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Enforced PGC-1α expression promotes CD8 T cell fitness, memory formation and antitumor immunity.
Dumauthioz N., Tschumi B., Wenes M., Marti B., Wang H., Franco F., Li W., Lopez-Mejia I.C., Fajas L., Ho P.C. et al. Cellular & molecular immunology. Peer-reviewed.
Uptake of oxidized lipids by the scavenger receptor CD36 promotes lipid peroxidation and dysfunction in CD8<sup>+</sup> T cells in tumors.
Xu S., Chaudhary O., Rodríguez-Morales P., Sun X., Chen D., Zappasodi R., Xu Z., Pinto AFM, Williams A., Schulze I. et al. Immunity. Peer-reviewed.
Can tumor cells take it all away?
Kohl A., Kao K.C., Ho P.C., 2021/06/01. Cell metabolism, 33 (6) pp. 1071-1072. Peer-reviewed.
Metabolic reprogramming of terminally exhausted CD8<sup>+</sup> T cells by IL-10 enhances anti-tumor immunity.
Guo Y., Xie Y.Q., Gao M., Zhao Y., Franco F., Wenes M., Siddiqui I., Bevilacqua A., Wang H., Yang H. et al., 2021/06. Nature immunology, 22 (6) pp. 746-756. Peer-reviewed.
Rapid Noninvasive Skin Monitoring by Surface Mass Recording and Data Learning.
Zhu Y., Lesch A., Li X., Lin T.E., Gasilova N., Jović M., Pick H.M., Ho P.C., Girault H.H., 2021/05/24. JACS Au, 1 (5) pp. 598-611. Peer-reviewed.
Lactate modulation of immune responses in inflammatory versus tumour microenvironments.
Certo M., Tsai C.H., Pucino V., Ho P.C., Mauro C., 2021/03. Nature reviews. Immunology, 21 (3) pp. 151-161. Peer-reviewed.
Sustained androgen receptor signaling is a determinant of melanoma cell growth potential and tumorigenesis.
Ma M., Ghosh S., Tavernari D., Katarkar A., Clocchiatti A., Mazzeo L., Samarkina A., Epiney J., Yu Y.R., Ho P.C. et al., 2021/02/01. The Journal of experimental medicine, 218 (2) pp. e20201137. Peer-reviewed.
PPARɣ drives IL-33-dependent ILC2 pro-tumoral functions.
Ercolano G., Gomez-Cadena A., Dumauthioz N., Vanoni G., Kreutzfeldt M., Wyss T., Michalik L., Loyon R., Ianaro A., Ho P.C. et al., 2021. Nature communications, 12 (1) p. 2538. Peer-reviewed.
Macrophage-derived glutamine boosts satellite cells and muscle regeneration.
Shang M., Cappellesso F., Amorim R., Serneels J., Virga F., Eelen G., Carobbio S., Rincon M.Y., Maechler P., De Bock K. et al., 2020/11. Nature, 587 (7835) pp. 626-631. Peer-reviewed.
Metabolic and epigenetic regulation of T-cell exhaustion.
Franco F., Jaccard A., Romero P., Yu Y.R., Ho P.C., 2020/10. Nature metabolism, 2 (10) pp. 1001-1012. Peer-reviewed.
The hidden side of PD-L1.
Jaccard A., Ho P.C., 2020/09. Nature cell biology, 22 (9) pp. 1031-1032. Peer-reviewed.
A mouse SWATH-mass spectrometry reference spectral library enables deconvolution of species-specific proteomic alterations in human tumour xenografts.
Krasny L., Bland P., Burns J., Lima N.C., Harrison P.T., Pacini L., Elms M.L., Ning J., Martinez V.G., Yu Y.R. et al., 2020/07/14. Disease models & mechanisms, 13 (7). Peer-reviewed.
Single-cell transcriptomics identifies multiple pathways underlying antitumor function of TCR- and CD8αβ-engineered human CD4<sup>+</sup> T cells.
Rath J.A., Bajwa G., Carreres B., Hoyer E., Gruber I., Martínez-Paniagua M.A., Yu Y.R., Nouraee N., Sadeghi F., Wu M. et al., 2020/07. Science advances, 6 (27) pp. eaaz7809. Peer-reviewed.
Metabolic adaptation orchestrates tissue context-dependent behavior in regulatory T cells.
Wang H., Lu C.H., Ho P.C., 2020/05. Immunological reviews, 295 (1) pp. 126-139. Peer-reviewed.
miR-155 Overexpression in OT-1 CD8<sup>+</sup> T Cells Improves Anti-Tumor Activity against Low-Affinity Tumor Antigen.
Monnot G.C., Martinez-Usatorre A., Lanitis E., Lopes S.F., Cheng W.C., Ho P.C., Irving M., Coukos G., Donda A., Romero P., 2020/03/27. Molecular therapy oncolytics, 16 pp. 111-123. Peer-reviewed.
ER Stress Responses: An Emerging Modulator for Innate Immunity.
Di Conza G., Ho P.C., 2020/03/12. Cells, 9 (3) p. 695. Peer-reviewed.
CD36-mediated metabolic adaptation supports regulatory T cell survival and function in tumors.
Wang H., Franco F., Tsui Y.C., Xie X., Trefny M.P., Zappasodi R., Mohmood S.R., Fernández-García J., Tsai C.H., Schulze I. et al., 2020/03. Nature immunology, 21 (3) pp. 298-308. Peer-reviewed.
Immunity, Hypoxia, and Metabolism-the Ménage à Trois of Cancer: Implications for Immunotherapy.
Riera-Domingo C., Audigé A., Granja S., Cheng W.C., Ho P.C., Baltazar F., Stockmann C., Mazzone M., 2020/01/01. Physiological reviews, 100 (1) pp. 1-102. Peer-reviewed.
CD56 as a marker of an ILC1-like population with NK cell properties that is functionally impaired in AML.
Salomé B., Gomez-Cadena A., Loyon R., Suffiotti M., Salvestrini V., Wyss T., Vanoni G., Ruan D.F., Rossi M., Tozzo A. et al., 2019/11/26. Blood advances, 3 (22) pp. 3674-3687. Peer-reviewed.
Tape-Stripping Electrochemical Detection of Melanoma.
Darvishi S., Pick H., Lin T.E., Zhu Y., Li X., Ho P.C., Girault H.H., Lesch A., 2019/10/15. Analytical chemistry, 91 (20) pp. 12900-12908. Peer-reviewed.
Fifty Shades of α-Ketoglutarate on Cellular Programming.
Di Conza G., Tsai C.H., Ho P.C., 2019/10/03. Molecular cell, 76 (1) pp. 1-3. Peer-reviewed.
Firing Up Cold Tumors.
Cheng W.C., Ho P.C., 2019/09. Trends in cancer, 5 (9) pp. 528-530. Peer-reviewed.
Sculpting tumor microenvironment with immune system: from immunometabolism to immunoediting.
Yu Y.R., Ho P.C., 2019/08. Clinical and experimental immunology, 197 (2) pp. 153-160. Peer-reviewed.
Tumor regression mediated by oncogene withdrawal or erlotinib stimulates infiltration of inflammatory immune cells in EGFR mutant lung tumors.
Ayeni D., Miller B., Kuhlmann A., Ho P.C., Robles-Oteiza C., Gaefele M., Levy S., de Miguel F.J., Perry C., Guan T. et al., 2019/07/10. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, 7 (1) p. 172. Peer-reviewed.
Navigating metabolic pathways to enhance antitumour immunity and immunotherapy.
Li X., Wenes M., Romero P., Huang S.C., Fendt S.M., Ho P.C., 2019/07. Nature reviews. Clinical oncology, 16 (7) pp. 425-441. Peer-reviewed.
Publisher Correction: Uncoupling protein 2 reprograms the tumor microenvironment to support the anti-tumor immune cycle.
Cheng W.C., Tsui Y.C., Ragusa S., Koelzer V.H., Mina M., Franco F., Läubli H., Tschumi B., Speiser D., Romero P. et al., 2019/04..
Shp-2 is critical for ERK and metabolic engagement downstream of IL-15 receptor in NK cells.
Niogret C., Miah SMS, Rota G., Fonta N.P., Wang H., Held W., Birchmeier W., Sexl V., Yang W., Vivier E. et al., 2019/03/29. Nature communications, 10 (1) p. 1444. Peer-reviewed.
The NAD-Booster Nicotinamide Riboside Potently Stimulates Hematopoiesis through Increased Mitochondrial Clearance.
Vannini N., Campos V., Girotra M., Trachsel V., Rojas-Sutterlin S., Tratwal J., Ragusa S., Stefanidis E., Ryu D., Rainer P.Y. et al., 2019/03/07. Cell stem cell, 24 (3) pp. 405-418.e7. Peer-reviewed.
Uncoupling protein 2 reprograms the tumor microenvironment to support the anti-tumor immune cycle.
Cheng W.C., Tsui Y.C., Ragusa S., Koelzer V.H., Mina M., Franco F., Läubli H., Tschumi B., Speiser D., Romero P. et al., 2019/02. Nature immunology, 20 (2) pp. 206-217. Peer-reviewed.
Determining Macrophage Polarization upon Metabolic Perturbation.
Liu P.S., Ho P.C., 2019. Methods in molecular biology, 1862 pp. 173-186. Peer-reviewed.
Sparks Fly in PGE2-Modulated Macrophage Polarization.
Franco F., Wenes M., Ho P.C., 2018/12/18. Immunity, 49 (6) pp. 987-989. Peer-reviewed.
Immunometabolism in cancer at a glance.
Singer K., Cheng W.C., Kreutz M., Ho P.C., Siska P.J., 2018/08/02. Disease models & mechanisms, 11 (8) pp. -. Peer-reviewed.
The transcription factor Rfx7 limits metabolism of NK cells and promotes their maintenance and immunity.
Castro W., Chelbi S.T., Niogret C., Ramon-Barros C., Welten SPM, Osterheld K., Wang H., Rota G., Morgado L., Vivier E. et al., 2018/08. Nature immunology, 19 (8) pp. 809-820. Peer-reviewed.
A transcriptionally and functionally distinct PD-1<sup>+</sup> CD8<sup>+</sup> T cell pool with predictive potential in non-small-cell lung cancer treated with PD-1 blockade.
Thommen D.S., Koelzer V.H., Herzig P., Roller A., Trefny M., Dimeloe S., Kiialainen A., Hanhart J., Schill C., Hess C. et al., 2018/07. Nature medicine, 24 (7) pp. 994-1004. Peer-reviewed.
Mitochondria: A master regulator in macrophage and T cell immunity.
Liu P.S., Ho P.C., 2018/07. Mitochondrion, 41 pp. 45-50. Peer-reviewed.
Metabolic adaptation of macrophages in chronic diseases.
Di Conza G., Ho P.C., 2018/02/01. Cancer letters, 414 pp. 250-256. Peer-reviewed.
α-ketoglutarate orchestrates macrophage activation through metabolic and epigenetic reprogramming.
Liu P.S., Wang H., Li X., Chao T., Teav T., Christen S., Di Conza G., Cheng W.C., Chou C.H., Vavakova M. et al., 2017/09. Nature immunology, 18 (9) pp. 985-994. Peer-reviewed.
Metabolic Regulation of Tregs in Cancer: Opportunities for Immunotherapy.
Wang H., Franco F., Ho P.C., 2017/08. Trends in cancer, 3 (8) pp. 583-592. Peer-reviewed.
Reenergizing T cell anti-tumor immunity by harnessing immunometabolic checkpoints and machineries.
Ho P.C., Kaech S.M., 2017/06. Current opinion in immunology, 46 pp. 38-44. Peer-reviewed.
Editorial: Immunometabolic Regulations in Adaptive and Innate Immune Cells Shapes and Re-Directs Host Immunity.
Ho P.C., Hess C., 2017. Frontiers in immunology, 8 p. 852. Peer-reviewed.
Mitochondrial Control and Guidance of Cellular Activities of T Cells.
Chao T., Wang H., Ho P.C., 2017. Frontiers in immunology, 8 p. 473. Peer-reviewed.
Notch regulates Th17 differentiation and controls trafficking of IL-17 and metabolic regulators within Th17 cells in a context-dependent manner.
Coutaz M., Hurrell B.P., Auderset F., Wang H., Siegert S., Eberl G., Ho P.C., Radtke F., Tacchini-Cottier F., 2016/12/15. Scientific reports, 6 p. 39117. Peer-reviewed.
Metabolic communication in tumors: a new layer of immunoregulation for immune evasion.
Ho P.C., Liu P.S., 2016. Journal For Immunotherapy of Cancer, 4 p. 4. Peer-reviewed.
Metabolic tug-of-war in tumors results in diminished T cell antitumor immunity.
Cheng W.C., Ho P.C., 2016. Oncoimmunology, 5 (4) pp. e1119355. Peer-reviewed.
Regulatory circuits of T cell function in cancer.
Speiser D.E., Ho P.C., Verdeil G., 2016. Nature Reviews. Immunology, 16 (10) pp. 599-611. Peer-reviewed.
The Interleukin-2-mTORc1 Kinase Axis Defines the Signaling, Differentiation, and Metabolism of T Helper 1 and Follicular B Helper T Cells.
Ray J.P., Staron M.M., Shyer J.A., Ho P.C., Marshall H.D., Gray S.M., Laidlaw B.J., Araki K., Ahmed R., Kaech S.M. et al., 2015/10/20. Immunity, 43 (4) pp. 690-702. Peer-reviewed.
Phosphoenolpyruvate Is a Metabolic Checkpoint of Anti-tumor T Cell Responses.
Ho P.C., Bihuniak J.D., Macintyre A.N., Staron M., Liu X., Amezquita R., Tsui Y.C., Cui G., Micevic G., Perales J.C. et al., 2015/09/10. Cell, 162 (6) pp. 1217-1228. Peer-reviewed.
IL-7-Induced Glycerol Transport and TAG Synthesis Promotes Memory CD8+ T Cell Longevity.
Cui G., Staron M.M., Gray S.M., Ho P.C., Amezquita R.A., Wu J., Kaech S.M., 2015/05/07. Cell, 161 (4) pp. 750-761. Peer-reviewed.
BRAF-targeted therapy alters the functions of intratumoral CD4<sup>+</sup> T cells to inhibit melanoma progression.
Ho P.C., Kaech S.M., 2014/06/18. Oncoimmunology, 3 pp. e29126. Peer-reviewed.
Immune-based antitumor effects of BRAF inhibitors rely on signaling by CD40L and IFNγ.
Ho P.C., Meeth K.M., Tsui Y.C., Srivastava B., Bosenberg M.W., Kaech S.M., 2014/06/15. Cancer research, 74 (12) pp. 3205-3217. Peer-reviewed.
Biological activities of receptor-interacting protein 140 in adipocytes and metabolic diseases.
Ho P.C., Wei L.N., 2012/11. Current diabetes reviews, 8 (6) pp. 452-457. Peer-reviewed.
Endothelin-1 promotes cytoplasmic accumulation of RIP140 through a ET(A)-PLCβ-PKCε pathway.
Ho P.C., Tsui Y.C., Lin Y.W., Persaud S.D., Wei L.N., 2012/04/04. Molecular and cellular endocrinology, 351 (2) pp. 176-183. Peer-reviewed.
NF-κB-mediated degradation of the coactivator RIP140 regulates inflammatory responses and contributes to endotoxin tolerance.
Ho P.C., Tsui Y.C., Feng X., Greaves D.R., Wei L.N., 2012/03/04. Nature immunology, 13 (4) pp. 379-386. Peer-reviewed.
Negative regulation of adiponectin secretion by receptor interacting protein 140 (RIP140).
Ho P.C., Wei L.N., 2012/01. Cellular signalling, 24 (1) pp. 71-76. Peer-reviewed.
Cytoplasmic receptor-interacting protein 140 (RIP140) interacts with perilipin to regulate lipolysis.
Ho P.C., Chuang Y.S., Hung C.H., Wei L.N., 2011/08. Cellular signalling, 23 (8) pp. 1396-1403. Peer-reviewed.
Cholesterol regulation of receptor-interacting protein 140 via microRNA-33 in inflammatory cytokine production.
Ho P.C., Chang K.C., Chuang Y.S., Wei L.N., 2011/05. FASEB journal, 25 (5) pp. 1758-1766. Peer-reviewed.
Promyelocytic leukemia protein in retinoic acid-induced chromatin remodeling of Oct4 gene promoter.
Chuang Y.S., Huang W.H., Park S.W., Persaud S.D., Hung C.H., Ho P.C., Wei L.N., 2011/04. Stem cells, 29 (4) pp. 660-669. Peer-reviewed.
A negative regulatory pathway of GLUT4 trafficking in adipocyte: new function of RIP140 in the cytoplasm via AS160.
Ho P.C., Lin Y.W., Tsui Y.C., Gupta P., Wei L.N., 2009/12. Cell metabolism, 10 (6) pp. 516-523. Peer-reviewed.
HDAC3 as a molecular chaperone for shuttling phosphorylated TR2 to PML: a novel deacetylase activity-independent function of HDAC3.
Gupta P., Ho P.C., Ha S.G., Lin Y.W., Wei L.N., 2009. PloS one, 4 (2) pp. e4363. Peer-reviewed.
Modulation of lysine acetylation-stimulated repressive activity by Erk2-mediated phosphorylation of RIP140 in adipocyte differentiation.
Ho P.C., Gupta P., Tsui Y.C., Ha S.G., Huq M., Wei L.N., 2008/10. Cellular signalling, 20 (10) pp. 1911-1919. Peer-reviewed.
Retinoic acid-stimulated sequential phosphorylation, PML recruitment, and SUMOylation of nuclear receptor TR2 to suppress Oct4 expression.
Gupta P., Ho P.C., Huq M.M., Ha S.G., Park S.W., Khan A.A., Tsai N.P., Wei L.N., 2008/08/12. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105 (32) pp. 11424-11429. Peer-reviewed.
PKCepsilon stimulated arginine methylation of RIP140 for its nuclear-cytoplasmic export in adipocyte differentiation.
Gupta P., Ho P.C., Huq M.D., Khan A.A., Tsai N.P., Wei L.N., 2008/07/16. PloS one, 3 (7) pp. e2658. Peer-reviewed.
Regulation of stress granule dynamics by Grb7 and FAK signalling pathway.
Tsai N.P., Ho P.C., Wei L.N., 2008/03/05. The EMBO journal, 27 (5) pp. 715-726. Peer-reviewed.
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