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CcrZ is a pneumococcal spatiotemporal cell cycle regulator that interacts with FtsZ and controls DNA replication by modulating the activity of DnaA.
Gallay C., Sanselicio S., Anderson M.E., Soh Y.M., Liu X., Stamsås G.A., Pelliciari S., van Raaphorst R., Dénéréaz J., Kjos M. et al., 2021/08/09. Nature microbiology. Peer-reviewed.
A rod conformation of the Pyrococcus furiosus Rad50 coiled coil.
Soh Y.M., Basquin J., Gruber S., 2021/02. Proteins, 89 (2) pp. 251-255. Peer-reviewed.
Phospho-regulation of the Shugoshin - Condensin interaction at the centromere in budding yeast.
Metwaly G.Y., Wu Y., Peplowska K., Röhrl J., Soh Y.M., Bürmann F., Gruber S., Storchova Z., 2020/08/18. PLoS genetics, 16 (8) pp. e1008569. Peer-reviewed.
Evidence for binary Smc complexes lacking kite subunits in archaea.
Jeon J.H., Lee H.S., Shin H.C., Kwak M.J., Kim Y.G., Gruber S., Oh B.H., 2020/03/01. IUCrJ, 7 (Pt 2) pp. 193-206. Peer-reviewed.
Decision Making in Phagocytosis.
Prassler J., Simon F., Ecke M., Gruber S., Gerisch G., 2020. Advances in experimental medicine and biology, 1246 pp. 71-81. Peer-reviewed.
Self-organization of parS centromeres by the ParB CTP hydrolase.
Soh Y.M., Davidson I.F., Zamuner S., Basquin J., Bock F.P., Taschner M., Veening J.W., De Los Rios P., Peters J.M., Gruber S., 2019/11/29. Science, 366 (6469) pp. 1129-1133. Peer-reviewed.
DNA-segment-capture model for loop extrusion by structural maintenance of chromosome (SMC) protein complexes.
Marko J.F., De Los Rios P., Barducci A., Gruber S., 2019/07/26. Nucleic acids research, 47 (13) pp. 6956-6972. Peer-reviewed.
Transient DNA Occupancy of the SMC Interarm Space in Prokaryotic Condensin.
Vazquez Nunez R., Ruiz Avila L.B., Gruber S., 2019/07/25. Molecular cell, 75 (2) pp. 209-223.e6. Peer-reviewed.
High-Throughput Allelic Replacement Screening in Bacillus subtilis.
Diebold-Durand M.L., Bürmann F., Gruber S., 2019. Methods in molecular biology, 2004 pp. 49-61. Peer-reviewed.
SMC complexes sweeping through the chromosome: going with the flow and against the tide.
Gruber S., 2018/04. Current opinion in microbiology, 42 pp. 96-103. Peer-reviewed.
The complete and fully assembled genome sequence of Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. pectinolytica and its comparative analysis with other Aeromonas species: investigation of the mobilome in environmental and pathogenic strains.
Pfeiffer F., Zamora-Lagos M.A., Blettinger M., Yeroslaviz A., Dahl A., Gruber S., Habermann B.H., 2018/01/05. BMC genomics, 19 (1) p. 20. Peer-reviewed.
Optimization of sample preparation and green color imaging using the mNeonGreen fluorescent protein in bacterial cells for photoactivated localization microscopy.
Stockmar I., Feddersen H., Cramer K., Gruber S., Jung K., Bramkamp M., Shin J.Y., 2018. Scientific Reports, 8 (1) p. 10137. Peer-reviewed.
Shaping chromosomes by DNA capture and release: gating the SMC rings.
Gruber S., 2017/06. Current opinion in cell biology, 46 pp. 87-93. Peer-reviewed.
A Chromosome Co-Entrapment Assay to Study Topological Protein-DNA Interactions.
Wilhelm L., Gruber S., 2017. Methods in molecular biology, 1624 pp. 117-126. Peer-reviewed.
Structure of Full-Length SMC and Rearrangements Required for Chromosome Organization.
Diebold-Durand M.L., Lee H., Ruiz Avila L.B., Noh H., Shin H.C., Im H., Bock F.P., Bürmann F., Durand A., Basfeld A. et al., 2017. Molecular Cell, 67 (2) pp. 334-347.e5. Peer-reviewed.
Tuned SMC Arms Drive Chromosomal Loading of Prokaryotic Condensin.
Bürmann F., Basfeld A., Vazquez Nunez R., Diebold-Durand M.L., Wilhelm L., Gruber S., 2017. Molecular Cell, 65 (5) pp. 861-872.e9. Peer-reviewed.
Control of Smc Coiled Coil Architecture by the ATPase Heads Facilitates Targeting to Chromosomal ParB/parS and Release onto Flanking DNA.
Minnen A., Bürmann F., Wilhelm L., Anchimiuk A., Diebold-Durand M.L., Gruber S., 2016. Cell Reports, 14 (8) pp. 2003-2016. Peer-reviewed.
SnapShot: SMC Protein Complexes Part I.
Haering C.H., Gruber S., 2016. Cell, 164 (1-2) pp. 326-6.e1.
SnapShot: SMC Protein Complexes Part II.
Haering C.H., Gruber S., 2016. Cell, 164 (4) p. 818.e1.
Crystal structure of Hop2-Mnd1 and mechanistic insights into its role in meiotic recombination.
Kang H.A., Shin H.C., Kalantzi A.S., Toseland C.P., Kim H.M., Gruber S., Peraro M.D., Oh B.H., 2015. Nucleic Acids Research, 43 (7) pp. 3841-3856. Peer-reviewed.
Kite Proteins: a Superfamily of SMC/Kleisin Partners Conserved Across Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukaryotes.
Palecek J.J., Gruber S., 2015. Structure, 23 (12) pp. 2183-2190. Peer-reviewed.
Molecular basis for SMC rod formation and its dissolution upon DNA binding.
Soh Y.M., Bürmann F., Shin H.C., Oda T., Jin K.S., Toseland C.P., Kim C., Lee H., Kim S.J., Kong M.S. et al., 2015. Molecular Cell, 57 (2) pp. 290-303. Peer-reviewed.
SMC condensin entraps chromosomal DNA by an ATP hydrolysis dependent loading mechanism in Bacillus subtilis.
Wilhelm L., Bürmann F., Minnen A., Shin H.C., Toseland C.P., Oh B.H., Gruber S., 2015. Elife, 4 pp. e06659. Peer-reviewed.
SMC condensin: promoting cohesion of replicon arms.
Bürmann F., Gruber S., 2015. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 22 (9) pp. 653-655.
The ParB-parS Chromosome Segregation System Modulates Competence Development in Streptococcus pneumoniae.
Attaiech L., Minnen A., Kjos M., Gruber S., Veening J.W., 2015. mBio, 6 (4) pp. e00662. Peer-reviewed.
Closing the cohesin ring: structure and function of its Smc3-kleisin interface.
Gligoris T.G., Scheinost J.C., Bürmann F., Petela N., Chan K.L., Uluocak P., Beckouët F., Gruber S., Nasmyth K., Löwe J., 2014. Science, 346 (6212) pp. 963-967. Peer-reviewed.
Interlinked sister chromosomes arise in the absence of condensin during fast replication in B. subtilis.
Gruber S., Veening J.W., Bach J., Blettinger M., Bramkamp M., Errington J., 2014. Current Biology, 24 (3) pp. 293-298. Peer-reviewed.
Multilayer chromosome organization through DNA bending, bridging and extrusion.
Gruber S., 2014. Current Opinion in Microbiology, 22 pp. 102-110.
An asymmetric SMC-kleisin bridge in prokaryotic condensin.
Bürmann F., Shin H.C., Basquin J., Soh Y.M., Giménez-Oya V., Kim Y.G., Oh B.H., Gruber S., 2013. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 20 (3) pp. 371-379. Peer-reviewed.
MukBEF on the march: taking over chromosome organization in bacteria?
Gruber S., 2011. Molecular Microbiology, 81 (4) pp. 855-859.
SMC is recruited to oriC by ParB and promotes chromosome segregation in Streptococcus pneumoniae.
Minnen A., Attaiech L., Thon M., Gruber S., Veening J.W., 2011. Molecular Microbiology, 81 (3) pp. 676-688. Peer-reviewed.
Recruitment of condensin to replication origin regions by ParB/SpoOJ promotes chromosome segregation in B. subtilis.
Gruber S., Errington J., 2009. Cell, 137 (4) pp. 685-696. Peer-reviewed.
Cohesin's ATPase activity is stimulated by the C-terminal Winged-Helix domain of its kleisin subunit.
Arumugam P., Nishino T., Haering C.H., Gruber S., Nasmyth K., 2006. Current Biology, 16 (20) pp. 1998-2008. Peer-reviewed.
Evidence that loading of cohesin onto chromosomes involves opening of its SMC hinge.
Gruber S., Arumugam P., Katou Y., Kuglitsch D., Helmhart W., Shirahige K., Nasmyth K., 2006. Cell, 127 (3) pp. 523-537. Peer-reviewed.
Is chromatin remodeling required to build sister-chromatid cohesion?
Riedel C.G., Gregan J., Gruber S., Nasmyth K., 2004. Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 29 (8) pp. 389-392.
ATP hydrolysis is required for cohesin's association with chromosomes.
Arumugam P., Gruber S., Tanaka K., Haering C.H., Mechtler K., Nasmyth K., 2003. Current Biology, 13 (22) pp. 1941-1953. Peer-reviewed.
Chromosomal cohesin forms a ring.
Gruber S., Haering C.H., Nasmyth K., 2003. Cell, 112 (6) pp. 765-777. Peer-reviewed.
Division of the nucleolus and its release of CDC14 during anaphase of meiosis I depends on separase, SPO12, and SLK19.
Buonomo S.B., Rabitsch K.P., Fuchs J., Gruber S., Sullivan M., Uhlmann F., Petronczki M., Tóth A., Nasmyth K., 2003. Developmental Cell, 4 (5) pp. 727-739. Peer-reviewed.
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