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13 publications

What is matter? The fundamental ontology of atomism and structural realism
Esfeld Michael, Deckert Dirk-André, Oldofredi Andrea dans Ijjas Anna, Loewer Barry (eds.) A guide to the philosophy of cosmology, Oxford University Press.
Observability, Unobservability and the Copenhagen Interpretation in Dirac's Methodology of Physics
Oldofredi Andrea, Esfeld Michael, 2019/11/10. Quanta, 8 (1) pp. 68-87. Peer-reviewed.
Some remarks on the mentalistic reformulation of the measurement problem. A reply to S. Gao
Oldofredi Andrea, 2019/01/25. Synthese. Peer-reviewed.
Filosofia della Natura. Fisica e Ontologia
Esfeld Michael, 2018/12/06., 1st Edition Physis 160, Rosenberg & Sellier.
No-Go Theorems and the Foundations of Quantum Physics
Oldofredi Andrea, 2018. Journal for General Philosophy of Science, 49 (3) pp. 355-370. Peer-reviewed.
Observables and Unobservables in Quantum Mechanics: How the No-Hidden-Variables Theorems Support the Bohmian Particle Ontology
Lazarovici Dustin, Oldofredi Andrea, Esfeld Michael, 2018. Entropy, 20 (5) pp. 1-17. Peer-reviewed.
On the possibility of a realist ontological commitment in quantum mechanics
Oldofredi Andrea, Esfeld Michael, 2018. Trópos. Journal of Hermeneutics and Philosophical Criticism. Peer-reviewed.
Particle Creation and Annihilation: Two Bohmian Approaches
Oldofredi Andrea, 2018. LatoSensu, 5 (1) pp. 77-85. Peer-reviewed.
Stochasticity and Bell-type quantum field theory
Oldofredi Andrea, 2018. Synthese. Peer-reviewed.
We are All Bayesian, Everyone is Not a Bayesian
Andreoletti Mattia, Oldofredi Andrea, 2018. Topoi. Peer-reviewed.
A persistent particle ontology for QFT in terms of the Dirac sea
Deckert Drik-André, Esfeld Michael, Oldofredi Andrea, 2017/11/28. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 70 (3) pp. 747-770. Peer-reviewed.
Particles, Cutoffs and Inequivalent Representations: Fraser and Wallace on Quantum Field Theory
Egg Matthias, Lam Vincent, Oldofredi Andrea, 2017. Foundations of Physics, 47 (3) pp. 453-466. Peer-reviewed.
From the universe to subsystems: Why quantum mechanics appears more stochastic than classical mechanics.
Oldofredi A, Lazarovici D., Deckert D.-A., Esfeld M., 2016. Fluctuation and Noise Letters, 15 pp. 164002:1-16. Peer-reviewed.
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