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Single-Step Extraction Coupled with Targeted HILIC-MS/MS Approach for Comprehensive Analysis of Human Plasma Lipidome and Polar Metabolome
Medina Jessica, van der Velpen Vera, Teav Tony, Guitton Yann, Gallart-Ayala Hector, Ivanisevic Julijana, 2020/12/02. Metabolites, 10 (12) p. 495. Peer-reviewed.
Metabolomics meets lipidomics: Assessing the small molecule component of metabolism.
Gallart-Ayala H., Teav T., Ivanisevic J., 2020/12. BioEssays, 42 (12) pp. e2000052. Peer-reviewed.
Systemic and central nervous system metabolic alterations in Alzheimer's disease
van der Velpen Vera, Teav Tony, Gallart-Ayala Héctor, Mehl Florence, Konz Ioana, Clark Christopher, Oikonomidi Aikaterini, Peyratout Gwendoline, Henry Hugues, Delorenzi Mauro et al., 2019/12. Alzheimer's Research & Therapy, 11 (1). Peer-reviewed.
Merged Targeted Quantification and Untargeted Profiling for Comprehensive Assessment of Acylcarnitine and Amino Acid Metabolism.
Teav T., Gallart-Ayala H., van der Velpen V., Mehl F., Henry H., Ivanisevic J., 2019/09/17. Analytical chemistry, 91 (18) pp. 11757-11769. Peer-reviewed.
A global HILIC-MS approach to measure polar human cerebrospinal fluid metabolome: Exploring gender-associated variation in a cohort of elderly cognitively healthy subjects.
Gallart-Ayala H., Konz I., Mehl F., Teav T., Oikonomidi A., Peyratout G., van der Velpen V., Popp J., Ivanisevic J., 2018/12/11. Analytica chimica acta, 1037 pp. 327-337. Peer-reviewed.
LC-HRMS data as a result of untargeted metabolomic profiling of human cerebrospinal fluid.
Mehl F., Gallart-Ayala H., Konz I., Teav T., Oikonomidi A., Peyratout G., van der Velpen V., Popp J., Ivanisevic J., 2018/12. Data in brief, 21 pp. 1358-1362. Peer-reviewed.
XCMS-MRM and METLIN-MRM: a cloud library and public resource for targeted analysis of small molecules.
Domingo-Almenara X., Montenegro-Burke J.R., Ivanisevic J., Thomas A., Sidibé J., Teav T., Guijas C., Aisporna A.E., Rinehart D., Hoang L. et al., 2018/09. Nature methods, 15 (9) pp. 681-684. Peer-reviewed.
New in vitro model derived from brain-specific Mut-/- mice confirms cerebral ammonium accumulation in methylmalonic aciduria.
Remacle N., Forny P., Cudré-Cung H.P., Gonzalez-Melo M., do Vale-Pereira S., Henry H., Teav T., Gallart-Ayala H., Braissant O., Baumgartner M. et al., 2018/08. Molecular genetics and metabolism, 124 (4) pp. 266-277. Peer-reviewed.
α-ketoglutarate orchestrates macrophage activation through metabolic and epigenetic reprogramming.
Liu P.S., Wang H., Li X., Chao T., Teav T., Christen S., Di Conza G., Cheng W.C., Chou C.H., Vavakova M. et al., 2017/09. Nature immunology, 18 (9) pp. 985-994. Peer-reviewed.
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