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Adaptive Evolution of Animal Proteins over Development: Support for the Darwin Selection Opportunity Hypothesis of Evo-Devo.
Liu J., Robinson-Rechavi M., 2018/12/01. Molecular biology and evolution, 35 (12) pp. 2862-2872. Peer-reviewed.
Developmental Constraints on Genome Evolution in Four Bilaterian Model Species.
Liu J., Robinson-Rechavi M., 2018/09/01. Genome biology and evolution, 10 (9) pp. 2266-2277. Peer-reviewed.
myTAI: evolutionary transcriptomics with R.
Drost H.G., Gabel A., Liu J., Quint M., Grosse I., 2018/05/01. Bioinformatics, 34 (9) pp. 1589-1590. Peer-reviewed.
Genetic consequences of Quaternary climatic oscillations in the Himalayas: Primula tibetica as a case study based on restriction site-associated DNA sequencing.
Ren G., Mateo R.G., Liu J., Suchan T., Alvarez N., Guisan A., Conti E., Salamin N., 2017. The New Phytologist, 213 (3) pp. 1500-1512.
Selective Constraints on Coding Sequences of Nervous System Genes Are a Major Determinant of Duplicate Gene Retention in Vertebrates.
Roux J., Liu J., Robinson-Rechavi M., 2017. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 34 (11) pp. 2773-2791. Peer-reviewed.
The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics' resources: focus on curated databases.
SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Members, 2016. Nucleic Acids Research, 44 (D1) pp. D27-D37.
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