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The sun is no fun without rain: Physical environments affect how we feel about yellow across 55 countries
Jonauskaite Domicele, Abdel-Khalek Ahmed M., Abu-Akel Ahmad, Al-Rasheed Abdulrahman Saud, Antonietti Jean-Philippe, Ásgeirsson Árni Gunnar, Atitsogbe Kokou Amenyona, Barma Marodégueba, Barratt Daniel, Bogushevskaya Victoria et al., 2019/12. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 66 p. 101350. Peer-reviewed.
Hyperfocus: the forgotten frontier of attention
Ashinoff Brandon K., Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2019/09/20. Psychological Research.
Psychosocial deficits across autism and schizotypal spectra are interactively modulated by excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmission
Ford Talitha C, Crewther David P, Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2019/07/24. Autism p. 136236131986603. Peer-reviewed.
The distribution of autistic traits across the autism spectrum: evidence for discontinuous dimensional subpopulations underlying the autism continuum
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Allison Carrie, Baron-Cohen Simon, Heinke Dietmar, 2019/05/27. Molecular Autism, 10 (24). Peer-reviewed.
The interactive effect of autism and psychosis severity on theory of mind and functioning in schizophrenia.
Vaskinn Anja, Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2019/02. Neuropsychology, 33 (2) pp. 195-202. Peer-reviewed.
The association of excitation and inhibition signaling with the relative symptom expression of autism and psychosis-proneness: Implications for psychopharmacology.
Ford T.C., Abu-Akel A., Crewther D.P., 2019/01/10. Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry, 88 pp. 235-242. Peer-reviewed.
Magic Performances – When Explained in Psychic Terms by University Students
Lesaffre Lise, Kuhn Gustav, Abu-Akel Ahmad, Rochat Déborah, Mohr Christine, 2018/11/06. Frontiers in Psychology, 9. Peer-reviewed.
An fMRI study of theory of mind in individuals with first episode psychosis
Bartholomeusz Cali F., Ganella Eleni P., Whittle Sarah, Allott Kelly, Thompson Andrew, Abu-Akel Ahmad, Walter Henrik, McGorry Patrick, Killackey Eóin, Pantelis Christos et al., 2018/11. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 281 pp. 1-11. Peer-reviewed.
The association between schizotypal traits and social functioning in adolescents from the general population
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Baxendale Laura, Mohr Christine, Sullivan Sarah, 2018/11. Psychiatry Research. Peer-reviewed.
The Case for Simulation Theory and Theory Theory as Interaction Accounts of Theory of Mind
Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2018/10/29. Constructivist Foundations , 14 (1) pp. 33-34. Peer-reviewed.
Genetic variations in the SNP rs850807 reflect a trade-off between autism and paranoia symptom expressions: a comment on Crespiet al. 2018
Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2018/08. Biology Letters, 14 (8) p. 20180108. Peer-reviewed.
Mind the prevalence rate: overestimating the clinical utility of psychiatric diagnostic classifiers.
Abu-Akel A., Bousman C., Skafidas E., Pantelis C., 2018/06. Psychological medicine, 48 (8) pp. 1225-1227. Peer-reviewed.
Diametric effects of autism tendencies and psychosis proneness on attention control irrespective of task demands
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Apperly Ian, Spaniol Mayra Muller, Geng Joy J., Mevorach Carmel, 2018/05/31. Scientific Reports, 8 (1) p. 8478. Peer-reviewed.
Autism and psychosis: Clinical implications for depression and suicide.
Upthegrove R., Abu-Akel A., Chisholm K., Lin A., Zahid S., Pelton M., Apperly I., Hansen P.C., Wood S.J., 2018/05. Schizophrenia research, 195 pp. 80-85. Peer-reviewed.
Does Affective Theory of Mind Contribute to Proactive Aggression in Boys with Conduct Problems and Psychopathic Tendencies?
Gillespie Steven M., Kongerslev Mickey T., Sharp Carla, Bo Sune, Abu-Akel Ahmad M., 2018/04/27. Child Psychiatry & Human Development. Peer-reviewed.
Evidence for benefits in comorbid psychopathy and schizophrenia.
Gillespie S.M., Abu-Akel A.M., 2018/03. Schizophrenia research, 193 pp. 472-473. Peer-reviewed.
Attentional set-shifting and social abilities in children with schizotypal and comorbid autism spectrum disorders
Ahmad Abu-Akel Renee R Testa Harvey P Jones Nola Ross Efstratios Skafidas Bruce Tonge Christos Pantelis, 2018/01/01. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 52 (1) pp. 68-77. Peer-reviewed.
Mental Illness as a putative factor for violence and aggression
Abu-Akel A, Bo S, 2018. pp. 531-552 dans Beech A.R., Carter A.J., Mann R.E., Rotshtein P. (eds.) The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Forensic Neuroscience, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd..
Autistic traits and positive psychotic experiences modulate the association of psychopathic tendencies with theory of mind in opposite directions.
Gillespie S.M., Mitchell I.J., Abu-Akel A.M., 2017/07/25. Scientific reports, 7 (1) p. 6485. Peer-reviewed.
Autism and psychosis expressions diametrically modulate the right temporoparietal junction
Abu-Akel Ahmad M., Apperly Ian A., Wood Stephen J., Hansen Peter C., 2017. Social Neuroscience, 12 (5) pp. 506-518. Peer-reviewed.
Autism Tendencies and Psychosis Proneness Interactively Modulate Saliency Cost
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Apperly Ian A., Wood Stephen J., Hansen Peter C., Mevorach Carmel, 2017. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 43 (1) pp. 142-151. Peer-reviewed.
Autistic and schizotypal traits and global functioning in bipolar I disorder
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Clark Jennifer, Perry Amy, Wood Stephen J, Forty Liz, Craddock Nick, Jones Ian, Gordon-Smith Katherine, Jones Lisa, 2017. Journal of Affective Disorders, 207 pp. 268-275. Peer-reviewed.
The Social Salience Hypothesis of Oxytocin
Shamay-Tsoory Simone G., Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2016. Biological Psychiatry, 79 (3) pp. 194-202. Peer-reviewed.
Visual-spatial processing and working-memory load as a function of negative and positive psychotic-like experiences
Abu-Akel A., Reniers R.L. E. P., Wood S.J., 2016. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 24 (17) pp. 1-10. Peer-reviewed.
Letter to the Editor: Oxytocin and empathy to pain in schizophrenia: a reply
Abu-Akel A., Fischer-Shofty M., Levkovitz Y., Decety J., Shamay-Tsoory S., 2015. Psychological Medicine, 45 (06) p. 1341.
Metacognition and general functioning in patients with schizophrenia and a history of criminal behavior
Bo Sune, Kongerslev Mickey, Dimaggio Giancarlo, Lysaker Paul H., Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2015. Psychiatry Research, 225 (3) pp. 247-253. Peer-reviewed.
Metacognitive impairments in schizophrenia are arrested at extreme levels of psychopathy: The cut-off effect.
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Heinke Dietmar, Gillespie Steven M., Mitchell Ian J., Bo Sune, 2015. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 124 (4) pp. 1102-1109. Peer-reviewed.
Oxytocin increases empathy to pain when adopting the other- but not the self-perspective
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Palgi Sharon, Klein Ehud, Decety Jean, Shamay-Tsoory Simone, 2015. Social Neuroscience, 10 (1) pp. 7-15. Peer-reviewed.
Perspective-taking abilities in the balance between autism tendencies and psychosis proneness
Abu-Akel A.M., Wood S.J., Hansen P.C., Apperly I.A., 2015. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 282 (1808) pp. 20150563-20150563. Peer-reviewed.
Similar effects of intranasal oxytocin administration and acute alcohol consumption on socio-cognitions, emotions and behaviour: Implications for the mechanisms of action
Mitchell Ian J., Gillespie Steven M., Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2015. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 55 pp. 98-106. Peer-reviewed.
The association between autism and schizophrenia spectrum disorders: A review of eight alternate models of co-occurrence
Chisholm Katharine, Lin Ashleigh, Abu-Akel Ahmad, Wood Stephen J., 2015. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 55 pp. 173-183. Peer-reviewed.
Mentalizing Mediates the Relationship Between Psychopathy and Type of Aggression in Schizophrenia
Bo Sune, Abu-Akel Ahmad, Kongerslev Mickey, Haahr Ulrik Helt, Bateman Anthony, 2014. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 202 (1) pp. 55-63. Peer-reviewed.
Metacognition as a framework to understanding the occurrence of aggression and violence in patients with schizophrenia
Bo Sune, Abu-Akel Ahmad, Kongerslev Mickey, 2014. pp. 137-145 dans Social cognition and metacognition in schizophrenia: Psychpathology and treatment approaches, Lysaker, Paul H., Dimaggio, Giancarlo, Brüne, Martin (Eds).
The role of oxytocin in empathy to the pain of conflictual out-group members among patients with schizophrenia
Abu-Akel A., Fischer-Shofty M., Levkovitz Y., Decety J., Shamay-Tsoory S., 2014. Psychological Medicine, 44 (16) pp. 3523-3532. Peer-reviewed.
Attachment, Mentalizing and Personality Pathology Severity in Premeditated and Impulsive Aggression in Schizophrenia
Bo Sune, Abu-Akel Ahmad, Bertelsen Preben, Kongerslev Mickey, Haahr Ulrik Helt, 2013. International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, 12 (2) pp. 126-138. Peer-reviewed.
Characteristics of Theory of Mind Impairments in Schizophrenia
Ahmad Abu-Akel, Simone G. Shamay-Tsoory , 2013. pp. 196-214 dans Social Cognition in Schizophrenia: From Evidence to Treatment, Roberts, David L and Penn, David L (Eds).
Giving peace a chance: Oxytocin increases empathy to pain in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Shamay-Tsoory Simone G., Abu-Akel Ahmad, Palgi Sharon, Sulieman Ramzi, Fischer-Shofty Meytal, Levkovitz Yechiel, Decety Jean, 2013. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 38 (12) pp. 3139-3144. Peer-reviewed.
Superior mentalizing abilities of female patients with schizophrenia
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Bo Sune, 2013. Psychiatry Research, 210 (3) pp. 794-799. Peer-reviewed.
The role of co-morbid personality pathology in predicting self-reported aggression in patients with schizophrenia
Bo Sune, Abu-Akel Ahmad, Kongerslev Mickey, Haahr Ulrik Helt, Simonsen Erik, 2013. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 54 (5) pp. 423-431. Peer-reviewed.
Neuroanatomical and neurochemical bases of theory of mind
Abu-Akel Ahmad, Shamay-Tsoory Simone, 2011. Neuropsychologia, 49 (11) pp. 2971-2984. Peer-reviewed.
Risk factors for violence among patients with schizophrenia
Bo Sune, Abu-Akel Ahmad, Kongerslev Mickey, Haahr Ulrik Helt, Simonsen Erik, 2011. Clinical Psychology Review, 31 (5) pp. 711-726. Peer-reviewed.
Theory of mind in autism, schizophrenia, and in-between
Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2008. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 31 (03).
Association of psychopathic traits and symptomatology with violence in patients with schizophrenia
Abushua'leh Khalid, Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2006. Psychiatry Research, 143 (2-3) pp. 205-211. Peer-reviewed.
'Theory of mind' in violent and nonviolent patients with paranoid schizophrenia
Abu-Akel A, Abushua'leh K, 2004. Schizophrenia Research, 69 (1) pp. 45-53. Peer-reviewed.
Describing the acquisition of determiners in English: a growth modeling approach.
Abu-Akel A., Bailey A.L., Thum Y.M., 2004. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 33 (5) pp. 407-424. Peer-reviewed.
A neurobiological mapping of theory of mind.
Abu-Akel A., 2003. Brain Research. Brain Research Reviews, 43 (1) pp. 29-40. Peer-reviewed.
The neurochemical hypothesis of 'theory of mind'
Abu-Akel A, 2003. Medical Hypotheses, 60 (3) pp. 382-386. Peer-reviewed.
The psychological and social dynamics of topic performance in family dinnertime conversation
Abu-Akel Ahmad, 2002. Journal of Pragmatics, 34 (12) pp. 1787-1806. Peer-reviewed.
Indexical and symbolic referencing: what role do they play in children's success on theory of mind tasks?
Abu-Akel A., Bailey A.L., 2001. Cognition, 80 (3) pp. 263-281. Peer-reviewed.
Acquisition and Use of 'a' and 'the' in English by Young Children
Ahmad Abu-Akel, Alison L. Bailey , 2000. pp. 45-57 dans BUCLD 24: Proceedings of the 24th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, S. Catherine Howell, Sarah A. Fish, and Thea Keith-Lucas (Eds).
Childhood Schizophrenia: Responsiveness to Questions During Conversation
ABU-AKEL AHMAD, CAPLAN ROCHELLE, GUTHRIE DONALD, KOMO SCOTT, 2000. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 39 (6) pp. 779-786. Peer-reviewed.
The possibility of different forms of theory of mind impairment in psychiatric and developmental disorders.
Abu-Akel A., Bailey A.L., 2000. Psychological Medicine, 30 (3) pp. 735-738.
Episodic Boundaries in Conversational Narratives
ABU-AKEL A., 1999. Discourse Studies, 1 (4) pp. 437-453. Peer-reviewed.
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