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Indirect monitoring of autonomic regulation through heart rate variability: justification and clinical applications of a systemic approach

To perform, athletes must find the adequate balance between training, competitions and recovery, in addition to other life demands. Fatigue and recovery are assessed by physiological and psychological measures. A popular method for quantitative and qualitative recovery assessment is heart rate variability analysis (HRV), which provides an indirect evaluation of HR control by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Monitoring vagal-derived indices of HRV brings key information on athletes fatigue status and permits to characterize different fatigue types. Support staff can propose different modalities to influence neurovegetative balance and thus recovery. This method is currently used in high-level athletes to monitor their fatigue status and optimize training schedule. Sports physicians have a key role in athletes' health/performance management plan and are mainly responsible of the methods implemented in athletes' monitoring daily routines. Consequently, investigating effects of different remediations on fatigue is important to better advise their athletes/patients. Purpose of the project is to anchor the method in a sport and exercise medicine unit. It first aims to analyze short-term HRV. Second aim is to analyze acute and chronic effects of different methods intended to modify people's cardiac autonomic state. Last aim is to present intellectual process of HRV monitoring in particular individuals. It would permit to argue for specific remediations proposal in real-life clinical cases. Pr Gremeaux is a PhD thesis co-director for sport scientist Cyril Besson (Msc sports sciences). Cyril Besson is working on heart rate recovery (HRV). Master projects are created to support current projects so as to allow students to familiarize themselves with various laboratory techniques, to carry out a study which will be of contribution to the current project and above all to learn how to approach a research project. The projects may be organized to pursue an MD-PhD.

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