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Forced oscillation measurements of seismic wave attenuation and stiffness moduli dispersion in glycerine-saturated Berea sandstone
Chapman S., Borgomano J., Yin H., Fortin J., Quintal B., 2019. Geophysical Prospecting , 67 pp. 956–968. Peer-reviewed.
Laboratory measurements of seismic attenuation and Young’s modulus dispersion in a partially and fully water-saturated porous sample made of sintered borosilicate glass
Chapman S., Quintal B., Holliger K., Baumgartner L., Tisato N., 2018. Geophysical Prospecting, 66 pp. 1384-1401. Peer-reviewed.
Numerical analysis of local strain measurements in fluid-saturated rock samples submitted to forced oscillations
Chapman S., Quintal B., 2018. Geophysics, 83 pp. MR309–MR316. Peer-reviewed.
Frequency scaling of seismic attenuation in rocks saturated with two fluid phases
Chapman S., Quintal B., Tisato N., Holliger K., 2017. Geophysical Journal International, 208 pp. 221–225. Peer-reviewed.
Seismic attenuation in partially saturated Berea sandstone submitted to a range of confining pressures
Chapman S., Tisato N., Quintal B., Holliger K., 2016. Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth, 121 pp. 1664-1676. Peer-reviewed.
Seismic attenuation in partially saturated rocks: Recent advances and future directions
Tisato N., Quintal B., Chapman S., Madonna C., Subramaniyan S., Frehner M., Saenger E.H., Grasselli G., 2014. The Leading Edge, 30 pp. 640-642, 644-646.
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