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Estimating the Contribution of Proteasomal Spliced Peptides to the HLA-I Ligandome.
Mylonas R., Beer I., Iseli C., Chong C., Pak H.S., Gfeller D., Coukos G., Xenarios I., Müller M., Bassani-Sternberg M., 2018/12. Molecular & cellular proteomics, 17 (12) pp. 2347-2357. Peer-reviewed.
Minimal Information About an Immuno-Peptidomics Experiment (MIAIPE).
Lill J.R., van Veelen P.A., Tenzer S., Admon A., Caron E., Elias J.E., Heck AJR, Marcilla M., Marino F., Müller M. et al., 2018/06. Proteomics, 18 (12) pp. e1800110. Peer-reviewed.
High-throughput and Sensitive Immunopeptidomics Platform Reveals Profound Interferonγ-Mediated Remodeling of the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Ligandome.
Chong C., Marino F., Pak H., Racle J., Daniel R.T., Müller M., Gfeller D., Coukos G., Bassani-Sternberg M., 2018/03. Molecular & cellular proteomics, 17 (3) pp. 533-548. Peer-reviewed.
'Hotspots' of Antigen Presentation Revealed by Human Leukocyte Antigen Ligandomics for Neoantigen Prioritization.
Müller M., Gfeller D., Coukos G., Bassani-Sternberg M., 2017. Frontiers in Immunology, 8 p. 1367. Peer-reviewed.
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