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Combined Virtual reality and Haptic robotics induce space and movement invariant sensorimotor adaptation.
Wilf M., Cerra Cheraka M, Jeanneret M., Ott R., Perrin H., Crottaz-Herbette S., Serino A. Neuropsychologia p. 107692. Peer-reviewed.
Thought consciousness and source monitoring depend on robotically controlled sensorimotor conflicts and illusory states.
Serino A., Pozeg P., Bernasconi F., Solcà M., Hara M., Progin P., Stripeikyte G., Dhanis H., Salomon R., Bleuler H. et al., 2021/01/22. iScience, 24 (1) p. 101955. Peer-reviewed.
From statistical regularities in multisensory inputs to peripersonal space representation and body ownership: Insights from a neural network model.
Bertoni T., Magosso E., Serino A., 2021/01. The European journal of neuroscience, 53 (2) pp. 611-636. Peer-reviewed.
Sensorimotor Induction of Auditory Misattribution in Early Psychosis.
Salomon R., Progin P., Griffa A., Rognini G., Do K.Q., Conus P., Marchesotti S., Bernasconi F., Hagmann P., Serino A. et al., 2020/07/08. Schizophrenia bulletin, 46 (4) pp. 947-954. Peer-reviewed.
You or me? Disentangling perspectival, perceptual, and integrative mechanisms in heterotopagnosia.
Bassolino M., Bouzerda-Wahlen A., Moix V., Bellmann A., Herbelin B., Serino A., Blanke O., 2019/11. Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior, 120 pp. 212-222. Peer-reviewed.
Prism adaptation enhances decoupling between the default mode network and the attentional networks.
Wilf M., Serino A., Clarke S., Crottaz-Herbette S., 2019/10/15. NeuroImage, 200 pp. 210-220. Peer-reviewed.
Virtual reality and serious games for cognitive neurorehabilitation
Grivaz Petr, Serino Andrea, Gazzaley Adam, Sokolov Arseny A., 2019/10/01. Leading Opinions: Neurologie & Psychiatrie, 6 (5) pp. 15-17.
Augmented manipulation ability in humans with six-fingered hands.
Mehring C., Akselrod M., Bashford L., Mace M., Choi H., Blüher M., Buschhoff A.S., Pistohl T., Salomon R., Cheah A. et al., 2019/06/03. Nature communications, 10 (1) p. 2401. Peer-reviewed.
Virtual Enactment Effect on Memory in Young and Aged Populations: a Systematic Review.
Tuena C., Serino S., Dutriaux L., Riva G., Piolino P., 2019/05/07. Journal of clinical medicine, 8 (5). Peer-reviewed.
High Action Values Occur Near Our Body.
Noel J.P., Serino A., 2019/04. Trends in cognitive sciences, 23 (4) pp. 269-270. Peer-reviewed.
Peripersonal space (PPS) as a multisensory interface between the individual and the environment, defining the space of the self.
Serino A., 2019/04. Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews, 99 pp. 138-159. Peer-reviewed.
Enhanced audio-tactile multisensory interaction in a peripersonal task after echolocation.
Tonelli A., Campus C., Serino A., Gori M., 2019/03. Experimental brain research, 237 (3) pp. 855-864. Peer-reviewed.
Editorial: Positive Technology: Designing E-experiences for Positive Change.
Gaggioli A., Villani D., Serino S., Banos R., Botella C., 2019. Frontiers in psychology, 10 p. 1571. Peer-reviewed.
Hand perceptions induced by single pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation over the primary motor cortex.
Franza M., Sorrentino G., Vissani M., Serino A., Blanke O., Bassolino M., 2019. Brain stimulation, 12 (3) pp. 693-701. Peer-reviewed.
Peri-personal space encoding in patients with disorders of consciousness and cognitive-motor dissociation.
Noel J.P., Chatelle C., Perdikis S., Jöhr J., Lopes Da Silva M., Ryvlin P., De Lucia M., Millán JDR, Diserens K., Serino A., 2019. NeuroImage. Clinical, 24 p. 101940. Peer-reviewed.
Audio-Tactile and Peripersonal Space Processing Around the Trunk in Human Parietal and Temporal Cortex: An Intracranial EEG Study.
Bernasconi F., Noel J.P., Park H.D., Faivre N., Seeck M., Spinelli L., Schaller K., Blanke O., Serino A., 2018/09/01. Cerebral cortex, 28 (9) pp. 3385-3397. Peer-reviewed.
Heartbeat-enhanced immersive virtual reality to treat complex regional pain syndrome.
Solcà M., Ronchi R., Bello-Ruiz J., Schmidlin T., Herbelin B., Luthi F., Konzelmann M., Beaulieu J.Y., Delaquaize F., Schnider A. et al., 2018/07/31. Neurology, 91 (5) pp. e479-e489. Peer-reviewed.
Social perception of others shapes one's own multisensory peripersonal space.
Pellencin E., Paladino M.P., Herbelin B., Serino A., 2018/07. Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior, 104 pp. 163-179. Peer-reviewed.
From multisensory integration in peripersonal space to bodily self-consciousness: from statistical regularities to statistical inference.
Noel J.P., Blanke O., Serino A., 2018/06/06. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1426 (1) pp. 146-165. Peer-reviewed.
Neural adaptation accounts for the dynamic resizing of peripersonal space: evidence from a psychophysical-computational approach.
Noel J.P., Blanke O., Magosso E., Serino A., 2018/06/01. Journal of neurophysiology, 119 (6) pp. 2307-2333. Peer-reviewed.
Audio-visual sensory deprivation degrades visuo-tactile peri-personal space.
Noel J.P., Park H.D., Pasqualini I., Lissek H., Wallace M., Blanke O., Serino A., 2018/05. Consciousness and cognition, 61 pp. 61-75. Peer-reviewed.
Non-invasive brain stimulation of motor cortex induces embodiment when integrated with virtual reality feedback.
Bassolino M., Franza M., Bello Ruiz J., Pinardi M., Schmidlin T., Stephan M.A., Solcà M., Serino A., Blanke O., 2018/04. The European journal of neuroscience, 47 (7) pp. 790-799. Peer-reviewed.
Vestibular modulation of peripersonal space boundaries.
Pfeiffer C., Noel J.P., Serino A., Blanke O., 2018/04. The European journal of neuroscience, 47 (7) pp. 800-811. Peer-reviewed.
A Neural Network Model of Peripersonal Space Representation Around Different Body Parts
Vissani Matteo, Serino Andrea, Magosso Elisa, 2018. pp. 217-220 dans EMBEC & NBC 2017, Springer Singapore.
Virtual Reality as a Vehicle to Empower Motor-Cognitive Neurorehabilitation.
Perez-Marcos D., Bieler-Aeschlimann M., Serino A., 2018. Frontiers in psychology, 9 p. 2120. Peer-reviewed.
Increasing upper limb training intensity in chronic stroke using embodied virtual reality: a pilot study.
Perez-Marcos D., Chevalley O., Schmidlin T., Garipelli G., Serino A., Vuadens P., Tadi T., Blanke O., Millán JDR, 2017/11/17. Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation, 14 (1) p. 119. Peer-reviewed.
Upper limb cortical maps in amputees with targeted muscle and sensory reinnervation.
Serino A., Akselrod M., Salomon R., Martuzzi R., Blefari M.L., Canzoneri E., Rognini G., van der Zwaag W., Iakova M., Luthi F. et al., 2017/11/01. Brain, 140 (11) pp. 2993-3011. Peer-reviewed.
Anatomical and functional properties of the foot and leg representation in areas 3b, 1 and 2 of primary somatosensory cortex in humans: A 7T fMRI study.
Akselrod M., Martuzzi R., Serino A., van der Zwaag W., Gassert R., Blanke O., 2017/10/01. NeuroImage, 159 pp. 473-487. Peer-reviewed.
Bilateral Rolandic operculum processing underlying heartbeat awareness reflects changes in bodily self-consciousness.
Blefari M.L., Martuzzi R., Salomon R., Bello-Ruiz J., Herbelin B., Serino A., Blanke O., 2017/05. The European journal of neuroscience, 45 (10) pp. 1300-1312. Peer-reviewed.
Common and distinct brain regions processing multisensory bodily signals for peripersonal space and body ownership.
Grivaz P., Blanke O., Serino A., 2017/04/15. NeuroImage, 147 pp. 602-618. Peer-reviewed.
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