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Extrinsic and intrinsic apoptosis activate pannexin-1 to drive NLRP3 inflammasome assembly.
Chen K.W., Demarco B., Heilig R., Shkarina K., Boettcher A., Farady C.J., Pelczar P., Broz P., 2019/05/15. The EMBO Journal, 38 (10). Peer-reviewed.
ESCRT-dependent membrane repair negatively regulates pyroptosis downstream of GSDMD activation.
Rühl S., Shkarina K., Demarco B., Heilig R., Santos J.C., Broz P., 2018/11/23. Science, 362 (6417) pp. 956-960. Peer-reviewed.
Mobilizable Plasmids for Tunable Gene Expression in Francisella novicida.
Brodmann M., Heilig R., Broz P., Basler M., 2018. Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology, 8 p. 284. Peer-reviewed.
The Gasdermin-D pore acts as a conduit for IL-1β secretion in mice.
Heilig R., Dick M.S., Sborgi L., Meunier E., Hiller S., Broz P., 2018. European Journal of Immunology, 48 (4) pp. 584-592. Peer-reviewed.
GSDMD membrane pore formation constitutes the mechanism of pyroptotic cell death.
Sborgi L., Rühl S., Mulvihill E., Pipercevic J., Heilig R., Stahlberg H., Farady C.J., Müller D.J., Broz P., Hiller S., 2016. The EMBO Journal, 35 (16) pp. 1766-1778. Peer-reviewed.
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