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Therapeutic Targeting of the Tumor Microenvironment.
Bejarano L., Jordāo MJC, Joyce J.A., 2021/04. Cancer discovery, 11 (4) pp. 933-959. Peer-reviewed.
Central memory CD8+ T cells derive from stem-like Tcf7hi effector cells in the absence of cytotoxic differentiation.
Pais Ferreira D., Silva J.G., Wyss T., Fuertes Marraco S.A., Scarpellino L., Charmoy M., Maas R., Siddiqui I., Tang L., Joyce J.A. et al., 2020/11/17. Immunity, 53 (5) pp. 985-1000.e11. Peer-reviewed.
Brain Metastasis Cell Lines Panel: A Public Resource of Organotropic Cell Lines.
Valiente M., Van Swearingen AED, Anders C.K., Bairoch A., Boire A., Bos P.D., Cittelly D.M., Erez N., Ferraro G.B., Fukumura D. et al., 2020/10/15. Cancer Research, 80 (20) pp. 4314-4323. Peer-reviewed.
Microglia promote glioblastoma via mTOR-mediated immunosuppression of the tumour microenvironment.
Dumas A.A., Pomella N., Rosser G., Guglielmi L., Vinel C., Millner T.O., Rees J., Aley N., Sheer D., Wei J. et al., 2020/08/03. The EMBO journal, 39 (15) pp. e103790. Peer-reviewed.
Dynamic changes in glioma macrophage populations after radiotherapy reveal CSF-1R inhibition as a strategy to overcome resistance.
Akkari L., Bowman R.L., Tessier J., Klemm F., Handgraaf S.M., de Groot M., Quail D.F., Tillard L., Gadiot J., Huse J.T. et al., 2020/07/15. Science Translational Medicine, 12 (552). Peer-reviewed.
Interrogation of the Microenvironmental Landscape in Brain Tumors Reveals Disease-Specific Alterations of Immune Cells
Klemm F., Maas R.R., Bowman R.L., Kornete M., Soukup K., Nassiri S., Brouland J.P., Iacobuzio-Donahue C.A., Brennan C., Tabar V. et al., 2020/06/25. Cell, 181 (7) pp. 1643-1660.e17. Peer-reviewed.
Spatially and temporally defined lysosomal leakage facilitates mitotic chromosome segregation.
Hämälistö S., Stahl J.L., Favaro E., Yang Q., Liu B., Christoffersen L., Loos B., Guasch Boldú C., Joyce J.A., Reinheckel T. et al., 2020/01/13. Nature communications, 11 (1) p. 229. Peer-reviewed.
Charting the immune landscape in brain cancers
Soukup Klara, Joyce Johanna, 2020. TheScienceBreaker.
Evaluating Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy as a Tool for Monitoring Therapeutic Response of Whole Brain Radiotherapy in a Mouse Model for Breast-to-Brain Metastasis.
Chae W.H., Niesel K., Schulz M., Klemm F., Joyce J.A., Prümmer M., Brill B., Bergs J., Rödel F., Pilatus U. et al., 2019/11/27. Frontiers in oncology, 9 p. 1324. Peer-reviewed.
Challenges to curing primary brain tumours.
Aldape K., Brindle K.M., Chesler L., Chopra R., Gajjar A., Gilbert M.R., Gottardo N., Gutmann D.H., Hargrave D., Holland E.C. et al., 2019/08. Nature reviews. Clinical oncology, 16 (8) pp. 509-520. Peer-reviewed.
Reply to 'Assembling the brain trust: the multidisciplinary imperative in neuro-oncology'.
Aldape K., Brindle K.M., Chesler L., Chopra R., Gajjar A., Gilbert M.R., Gottardo N., Gutmann D.H., Hargrave D., Holland E.C. et al., 2019/08. Nature reviews. Clinical oncology, 16 (8) pp. 522-523. Peer-reviewed.
Re-education of macrophages as a therapeutic strategy in cancer.
Kowal J., Kornete M., Joyce J.A., 2019/06. Immunotherapy, 11 (8) pp. 677-689. Peer-reviewed.
Imaging endogenous macrophage iron deposits reveals a metabolic biomarker of polarized tumor macrophage infiltration and response to CSF1R breast cancer immunotherapy.
Leftin A., Ben-Chetrit N., Joyce J.A., Koutcher J.A., 2019/01/29. Scientific reports, 9 (1) p. 857. Peer-reviewed.
A Long-Distance Relay-tionship between Tumor and Bone.
Soukup K., Joyce J.A., 2018/01/16. Immunity, 48 (1) pp. 13-16. Peer-reviewed.
Obesity and the tumor microenvironment.
Olson O.C., Quail D.F., Joyce J.A., 2017/12/01. Science, 358 (6367) pp. 1130-1131. Peer-reviewed.
A Carbon Nanotube Optical Reporter Maps Endolysosomal Lipid Flux.
Jena P.V., Roxbury D., Galassi T.V., Akkari L., Horoszko C.P., Iaea D.B., Budhathoki-Uprety J., Pipalia N., Haka A.S., Harvey J.D. et al., 2017/11/28. ACS nano, 11 (11) pp. 10689-10703. Peer-reviewed.
Inflammatory Monocytes Promote Perineural Invasion via CCL2-Mediated Recruitment and Cathepsin B Expression.
Bakst R.L., Xiong H., Chen C.H., Deborde S., Lyubchik A., Zhou Y., He S., McNamara W., Lee S.Y., Olson O.C. et al., 2017/11/15. Cancer research, 77 (22) pp. 6400-6414. Peer-reviewed.
Inhibition of colony stimulating factor-1 receptor abrogates microenvironment-mediated therapeutic resistance in gliomas.
Yan D., Kowal J., Akkari L., Schuhmacher A.J., Huse J.T., West B.L., Joyce J.A., 2017/10/26. Oncogene, 36 (43) pp. 6049-6058. Peer-reviewed.
Obesity alters the lung myeloid cell landscape to enhance breast cancer metastasis through IL5 and GM-CSF.
Quail D.F., Olson O.C., Bhardwaj P., Walsh L.A., Akkari L., Quick M.L., Chen I.C., Wendel N., Ben-Chetrit N., Walker J. et al., 2017/08. Nature cell biology, 19 (8) pp. 974-987. Peer-reviewed.
Tumor-Associated Macrophages Suppress the Cytotoxic Activity of Antimitotic Agents.
Olson O.C., Kim H., Quail D.F., Foley E.A., Joyce J.A., 2017/04/04. Cell reports, 19 (1) pp. 101-113. Peer-reviewed.
Metabolic origins of spatial organization in the tumor microenvironment.
Carmona-Fontaine C., Deforet M., Akkari L., Thompson C.B., Joyce J.A., Xavier J.B., 2017/03/14. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114 (11) pp. 2934-2939. Peer-reviewed.
The Microenvironmental Landscape of Brain Tumors.
Quail D.F., Joyce J.A., 2017/03/13. Cancer cell, 31 (3) pp. 326-341. Peer-reviewed.
Molecular Pathways: Deciphering Mechanisms of Resistance to Macrophage-Targeted Therapies.
Quail D.F., Joyce J.A., 2017/02/15. Clinical cancer research, 23 (4) pp. 876-884. Peer-reviewed.
Iron imaging reveals tumor and metastasis macrophage hemosiderin deposits in breast cancer.
Leftin A., Ben-Chetrit N., Klemm F., Joyce J.A., Koutcher J.A., 2017. PloS one, 12 (9) pp. e0184765. Peer-reviewed.
Macrophage Ontogeny Underlies Differences in Tumor-Specific Education in Brain Malignancies.
Bowman R.L., Klemm F., Akkari L., Pyonteck S.M., Sevenich L., Quail D.F., Dhara S., Simpson K., Gardner E.E., Iacobuzio-Donahue C.A. et al., 2016/11/22. Cell reports, 17 (9) pp. 2445-2459. Peer-reviewed.
STAT3 and STAT6 Signaling Pathways Synergize to Promote Cathepsin Secretion from Macrophages via IRE1α Activation.
Yan D., Wang H.W., Bowman R.L., Joyce J.A., 2016/09/13. Cell reports, 16 (11) pp. 2914-2927. Peer-reviewed.
TAILS N-Terminomics and Proteomics Show Protein Degradation Dominates over Proteolytic Processing by Cathepsins in Pancreatic Tumors.
Prudova A., Gocheva V., Auf dem Keller U., Eckhard U., Olson O.C., Akkari L., Butler G.S., Fortelny N., Lange P.F., Mark J.C. et al., 2016/08/09. Cell reports, 16 (6) pp. 1762-1773. Peer-reviewed.
Microenvironmental InterFereNce of metabolism regulates chemosensitivity.
Akkari L., Joyce J.A., 2016/08. Cell research, 26 (8) pp. 867-868. Peer-reviewed.
Combined deletion of cathepsin protease family members reveals compensatory mechanisms in cancer.
Akkari L., Gocheva V., Quick M.L., Kester J.C., Spencer A.K., Garfall A.L., Bowman R.L., Joyce J.A., 2016. Genes and Development, 30 (2) pp. 220-232. Peer-reviewed.
The tumor microenvironment underlies acquired resistance to CSF-1R inhibition in gliomas.
Quail D.F., Bowman R.L., Akkari L., Quick M.L., Schuhmacher A.J., Huse J.T., Holland E.C., Sutton J.C., Joyce J.A., 2016. Science, 352 (6288) pp. aad3018. Peer-reviewed.
Cysteine cathepsin proteases: regulators of cancer progression and therapeutic response.
Olson O.C., Joyce J.A., 2015. Nature Reviews. Cancer, 15 (12) pp. 712-729. Peer-reviewed.
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