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History of Economics

I am working on the history of Labour Economics and Applied Microeconomics, and on economists' expertise, especially in the courtrooms. See the detailed research axes.

I am also working on the representation of women in economics with Beatrice Cherrier and John Singleton.

With François Allisson, Tom Juille, Raphaël Fèvre and Nicolas Brisset, we are wotking on a collective history of french economists during the Vichy period.

History of the Economics of Discriminations

I write a biography of the concept of discrimination before and beyond Becker's work. I especially focus on the post-war American context after Myrdal's work and on the confrontation of the human capital framework and the signalling paradigm in the late 1960s.

Measuring Discrimination in Context

I am currently writing a history of the use of wage decompositions methods in the US courtrooms. Further projects include an historical assessment of the "credibility revolution" in Forensic Economics, and a history of Forensic Economics since the late 1980s.

Wage Differences in Theory and in Practice

In a joint project with Annie L. Cot, we explore the economic arguments and the economists' practices in the century-long « equal pay for equal work » controversy in the UK (from the 1920s till the 1970s). The first paper is focused on Edgeworth's 1920s contributions; the second explore the economists' testimonies to the Royal Commission on Equal Pay in 1944-1946; the third project is centered on the Equal Pay Act of 1970.
On the same subject, I contributed a chapter for the Handbook on Women Economists (forth. 2018) on Fawcett, Webb and Rathbone on equal pay.

In a joint project with François Allisson, we study the evolution of the content of Maurice Dobb's Cambridge Economic Handbook on wages from 1928 to the 1960s, and its diffusion in the UK and in India.

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