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Microglia immunometabolism: From metabolic disorders to single cell metabolism.
Paolicelli R.C., Angiari S., 2019/10. Seminars in cell & developmental biology, 94 pp. 129-137. Peer-reviewed.
Squalene: friend or foe for cancers.
Paolicelli R.C., Widmann C., 2019/08. Current opinion in lipidology, 30 (4) pp. 353-354. Peer-reviewed.
Morphine withdrawal recruits lateral habenula cytokine signaling to reduce synaptic excitation and sociability.
Valentinova K., Tchenio A., Trusel M., Clerke J.A., Lalive A.L., Tzanoulinou S., Matera A., Moutkine I., Maroteaux L., Paolicelli R.C. et al., 2019/07. Nature neuroscience, 22 (7) pp. 1053-1056. Peer-reviewed.
Cell-to-cell Communication by Extracellular Vesicles: Focus on Microglia.
Paolicelli R.C., Bergamini G., Rajendran L., 2019/05/01. Neuroscience, 405 pp. 148-157. Peer-reviewed.
Glial Contribution to Excitatory and Inhibitory Synapse Loss in Neurodegeneration.
Henstridge C.M., Tzioras M., Paolicelli R.C., 2019. Frontiers in cellular neuroscience, 13 p. 63. Peer-reviewed.
The Microglial Innate Immune Receptor TREM2 Is Required for Synapse Elimination and Normal Brain Connectivity.
Filipello F., Morini R., Corradini I., Zerbi V., Canzi A., Michalski B., Erreni M., Markicevic M., Starvaggi-Cucuzza C., Otero K. et al., 2018/05/15. Immunity, 48 (5) pp. 979-991.e8. Peer-reviewed.
Microglia-Mediated Synapse Loss in Alzheimer's Disease.
Rajendran L., Paolicelli R.C., 2018/03/21. The Journal of neuroscience, 38 (12) pp. 2911-2919. Peer-reviewed.
TDP-43 Depletion in Microglia Promotes Amyloid Clearance but Also Induces Synapse Loss.
Paolicelli R.C., Jawaid A., Henstridge C.M., Valeri A., Merlini M., Robinson J.L., Lee E.B., Rose J., Appel S., Lee V.M. et al., 2017/07/19. Neuron, 95 (2) pp. 297-308.e6. Peer-reviewed.
Function and Dysfunction of Microglia during Brain Development: Consequences for Synapses and Neural Circuits.
Paolicelli R.C., Ferretti M.T., 2017. Frontiers in synaptic neuroscience, 9 p. 9. Peer-reviewed.
Infectious, atopic and inflammatory diseases, childhood adversities and familial aggregation are independently associated with the risk for mental disorders: Results from a large Swiss epidemiological study.
Ajdacic-Gross V., Aleksandrowicz A., Rodgers S., Mutsch M., Tesic A., Müller M., Kawohl W., Rössler W., Seifritz E., Castelao E. et al., 2016/12/22. World journal of psychiatry, 6 (4) pp. 419-430. Peer-reviewed.
Defective microglial development in the hippocampus of Cx3cr1 deficient mice.
Pagani F., Paolicelli R.C., Murana E., Cortese B., Di Angelantonio S., Zurolo E., Guiducci E., Ferreira T.A., Garofalo S., Catalano M. et al., 2015. Frontiers in cellular neuroscience, 9 p. 111. Peer-reviewed.
Deficient neuron-microglia signaling results in impaired functional brain connectivity and social behavior.
Zhan Y., Paolicelli R.C., Sforazzini F., Weinhard L., Bolasco G., Pagani F., Vyssotski A.L., Bifone A., Gozzi A., Ragozzino D. et al., 2014/03. Nature neuroscience, 17 (3) pp. 400-406. Peer-reviewed.
Fractalkine regulation of microglial physiology and consequences on the brain and behavior.
Paolicelli R.C., Bisht K., Tremblay M.È., 2014. Frontiers in cellular neuroscience, 8 p. 129. Peer-reviewed.
Transgenic mouse lines for non-invasive ratiometric monitoring of intracellular chloride.
Batti L., Mukhtarov M., Audero E., Ivanov A., Paolicelli R.C., Zurborg S., Gross C., Bregestovski P., Heppenstall P.A., 2013. Frontiers in molecular neuroscience, 6 p. 11. Peer-reviewed.
An abundant tissue macrophage population in the adult murine heart with a distinct alternatively-activated macrophage profile.
Pinto A.R., Paolicelli R., Salimova E., Gospocic J., Slonimsky E., Bilbao-Cortes D., Godwin J.W., Rosenthal N.A., 2012. PloS one, 7 (5) pp. e36814. Peer-reviewed.
Synaptic pruning by microglia is necessary for normal brain development.
Paolicelli R.C., Bolasco G., Pagani F., Maggi L., Scianni M., Panzanelli P., Giustetto M., Ferreira T.A., Guiducci E., Dumas L. et al., 2011/09/09. Science, 333 (6048) pp. 1456-1458. Peer-reviewed.
Microglia in development: linking brain wiring to brain environment.
Paolicelli R.C., Gross C.T., 2011/02. Neuron glia biology, 7 (1) pp. 77-83. Peer-reviewed.
Sensitized phenotypic screening identifies gene dosage sensitive region on chromosome 11 that predisposes to disease in mice.
Ermakova O., Piszczek L., Luciani L., Cavalli F.M., Ferreira T., Farley D., Rizzo S., Paolicelli R.C., Al-Banchaabouchi M., Nerlov C. et al., 2011/01. EMBO molecular medicine, 3 (1) pp. 50-66. Peer-reviewed.
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