J.A.R., 2013. Animal Behaviour, 85 (6) pp. 1233-1244.
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