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Comparing predictive validity in a community sample: High-dimensionality and traditional domain-and-facet structures of personality variation
Saucier Gerard, Iunrion Kathryn, Thalmayer Amber Gayle European Journal of Personality. Peer-reviewed.
ǂŪsigu: The Structure of Character Description in Khoekhoegowab
Thalmayer Amber Gayle, Job Sylvanus, Shino Elizabeth, Robinson Sarah, Saucier Gerard Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Peer-reviewed.
Personality Structure in East and West Africa: Lexical studies of Personality in Maa and Supyire-Senufo
Thalmayer Amber Gayle, Saucier Gerard, Ole-Kotikash Leonard, Payne Doris Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Peer-reviewed.
The Neglected 95% Revisited: Is American Psychology Becoming Less American?
Thalmayer Amber Gayle, Toscanelli Cecilia, Arnett Jeffrey Jensen American Psychologist.
Ethics-relevant values in adulthood: Longitudinal findings from the life and time study.
Thalmayer A.G., Saucier G., Srivastava S., Flournoy J.C., Costello C.K., 2019/12. Journal of personality, 87 (6) pp. 1119-1135. Peer-reviewed.
Ethics-Relevant Values as Antecedents of Personality Change: Longitudinal Findings from the Life and Time Study
Thalmayer Amber Gayle, Saucier Gerard, Flournoy John C., Srivastava Sanjay, 2019/11/11. Collabra: Psychology, 5 (1). Peer-reviewed.
Agreeableness, antagonism, and mental health across cultures
Thalmayer Amber Gayle, Rossier Jerome, 2019/02/01. pp. 97-107 dans The Handbook of Antagonism Conceptualizations, Assessment, Consequences, and Treatment of the Low End of Agreeableness chap. 7, Academic Press of Elsevier.
The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act Evaluation Study: Impact on Nonquantitative Treatment Limits for Specialty Behavioral Health Care.
Thalmayer A.G., Harwood J.M., Friedman S., Azocar F., Watson L.A., Xu H., Ettner S.L., 2018/12. Health services research, 53 (6) pp. 4584-4608. Peer-reviewed.
Personality and mental health treatment: Traits as predictors of presentation, usage, and outcome.
Thalmayer Amber Gayle, 2018/07. Psychological Assessment, 30 (7) pp. 967-977. Peer-reviewed.
Investigating the link between trait emotional intelligence, career indecision, and self-perceived employability: The role of career adaptability
Udayar Shagini, Fiori Marina, Thalmayer Amber, Rossier Jérôme, 2018/06/28. Personality and Individual Differences 135 pp. 7-12. Peer-reviewed.
The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) Evaluation Study: Impact on Quantitative Treatment Limits.
Thalmayer A.G., Friedman S.A., Azocar F., Harwood J.M., Ettner S.L., 2017/05/01. Psychiatric services, 68 (5) pp. 435-442. Peer-reviewed.
The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act Evaluation Study : Impact on Specialty Behavioral Health Care Utilization and Spending Among Carve-In Enrollees
Harwood Jessica M., Azocar Francisca, Thalmayer Amber, Xu Haiyong, Ong Michael K., Tseng Chi-Hong, Wells Kenneth B., Friedman Sarah, Ettner Susan L., 2017/02. Medical Care, 55 (2) pp. 164-172. Peer-reviewed.
The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act evaluation study : Impact on specialty behavioral health utilization and expenditures among “carve-out” enrollees
Ettner Susan L., M. Harwood Jessica, Thalmayer Amber, Ong Michael K., Xu Haiyong, Bresolin Michael J., Wells Kenneth B., Tseng Chi-Hong, Azocar Francisca, 2016/12. Journal of Health Economics, 50 pp. 131-143.
The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act Evaluation Study: Impact on Mental Health Financial Requirements among Commercial “Carve-In” Plans
Friedman Sarah A., Thalmayer Amber G., Azocar Francisca, Xu Haiyong, Harwood Jessica M., Ong Michael K., Johnson Laura Lambert, Ettner Susan L., 2016/12. Health Services Research.
Alternative Models of the Outcome Questionnaire-45
Thalmayer Amber Gayle, 2015/05. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 31 (2) pp. 120-130.
Cross-Cultural Differences in a Global "Survey of World Views"
Saucier G., Kenner J., Iurino K., Bou Malham P., Chen Z., Thalmayer A. G., Kemmelmeier M., 2015/01/01. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 46 (1) pp. 53-70. Peer-reviewed.
The Questionnaire Big Six in 26 Nations : Developing Cross-Culturally Applicable Big Six, Big Five and Big Two Inventories
Thalmayer Amber Gayle, Saucier Gerard, 2014/09. European Journal of Personality, 28 (5) pp. 482-496. Peer-reviewed.
A Basic Bivariate Structure of Personality Attributes Evident Across Nine Languages : Basic Bivariate Personality Structure
Saucier Gerard, Thalmayer Amber Gayle, Payne Doris L., Carlson Robert, Sanogo Lamine, Ole-Kotikash Leonard, Church A. Timothy, Katigbak Marcia S., Somer Oya, Szarota Piotr et al., 2014/02. Journal of Personality, 82 (1) pp. 1-14.
Human attribute concepts : relative ubiquity across twelve mutually isolated languages
Saucier Gerard, Thalmayer Amber Gayle, Bel-Bahar Tarik S., 2014. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 107 (1) pp. 199-216.
Cultural, Contextual, and Measurement Challenges for the Paradigm of Personality Science
Saucier Gerard, Thalmayer Amber Gayle, 2013/07/18. pp. 821-836 dans Christiansen N. D., Tett R. P. (eds.) Handbook of personality at work chap. 36, Routledge Handbooks Online.
Comparative validity of Brief to Medium-Length Big Five and Big Six Personality Questionnaires.
Thalmayer Amber Gayle, Saucier Gerard, Eigenhuis Annemarie, 2011. Psychological Assessment, 23 (4) pp. 995-1009. Peer-reviewed.
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