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The survival of firms founded by immigrants: institutional distance between home and host country and experience in the host country
Mata J., Alves C. Strategic Management Journal. Peer-reviewed.
The termination of international joint ventures: Closure and acquisition by domestic and foreign partners
Mata J., Portugal P., 2015/08. International Business Review, 24 (4) pp. 677-689. Peer-reviewed.
Detecting Heterogeneous Risk Attitudes with Mixed Gambles
Santos-Pinto L., Bruhin A., Mata J., Astebro T., 2015/02. Theory and Decision, 79 (4) pp. 573-600. Peer-reviewed.
Skewness seeking: Risk loving, optimism or overweighting of small probabilities?
Astebro T., Mata J., Santos-Pinto L., 2015/02. Theory and Decision, 78 (2) pp. 189-208. Peer-reviewed.
Change in international market strategy as a reaction to performance decline
Lages L.F., Mata J., Griffith D.A., 2013/12. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, 66 (12) pp. 2600-2611. Peer-reviewed.
Risky innovation: The impact of internal and external R&D strategies upon the distribution of returns
Mata J., Woerter M., 2013/03. Research Policy, 42 (2) pp. 495-501. Peer-reviewed.
Temporary Investment Incentives and Divestment by Foreign Firms
Mata J., Guimaraes P., 2013/01/01. pp. 13919-13919 dans Academy of Management Proceedings. Peer-reviewed, The Academy of Management.
The Survival of Entrepreneurial Firms in a Foreign Country
Mata J., Alves C., 2013/01/01. pp. 11827-11827 dans Academy of Management Proceedings, The Academy of Management.
Foreignness and exit over the life cycle of firms
Mata J., Freitas E., 2012/09. Journal of International Business Studies, 43 (7) pp. 615-630. Peer-reviewed.
Founding conditions and the survival of new firms
Geroski P.A., Mata J., Portugal P., 2010/05. Strategic Management Journal, 31 (5) pp. 510-529. Peer-reviewed.
Gibrat’s Law
Mata J., 2008. dans Durlauf S. N., Blume L. E. (eds.) The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, Palgrave Macmillan.
Counterfactual decomposition of changes in wage distributions using quantile regression
Machado J.A.F., Mata J., 2005/05. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 20 (4) pp. 445-465. Peer-reviewed.
Patterns of Entry, Post-Entry Growth and Survival: A Comparison Between Domestic and Foreign Owned Firms
Mata J., Portugal P., 2004/04. Small Business Economics, 22 (3) pp. 283-298. Peer-reviewed.
On the evolution of the firm size distribution: Facts and theory
Cabral L.M.B., Mata J., 2003/09. American Economic Review, 93 (4) pp. 1075-1090. Peer-reviewed.
The survival of new domestic and foreign-owned firms
Mata J., Portugal P., 2002/04. Strategic Management Journal, 23 (4) pp. 323-343. Peer-reviewed.
Earning functions in Portugal 1982–1994: Evidence from quantile regressions
Machado J. A. F., Mata J., 2002. pp. 115-134 dans Economic Applications of Quantile Regression, Physica-Verlag HD.
Box-cox quantile regression and the distribution of firm sizes
Machado J.A.F., Mata J., 2000/06. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 15 (3) pp. 253-274. Peer-reviewed.
Closure and divestiture by foreign entrants: The impact of entry and post-entry strategies
Mata J., Portugal P., 2000/05. Strategic Management Journal, 21 (5) pp. 549-562. Peer-reviewed.
Technological Intensity, Demand Conditions and the Longevity of Firms
Mata J., Portugal P., 1999. pp. 265-279 dans Audretsch D.B., Thurik R. (eds.) Innovation, Industry Evolution and Employment chap. 12, Cambridge University Press.
Competition policy in Portugal
Barros P. P., Mata J., 1998/05. pp. 273-321 dans S. Martin (eds.) Competition policies in Europe chap. 13, Amsterdam, NL: Elsevier Science.
Markets, entrepreneurs and the size of new firms
Mata J., 1996/07. Economics Letters, 52 (1) pp. 89-94. Peer-reviewed.
Firm start-up size: A conditional quantile approach
Mata J., Machado J.A.F., 1996/06. European Economic Review, 40 (6) pp. 1305-1323. Peer-reviewed.
Small firm births and macroeconomic fluctuations
Mata J., 1996/04. Review of Industrial Organization, 11 (2) pp. 173-182. Peer-reviewed.
Business Conditions and Business Starts
Mata J., 1996. International Journal of the Economics of Business, 3 (3) pp. 295-306. Peer-reviewed.
The survival of new plants: Start-up conditions and post-entry evolution
Mata J., Portugal P., Guimaraes P., 1995/12. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 13 (4) pp. 459-481. Peer-reviewed.
Sunk Costs and the Dynamics of Entry in Portuguese Manufacturing
Mata J., 1995. pp. 267-284 dans Market Evolution: Competition and Cooperation, Springer Netherlands.
Life Duration of New Firms
Mata J., Portugal P., 1994/09. Journal of Industrial Economics, 42 (3) pp. 227-245. Peer-reviewed.
Firm growth during infancy
Mata J., 1994/02. Small Business Economics, 6 (1) pp. 27-39. Peer-reviewed.
Entry and type of entrant: Evidence from Portugal
Mata J., 1993/03. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 11 (1) pp. 101-122. Peer-reviewed.
Firm entry and firm growth
Mata J., 1993. Review of Industrial Organization, 8 (5) pp. 567–578. Peer-reviewed.
Small Firms in Portuguese Manufacturing Industries
Mata J., 1993. pp. 110-122 dans Acs Z.J., Audretsch D.B. (eds.) Small Firms and Entrepreneurship: An East-West Perspective chap. 6, Cambridge University Press.
Concentration and Competitive Dynamics
Mata J., 1992. pp. 117-129 dans The Portuguese Economy Towards 1992: Proceedings of a conference sponsored by Junta Nacional de Investigação Científica e Tecnológica and Banco de Portugal, Springer US.
Sunk costs and entry by small and large plants
Mata J., 1991. pp. 49-62 dans Schwalbach J., Geroski P. (eds.) Entry and Market Contestability: An International Comparison , Blackwell Publishers.
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