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A Cellular Insulator against CLE45 Peptide Signaling.
Breda A.S., Hazak O., Schultz P., Anne P., Graeff M., Simon R., Hardtke C.S., 2019/08/05. Current biology, 29 (15) pp. 2501-2508.e3. Peer-reviewed.
Phloem function and development-biophysics meets genetics.
Anne P., Hardtke C.S., 2018/06. Current opinion in plant biology, 43 pp. 22-28. Peer-reviewed.
CLERK is a novel receptor kinase required for sensing of root-active CLE peptides in <i>Arabidopsis</i>.
Anne P., Amiguet-Vercher A., Brandt B., Kalmbach L., Geldner N., Hothorn M., Hardtke C.S., 2018. Development, 145 (10) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
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