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Distribution and magnitude of stress due to lateral variation of gravitational potential energy between Indian lowland and Tibetan plateau
Schmalholz Stefan M, Duretz Thibault, Hetényi György, Medvedev Sergei, 2019/02/01. Geophysical Journal International, 216 (2) pp. 1313-1333.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_01EA4F5FBF42]
AlpArray in Hungary: temporary and permanent seismological networks in the transition zone between the Eastern Alps and the Pannonian basin
Gráczer Z., Szanyi G., Bondár I., Czanik C., Czifra T., Győri E., Hetényi G., Kovács I., Molinari I., Süle B. et al., 2018/06. Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica, 53 pp. 221-245. Peer-reviewed.
From mountain summits to roots: Crustal structure of the Eastern Alps and Bohemian Massif along longitude 13.3°E
Hetényi G., Plomerová J., Bianchi I., Kampfová Exnerová H., Bokelmann G., Handy M.R., Babuška V., 2018. Tectonophysics, 744 pp. 239-255. Peer-reviewed.
Imaging the Moho and the Main Himalayan Thrust in Western Nepal With Receiver Functions
Subedi S., Hetényi G., Vergne J., Bollinger L., Lyon-Caen H., Farra V., Adhikari L.B., Gupta R.M., 2018. Geophysical Research Letters, 45 pp. 13222-13230.
Spatial relation of surface faults and crustal seismicity: a first comparison in the region of Switzerland
Hetényi G., Epard J.-L., Colavitti L., Hirzel A.H., Kiss D., Petri B., Scarponi M., Schmalholz S.M., Subedi S., 2018. Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica, 53 pp. 439-461.
Stress transfer and connectivity between the Bhutan Himalaya and the Shillong Plateau
Grujic D., Hetényi G., Cattin R., Baruah S., Benoit A., Drukpa D., Saric A., 2018. Tectonophysics, 744 pp. 322-332. Peer-reviewed.
The AlpArray Seismic Network: A Large-Scale European Experiment to Image the Alpine Orogen
Hetényi G., Molinari I., Clinton J., Bokelmann G., Bondár I., Crawford W.C., Dessa J.-X., Doubre C., Friederich W., Fuchs F. et al., 2018. Surveys in Geophysics, 39 pp. 1009-1033.
Report on the ICDP workshop DIVE (Drilling the Ivrea–Verbano zonE)
Pistone M., Müntener O., Ziberna L., Hetényi G., Zanetti A., 2017/11/30. Scientific Drilling, 23 pp. 47-56. Peer-reviewed.
The underthrusting Indian crust and its role in collision dynamics of the Eastern Himalaya in Bhutan: Insights from receiver function imaging
Singer J., Kissling E., Diehl T., Hetényi G., 2017/02/03. Journal of Geophysical Research. Solid Earth, 122 pp. 1152-1178. Peer-reviewed.
Along-strike variations in the Himalayan orogenic wedge structure in Bhutan from ambient seismic noise tomography
Singer J., Obermann A., Kissling E., Fang H., Hetényi G., Grujic D., 2017. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 18 pp. 1483-1498.
Seismotectonics of Bhutan: Evidence for segmentation of the Eastern Himalayas and link to foreland deformation
Diehl T., Singer J., Hetényi G., Grujic D., Clinton J., Giardini D., Kissling E., 2017. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 471 pp. 54-64.
Joint approach combining damage and paleoseismology observations constrains the 1714 A.D. Bhutan earthquake at magnitude 8±0.5
Hetényi G., Le Roux-Mallouf R., Berthet T., Cattin R., Cauzzi C., Phuntsho K., Grolimund R., 2016. Geophysical Research Letters, 43 pp. 10695-10702. Peer-reviewed.
Segmentation of the Himalayas as revealed by arc-parallel gravity anomalies
Hetényi G., Cattin R., Berthet T., Le Moigne N., Chophel J., Lechmann S., Hammer P., Drukpa D., Sapkota S.N., Gautier S. et al., 2016. Scientific Reports, 6 p. 33866. Peer-reviewed.
Swiss AlpArray temporary broad-band seismic stations deployment and noise characterization
Molinari I., Clinton J., Kissling E., Hetényi G., Giardini D., Stipčević J., Dasović I., Herak M., Sipka V., Wéber Z. et al., 2016. Advances in Geosciences, 43 pp. 15-29. Peer-reviewed.
The 2015 Gorkha earthquake: A large event illuminating the Main Himalayan Thrust fault
Duputel Z., Vergne J., Rivera L., Wittlinger G., Farra V., Hetényi G., 2016. Geophysical Research Letters, 43 pp. 2517-2525.
Crustal structure of the Pannonian Basin: The AlCaPa and Tisza Terrains and the Mid-Hungarian Zone
Hetényi G. Ren Y. Dando B. Stuart G.W. Hegedűs E. Kovács A.C. Houseman G.A. , 2015. Tectonophysics, 646 pp. 106-116.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_301EAB2B137D]
Ground-based optical atomic clocks as a tool to monitor vertical surface motion
Bondarescu R., Schärer A., Lundgren A., Hetényi G., Houlié N., Jetzer P., Bondarescu M., 2015. Geophysical Journal International, 202 pp. 1770-1774.
Active tectonics of the eastern Himalaya: New constraints from the first tectonic geomorphology study in southern Bhutan
Berthet T. Ritz J.-F. Ferry M. Pelgay P. Cattin R. Drukpa D. Braucher R. Hetényi G. , 2014. Geology, 42 (5) pp. 427-430.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_BE779B6A6B92]
Columnar Joints
Hetényi G., Milazzo M.P., 2014. pp. 1-7 dans Hargitai H., Kereszturi Á. (eds.) Encyclopedia of planetary landforms chap. 57, Springer.
Quantifying the impact of mechanical layering and underthrusting on the dynamics of the modern India-Asia collisional system with 3-D numerical models
Lechmann S.M., Schmalholz S.M., Hetényi G., May D.A., Kaus B.J.P., 2014. Journal of Geophysical Research, 119 pp. 616-644. Peer-reviewed.
To conserve or not to conserve (mass in numerical models)
Hetényi G., 2014. Terra Nova, 26 (5) pp. 372-376.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_EFFD354839D4]
Flexure of the India plate underneath the Bhutan Himalaya
Hammer P. Berthet T. Hetényi G. Cattin R. Drukpa D. Chophel J. Lechmann S. Moigne N.L. Champollion C. Doerflinger E. , 2013. Geophysical Research Letters, 40 (16) pp. 4225-4230.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_F55C9B6ED3F2]
Joint inversion of teleseismic and GOCE gravity data: Application to the Himalayas
Basuyau C. Diament M. Tiberi C. Hetényi G. Vergne J. Peyrefitte J. , 2013. Geophysical Journal International, 193 (1) pp. 149-160.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_4EF138D447D5]
Lateral uniformity of India Plate strength over central and eastern Nepal
Berthet T. Hetényi G. Cattin R. Sapkota S.N. Champollion C. Kandel T. Doerflinger E. Drukpa D. Lechmann S. Bonnin M. , 2013. Geophysical Journal International, 195 (3) pp. 1481-1493.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_95ECBA7E1F42]
Geophysical applicability of atomic clocks: Direct continental geoid mapping
Bondarescu R. Bondarescu M. Hetényi G. Boschi L. Jetzer P. Balakrishna J. , 2012. Geophysical Journal International, 191 (1) pp. 78-82.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_7D198521A2B5]
Internal flow structures in columnar jointed basalt from Hrepphólar, Iceland: II. Magnetic anisotropy and rock magnetic properties
Almqvist B.S.G. Bosshard S.A. Hirt A.M. Mattsson H.B. Hetényi G. , 2012. Bulletin of Volcanology, 74 (7) pp. 1667-1681.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_A0DCB6E92DBD]
Origin of internal flow structures in columnar-jointed basalt from Hrepphólar, Iceland: I. Textural and geochemical characterization
Bosshard S.A. Mattsson H.B. Hetényi G. , 2012. Bulletin of Volcanology, 74 (7) pp. 1645-1666.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_117F3ED41898]
Scales of columnar jointing in igneous rocks: Field measurements and controlling factors
Hetényi G. Taisne B. Garel F. Médard E. Bosshard S. Mattsson H.B. , 2012. Bulletin of Volcanology, 74 (2) pp. 457-482.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_175979B6907B]
Coexistence of lawsonite-bearing eclogite and blueschist: Phase equilibria modelling of Alpine Corsica metabasalts and petrological evolution of subducting slabs
Brovarone A.V. Groppo C. Hetényi G. Compagnoni R. Malavieille J. , 2011. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 29 (5) pp. 583-600.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_21CC73FC707B]
Discontinuous low-velocity zones in southern Tibet question the viability of the channel flow model
Hetényi G. Vergne J. Bollinger L. Cattin R. , 2011. Geological Society Special Publication, 353 pp. 99-108.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_E3A3B430A5F8]
Incorporating metamorphism in geodynamic models: The mass conservation problem
Hetényi G. Godard V. Cattin R. Connolly J.A.D. , 2011. Geophysical Journal International, 186 (1) pp. 6-10.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_61B7A397EB2B]
Mantle transition zone variations beneath the Ethiopian Rift and Afar: Chemical heterogeneity within a hot mantle?
Cornwell D.G. Hetényi G. Blanchard T.D. , 2011. Geophysical Research Letters, 38 (16) pp. L16308.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_AD158E29C76A]
Melt migration in basalt columns driven by crystallization-induced pressure gradients
Mattsson H.B. Caricchi L. Almqvist B.S.G. Caddick M.J. Bosshard S.A. Hetényi G. Hirt A.M. , 2011. Nature Communications, 2 (1) p. 299.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_36650FA1CA8D]
Initiation of crustal-scale thrusts triggered by metamorphic reactions at depth: Insights from a comparison between the Himalayas and Scandinavian Caledonides
Labrousse L. Hetényi G. Raimbourg H. Jolivet L. Andersen T.B. , 2010. Tectonics, 29 (5) pp. TC5002.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_623A9B54055E]
Anomalously deep mantle transition zone below Central Europe: Evidence of lithospheric instability
Hetényi G. Stuart G.W. Houseman G.A. Horváth F. Hegedűs E. Brückl E. , 2009. Geophysical Research Letters, 36 (21) pp. L21307.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_6E444ED66764]
Seismic velocities in Southern Tibet lower crust: A receiver function approach for eclogite detection
Wittlinger G. Farra V. Hetényi G. Vergne J. Nábělek J. , 2009. Geophysical Journal International, 177 (3) pp. 1037-1049.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_E076B0FC2BF6]
Underplating in the Himalaya-Tibet collision zone revealed by the Hi-CLIMB experiment
Nábělek J. Hetényi G. Vergne J. Sapkota S. Kafle B. Jiang M. Su H. Chen J. Huang B.-S. Mitchell L. Sherstad D. Arsenault M. Baur J. Carpenter S. Donnahue M. Myers D. Tseng T.-L. Bardell T. Vanhoudnos N. Pandey M. Chitrakar G. Rajaure S. Xue G. Wang Y. Zhou S. Liang X. Ye G. Liu C.-C. Lin J. Wu C.-L. Barstow N. , 2009. Science, 325 (5946) pp. 1371-1374.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_1E2CD11896EA]
Density distribution of the India plate beneath the Tibetan plateau: Geophysical and petrological constraints on the kinetics of lower-crustal eclogitization
Hetényi G. Cattin R. Brunet F. Bollinger L. Vergne J. Nábělek J.L. Diament M. , 2007. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 264 (1-2) pp. 226-244.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_09C516CEDEE4]
Shear wave velocity and crustal thickness in the Pannonian Basin from receiver function inversions at four permanent stations in Hungary
Hetényi G. Bus Z. , 2007. Journal of Seismology, 11 (4) pp. 405-414.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_CB4A93948587]
The effective elastic thickness of the India Plate from receiver function imaging, gravity anomalies and thermomechanical modelling
Hetényi G., Cattin R., Vergne J., Nábělek J.L., 2006. Geophysical Journal International, 167 pp. 1106-1118.
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