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10 publications

The link between previous life trajectories and a later life outcome: A feature selection approach
Bolano Danilo, Studer Matthias LIVES Working Paper.
First Union Formation in Australia: Actual Constraints or Perceived Uncertainty?
Bolano Danilo, Vignoli Daniele DISIA Working Paper Series.
Life after death: Widowhood and volunteering gendered pathways among older adults
Bolano Danilo, Arpino Bruno, 2020/08/26. Demographic Research, 43 pp. 581-616.
Reducing loneliness in older adults: looking at locals and migrants in a Swiss case study
Ehsan Annahita, Bolano Danilo, Guillaume-Boeckle Sylvie, Spini Dario, 2020/07/29. European Journal of Ageing.
Handling Covariates in Markovian Models with a Mixture Transition Distribution Based Approach
Bolano Danilo, 2020/04/04. Symmetry, 12 (4) p. 558.
The Heterogeneity of Disability Trajectories in Later Life: Dynamics of Activities of Daily Living Performance Among Nursing Home Residents.
Bolano D., Berchtold A., Bürge E., 2019/08. Journal of aging and health, 31 (7) pp. 1315-1336. Peer-reviewed.
Social and productive activities and health among partnered older adults: A couple-level analysis
Lam Jack, Bolano Danilo, 2019/05. Social Science & Medicine, 229 pp. 126-133.
Intentions and Childbearing in a Cross-Domain Life Course Approach: The case of Australia
Testa Maria-Rita, Bolano Danilo, 2019/01/01. Vienna Institute of Demography - Working papers.
From intentions to births: Gendered paths of realization in a multi-dimensional life course perspectives.
Testa M.R., Bolano D., 2018/07/16. dans Familie-Bildung-Migration: Familienforschung im Spannungsfeld zwischen Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis., Verlag Barbara Budrich.
General framework and model building in the class of Hidden Mixture Transition Distribution models
Bolano D, Berchtold A, 2016/01. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 93 pp. 131-145. Peer-reviewed.
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