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Trace elements discriminate between tissues in highly weathered fossils
Gueriau Pierre, Saleh Farid, Laibl Lukas, Perez Peris Francesc, Lustri Lorenzo, Mocuta Cristian, Réguer Solenn, Cohen Serge X., Daley Allison C.SNF/Projects/205321_179084 UNIL//, Version 1 of a manuscript peer-reviewed in Nature Communications.
Radiodont frontal appendages from the Fezouata Biota (Morocco) reveal high diversity and ecological adaptations to suspension-feeding during the Early Ordovician
Potin Gaëtan J.-M., Gueriau Pierre, Daley Allison C., 2023/08/09. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 11. Peer-reviewed.
The significance of Anomalocaris and other Radiodonta for understanding paleoecology and evolution during the Cambrian explosion
Potin Gaëtan J.-M., Daley Allison C., 2023/05/09. Frontiers in Earth Science, 11 p. 1160285. Peer-reviewed.
Contrasting Early Ordovician assembly patterns highlight the complex initial stages of the Ordovician Radiation.
Saleh F., Guenser P., Gibert C., Balseiro D., Serra F., Waisfeld B.G., Antcliffe J.B., Daley A.C., Mángano M.G., Buatois L.A. et al., 2022/03/09. Scientific reports, 12 (1) p. 3852. Peer-reviewed.
A novel tool to untangle the ecology and fossil preservation knot in exceptionally preserved biotas
Saleh Farid, Bath-Enright Orla G., Daley Allison C., Lefebvre Bertrand, Pittet Bernard, Vite Antoine, Ma Xiaoya, Mángano M. Gabriela, Buatois Luis A., Antcliffe Jonathan B., 2021/09. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 569 p. 117061. Peer-reviewed.
Vertically migrating Isoxys and the early Cambrian biological pump.
Pates Stephen, Daley Allison C., Legg David A., Rahman Imran A., 2021/06/30. Proceedings. Biological sciences, 288 (1953) p. 20210464. Peer-reviewed.
The oldest peracarid crustacean reveals a Late Devonian freshwater colonization by isopod relatives.
Robin N., Gueriau P., Luque J., Jarvis D., Daley A.C., Vonk R., 2021/06. Biology letters, 17 (6) p. 20210226. Peer-reviewed.
A new nektaspid euarthropod from the Lower Ordovician strata of Morocco
Pérez-Peris Francesc, Laibl Lukáš, Lustri Lorenzo, Gueriau Pierre, Antcliffe Jonathan B., Enright Orla G. Bath, Daley Allison C., 2021/03. Geological Magazine, 158 (3) pp. 509 - 517. Peer-reviewed.
Insights into soft-part preservation from the Early Ordovician Fezouata Biota
Saleh Farid, Vaucher Romain, Antcliffe Jonathan B., Daley Allison C., El Hariri Khadija, Kouraiss Khaoula, Lefebvre Bertrand, Martin Emmanuel L.O., Perrillat Jean-Philippe, Sansjofre Pierre et al., 2021/02. Earth-Science Reviews, 213 p. 103464. Peer-reviewed.
Large trilobites in a stress-free Early Ordovician environment
Saleh Farid, Vidal Muriel, Laibl Lukáš, Sansjofre Pierre, Guériau Pierre, Perez Peris Francesc, Lustri Lorenzo, Lucas Victoire, Lefebvre Bertrand, Pittet Bernard et al., 2021/02. Geological Magazine, 158 (2) pp. 261-270. Peer-reviewed.
The diverse radiodont fauna from the Marjum Formation of Utah, USA (Cambrian: Drumian)
Pates Stephen, Lerosey-Aubril Rudy, Daley Allison C., Kier Carlo, Bonino Enrico, Ortega-Hernández Javier, 2021/01/19. PeerJ, 9 pp. e10509.
Biogenic Iron Preserves Structures during Fossilization: A Hypothesis
Saleh Farid, Daley Allison C., Lefebvre Bertrand, Pittet Bernard, Perrillat Jean Philippe, 2020/06. BioEssays, 42 (6) p. 1900243. Peer-reviewed.
A new polychelidan lobster preserved with its eggs in a 165 Ma nodule
Daley Allison, 2020/02/21. Scientific Reports.
Taphonomic bias in exceptionally preserved biotas
Saleh Farid, Antcliffe Jonathan B., Lefebvre Bertrand, Pittet Bernard, Laibl Lukas, Perez Peris Franscesc, Lustri Lorenzo, Gueriau Pierre, Daley Allison C., 2020/01. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 529 p. 115873.
Systematics, preservation and biogeography of radiodonts from the southern Great Basin, USA , during the upper Dyeran (Cambrian Series 2, Stage 4)
Daley Allison, 2019/09/19. Papers in Palaeontology.
Prey fractionation in the Archaeocyatha and its implication for the ecology of the first animal reef systems
Daley Allison, Antcliffe Jonathan, Jessop William, 2019/09. Paleobiology.
The Kinzers Formation (Pennsylvania, USA): the most diverse assemblage of Cambrian Stage 4 radiodonts
Daley Allison, 2019/07. Geological Magazine.
First report of paired ventral endites in a hurdiid radiodont
Daley Allison, 2019/06/11. Zoological Letters.
Evolution: The Battle of the First Animals
Daley Allison, 2019/04/01. Current Biology.
A treasure trove of Cambrian fossils
Daley Allison C., 2019/03/22. Science, 363 (6433) pp. 1284-1285.
A new radiodont (stem Euarthropoda) frontal appendage with a mosaic of characters from the Cambrian (Series 2 Stage 3) Chengjiang biota
Jin Guo, Stephen Pates, Peiyun Cong, Daley Allison, Edgecombe Gregory, Taimin Chen, Xianguang Hou, 2019/02/13. Papers in Palaeontology.
Sequence of post-moult exoskeleton hardening preserved in a trilobite mass moult assemblage from the Lower Ordovician Fezouata Konservat-Lagerstätte, Morocco
Drage Harriet, Daley Allison, Vandenbroucke Thijs, Van Roy Peter, 2019. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 64.
New radiodonts with gnathobase-like structures from the Cambrian Chengjiang biota and implications for the systematics of Radiodonta
Cong Pei-Yun, Edgecombe Gregory D., Daley Allison C., Guo Jin, Pates Stephen, Hou Xian-Guang, 2018/11. Papers in Palaeontology, 4 (4) pp. 605-621.
An exceptional record of Cambrian trilobite moulting behaviour preserved in the Emu Bay Shale, South Australia
Drage Harriet, Holmes James, García-Bellido Diego, Daley Allison, 2018/10/16. Lethaia.
Early fossil record of Euarthropoda and the Cambrian Explosion
Daley Allison, Antcliffe Jonathan, Drage Harriet, Pates Stephen, 2018/05/22. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Anamorphic development and extended parental care in a 520 million-year-old stem-group euarthropod from China
Fu Dongjing, Ortega-Hernández Javier, Daley Allison, Xingliang Zhang, Degan Shu, 2018/02/15..
Response to Comment on “Aysheaia prolata from the Utah Wheeler Formation (Drumian, Cambrian) is a frontal appendage of the radiodontan Stanleycaris” with the formal description of Stanleycaris
Pates Stephen, Daley Allison, Ortega-Hernández Javier, 2018. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 63.
Aysheaia prolata from the Wheeler Formation (Cambrian, Drumian) is a frontal appendage of the radiodontan Stanleycaris
Pates S., Daley A.C., Ortega-Hernández J., 2017. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 62 pp. 619-625. Peer-reviewed.
Caryosyntrips : a radiodontan from the Cambrian of Spain, USA and Canada
Pates S., Daley Allison C., 2017. Papers in palaeontology, 3 pp. 461-470. Peer-reviewed.
Hurdiid radiodontans from the middle Cambrian (Series 3) of Utah
Pates Stephen, Daley Allison, Lieberman Bruce, 2017. Journal of Paleontology pp. 1-15.
The functional head of the Cambrian radiodontan (stem-group Euarthropoda) Amplectobelua symbrachiata
Cong P., Daley A.C., Edgecombe G.D., Hou X., 2017. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 17 p. 208. Peer-reviewed.
Dimorphism of Bivalved Arthropod Branchiocaris? Yunnanensis from the Early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota, South China
Wu Y., Fu D., Zhang X., Daley A.C., Shu D., 2016. Acta Geologica Sinica, 90 pp. 818-826. Peer-reviewed.
Fossil calibrations for the arthropod Tree of Life
Wolfe J.M., Daley Allison, Legg D.A., Edgecombe G.D., 2016. Earth Science Reviews, 160 pp. 43-110. Peer-reviewed.
Morphology of the radiodontan Lyrarapax from the early Cambrian Chengjiang biota
Cong P., Daley A.C., Edgecombe G.D., Hou X., Chen A., 2016. Journal of Paleontology, 90 pp. 663-671. Peer-reviewed.
Recognising moulting behaviour in trilobites by examining morphology, development and preservation: Comment on Błażejowski et al. 2015
Drage H.B., Daley A.C., 2016. BioEssays, 38 pp. 981-990. Peer-reviewed.
The fossil record of ecdysis, and trends in the moulting behaviour of trilobites
Daley A.C., Drage H.B., 2016. Arthropod Structure & Development, 43 pp. 71-96. Peer-reviewed.
A morphological and taxonomic appraisal of the oldest anomalocaridid from the Lower Cambrian of Poland
Daley A.C., Legg D.A., 2015. Geological Magazine, 152 pp. 949-955. Peer-reviewed.
Anomalocaridid trunk limb homology revealed by a giant filter-feeder with paired flaps
Van Roy P., Daley A.C., Briggs D.E.G., 2015. Nature, 522 pp. 77-80. Peer-reviewed.
Morphology of Anomalocaris canadensis from the Burgess Shale
Daley A.C., Edgecombe G.D., 2014. Journal of Paleontology, 88 pp. 68-91. Peer-reviewed.
Sophisticated digestive systems in early arthropods
Vannier J., Liu J., Lerosey-Aubril R., Vinther J., Daley A.C., 2014. Nature Communications, 5 p. 3641. Peer-reviewed.
Daley A.C., 2013. Current Biology, 23 pp. R860-R861. Peer-reviewed.
Molecular timetrees reveal a Cambrian colonization of land and a new scenario for ecdysozoan evolution
Rota-Stabelli O., Daley A.C., Pisani D., 2013. Current Biology, 23 pp. 392-398. Peer-reviewed.
Morphology and systematics of the anomalocaridid arthropod Hurdia from the Middle Cambrian of British Columbia and Utah
Daley A.C., Budd G.E., Caron J.B., 2013. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, 11 pp. 743-787. Peer-reviewed.
New anatomical information on Anomalocaris from the Cambrian Emu Bay Shale of South Australia and a reassessment of its inferred predatory habits
Daley A.C., Paterson J.R., Edgecombe G.D., García‐Bellido D.C. , Jago J.B., 2013. Palaeontology, 56 pp. 971-990. Peer-reviewed.
The lobes and lobopods of Opabinia regalis from the middle Cambrian Burgess Shale
Budd G.E., Daley A.C., 2012. Lethaia, 45 pp. 83-95. Peer-reviewed.
The oral cone of Anomalocaris is not a classic ''peytoia''
Daley A.C., Bergström J., 2012. Naturwissenschaften, 99 pp. 501-504. Peer-reviewed.
A new Burgess Shale-type assemblage from the "thin" Stephen Formation of the southern Canadian Rockies
Caron J.B., Gaines R.R., Mángano M.G., Streng M., Daley A.C., 2010. Geology, 38 pp. 811-814. Peer-reviewed.
A possible anomalocaridid from the Cambrian Sirius Passet lagerstätte, North Greenland
Daley A.C., Peel J.S., 2010. Journal of Paleontology, 84 pp. 352-355. Peer-reviewed.
New anomalocaridid appendages from the Burgess Shale, Canada
Daley A.C., Budd G.E., 2010. Palaeontology, 53 pp. 721-738. Peer-reviewed.
The Burgess Shale anomalocaridid Hurdia and its significance for early euarthropod evolution
Daley A.C., Budd G.E., Caron J.B., Edgecombe G.D., Collins D., 2009. Science, 323 pp. 1597-1600. Peer-reviewed.
ZOONET: perspectives on the evolution of animal form. Meeting report
Fischer A.H.L., Arboleda E., Egger B., Hilbrant M., McGregor A.P., Cole A.G., Daley A.C., 2009. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution, 312B pp. 679-685. Peer-reviewed.
Statistical analysis of mixed-motive shell borings in Ordovician, Silurian, and Devonian brachiopods from northern and eastern Canada
Daley A.C., 2008. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 45 pp. 213-229. Peer-reviewed.
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