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Mating without intromission in a bat
Fasel Nicolas J., Jeucken Jan, Kravchenko Kseniia, Fritze Marcus, Ruczyński Ireneusz, Komar Ewa, Moiseienko Marharyta, Shulenko Alona, Vlaschenko Anton, Christe Philippe et al., 2023/11. Current Biology, 33 (22) pp. R1182-R1183. Peer-reviewed.
Author Correction: DNA methylation predicts age and provides insight into exceptional longevity of bats.
Wilkinson G.S., Adams D.M., Haghani A., Lu A.T., Zoller J., Breeze C.E., Arnold B.D., Ball H.C., Carter G.G., Cooper L.N. et al., 2022/09/07. Nature communications, 13 (1) p. 5266. Peer-reviewed.
Assigning metabolic rate measurements to torpor and euthermy in heterothermic endotherms: 'torpor', a new package for R.
Fasel N.J., Vullioud C., Genoud M., 2022/04/15. Biology open, 11 (4) pp. bio059064. Peer-reviewed.
Energy allocation shifts from sperm production to self-maintenance at low temperatures in male bats.
Komar E., Fasel N.J., Szafrańska P.A., Dechmann DKN, Zegarek M., Ruczyński I., 2022/02/08. Scientific reports, 12 (1) p. 2138. Peer-reviewed.
DNA methylation predicts age and provides insight into exceptional longevity of bats
Wilkinson Gerald S., Adams Danielle M., Haghani Amin, Lu Ake T., Zoller Joseph, Breeze Charles E., Arnold Bryan D., Ball Hope C., Carter Gerald G., Cooper Lisa Noelle et al., 2021/12. Nature Communications, 12 (1) p. 1615.
Latrocimicinae completes the phylogeny of Cimicidae: meeting old morphologic data rather than modern host phylogeny.
Hornok S., Szentiványi T., Takács N., Kovács Á.B., Glaizot O., Christe P., Fasel N., Gyuranecz M., Kontschán J., 2021/09/03. Parasites & vectors, 14 (1) p. 441. Peer-reviewed.
Author Correction: DNA methylation predicts age and provides insight into exceptional longevity of bats.
Wilkinson G.S., Adams D.M., Haghani A., Lu A.T., Zoller J., Breeze C.E., Arnold B.D., Ball H.C., Carter G.G., Cooper L.N. et al., 2021/05/05. Nature communications, 12 (1) p. 2652. Peer-reviewed.
Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumour in a Seba's Short-Tailed Bat (Carollia perspicillata).
Franzen J., Soto S., Fasel N.J., Rüegg-van den Broek P., Veiga I.B., 2021/04. Journal of comparative pathology, 184 pp. 72-76. Peer-reviewed.
Yersinia pseudotuberculosis serotype O:1 infection in a captive Seba's short tailed-fruit bat (Carollia perspicillata) colony in Switzerland.
Hahn K., Veiga I.B., Schediwy M., Wiederkehr D., Meniri M., Schneeberger M., den Broek P.R., Gurtner C., Fasel N.J., Kittl S. et al., 2021/02/27. BMC veterinary research, 17 (1) p. 92. Peer-reviewed.
Penis morphology facilitates identification of cryptic African bat species
Fasel Nicolas J, Mamba Mnqobi L, Monadjem Ara, 2020/12/12. Journal of Mammalogy, 101 (5) pp. 1392-1399. Peer-reviewed.
Mild depolarization of the inner mitochondrial membrane is a crucial component of an anti-aging program.
Vyssokikh M.Y., Holtze S., Averina O.A., Lyamzaev K.G., Panteleeva A.A., Marey M.V., Zinovkin R.A., Severin F.F., Skulachev M.V., Fasel N. et al., 2020/03/24. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 117 (12) pp. 6491-6501. Peer-reviewed.
Morphological and physiological consequences of a dietary restriction during early life in bats
Meniri Magali, Hebinger Doriane, Sorlin Mahaut, Ramirez Marine, Kauffmann Emilie, Vallat Armelle J, Glauser Gaëtan, Fasel Nicolas, Helfenstein Fabrice, 2020/03/20. Behavioral Ecology, 31 (2) pp. 475-486.
Food restriction delays seasonal sexual maturation but does not increase torpor use in male bats
Komar Ewa, Dechmann Dina K. N., Fasel Nicolas J., Zegarek Marcin, Ruczyński Ireneusz, 2020/03/12. The Journal of Experimental Biology pp. jeb.214825.
Experimental manipulation of reproductive tactics in Seba's short-tailed bats: consequences on sperm quality and oxidative status
Meniri Magali, Gohon Florence, Gning Ophélie, Glauser Gaétan, Vallat Armelle, Fasel Nicolas J, Helfenstein Fabrice, 2019/12/01. Current Zoology, 65 (6) pp. 609-616.
Penis size and sperm quality, are all bats grey in the dark?
Fasel Nicolas Jean, Kołodziej-Sobocińska Marta, Komar Ewa, Zegarek Marcin, Ruczyński Ireneusz, 2019/12/01. Current Zoology, 65 (6) pp. 697-703.
Influence of sugarcane plantations on the population dynamics and community structure of small mammals in a savanna-agricultural landscape
Mamba Mnqobi, Fasel Nicolas J., Mahlaba Themb'alilahlwa A.M., Austin James D., McCleery Robert A., Monadjem Ara, 2019/10. Global Ecology and Conservation, 20 pp. e00752.
A guide for ecologists to build a low-cost selective trap using radio frequency identification detection
Meniri M., Farley A., Helfenstein F., Fasel N., 2019/06. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 73 (6) pp. UNSP 80. Peer-reviewed.
First cryopreservation of phyllostomid bat sperm
Hermes Robert, Hildebrandt Thomas B., Göritz Frank, Fasel Nicolas J., Holtze Susanne, 2019/06. Theriogenology, 131 pp. 28-31.
Modification of sperm fatty acid composition during epididymal maturation in bats.
Fasel N., McMillian K., Jakop U., Méné-Saffrané L., Engel K., Genoud M., Muller K., Christe P., 2019. Reproduction, 157 (1) pp. 77-85. Peer-reviewed.
Diet induced modifications of fatty-acid composition in mealworm larvae (Tenebrio molitor)
Fasel N. J., Mène-Safrané L., Ruczynski I., Komar E., Christe P., 2017/10/10. Journal of Food Research. Peer-reviewed.
Alternative reproductive tactics, sperm mobility and oxidative stress in Carollia perspicillata (Seba's short-tailed bat)
Fasel N.J., Wesseling C., Fernandez A.A., Vallat A., Glauser G., Helfenstein F., Richner H., 2017. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 71 (11) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
Alternative reproductive tactics and reproductive success in male Carollia perspicillata (Seba's short-tailed bat).
Fasel N., Saladin V., Richner H., 2016. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 29 (11) pp. 2242-2255. Peer-reviewed.
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