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Compensation or competition: Bias in immigrants' access to active labour market measures
Auer Daniel, Fossati Flavia, 2019/08/22. Social Policy & Administration. Peer-reviewed.
The absent rewards of assimilation: how ethnic penalties persist in the Swiss labour market
Daniel Auer, Flavia Fossati, 2019/06/24. The Journal of Economic Inequality, 17 pp. 285-299. Peer-reviewed.
Immigrants and Poverty. The Role of Labour Market and Welfare State AccessEugster, BeatriceLondon/New York, ECPR Press/Rowman&Littlefield (2018), 259 p., ISBN 978‐1785522932
Flavia Fossati, 2019/06/03. Swiss Political Science Review.
Debating Unemployment Policy : Political Communication and the Labour Market in Western Europe
Bernhard Laurent, Fossati Flavia, Hänggli Regula, Kriesi Hanspeter, 2019/05/02., Cambridge University Press.
More than noise? Explaining instances of minority preference in correspondence studies of recruitment
Bonoli Giuliano, Fossati Flavia, 2018/07/25. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies pp. 1-17. Peer-reviewed.
The Matching Hierarchies Model : Evidence from a Survey Experiment on Employers' Hiring Intent Regarding Immigrant Applicants
Auer Daniel, Bonoli Giuliano, Fossati Flavia, Liechti Fabienne, 2018/05. International Migration Review. Peer-reviewed.
Who Wants Demanding Active Labour Market Policies ? : Public Attitudes towards Policies that put Pressure on the Unemployed
Fossati Flavia, 2018. Journal of Social Policy, 47 (1) pp. 77-97. Peer-reviewed.
How regimes shape preferences : A study of political actors' labour market policy preferences in flexicurity and dualizing countries
Fossati Flavia, 2017/11/02. Socio-Economic Review. Peer-reviewed.
Discrimination Multipliers : How Immigrants’ integration affects labour market disadvantage
Fossati Flavia, Liechti Fabienne, Auer Daniel, Bonoli Giuliano, 2017. (2) 22 MIM Working Papers Series, Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM).
Evaluation de l’Unité commune ORP- CSR en Ville de Lausanne
Bonoli Giuliano, Lalive Rafael, Oesch Daniel, Bigotta Maurizio, Cottier Lionel, Fossati Flavia, 2017. 49, Université de Lausanne; Ville de Lausanne.
The Signalling Value of Labour Market Programmes
Liechti Fabienne, Fossati Flavia, Bonoli Giuliano, Auer Daniel, 2017. European Sociological Review, 33 (2) pp. 257-274. Peer-reviewed.
Why do immigrants have longer periods of unemployment ? Swiss evidence
Auer Daniel, Bonoli Giuliano, Fossati Flavia, 2017. International Migration, 55 (1) pp. 157-174. Peer-reviewed.
The Signaling Value of Labor Market Programs
Liechti F., Fossati F., Bonoli G., Auer D., 2016. (9) 27 Working paper series, nccr - on the move.
It's Discrimination, Stupid : Labour Market (Re-) Entry Difficulties among Different Immigrant Groups in Switzerland
Auer Daniel, Bonoli Giuliano, Fossati Flavia, 2015. (2) 30 Working paper series, nccr - on the move.
Quantitative discursive institutionalism : a comparison of labour market policy discourse across Western Europe
Wueest Bruno, Fossati Flavia, 2015. Journal of European Public Policy, 22 (5) pp. 708-730. Peer-reviewed.
Social Policy Preferences and Party Choice in the 2011 Swiss Elections
Fossati Flavia, Häusermann Silja, 2014. Swiss Political Science Review, 20 (4) pp. 590-611. Peer-reviewed.
The effect of integration and social democratic welfare states on immigrants' educational attainment: a multilevel estimate
Flavia Fossati, 2011/12. Journal of European Social Policy, 21 (5) pp. 391-412. Peer-reviewed.
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