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The power of choice: How institutional selection influences restoration success in Africa
Walters G, Baruah M, Karambiri M, Osei-Wusu Adjei P, Samb C, Barrow E Land Use Policy.
Deciphering African tropical forest dynamics in the Anthropocene: How social and historical sciences can elucidate forest cover change and inform forest management
Walters G., Fraser J. Angus, Picard N., Hymas O., Fairhead J., 2019/09. Anthropocene, 27 p. 100214.
A landscape for everyone: integrating rights-based and landscape governance approaches
Blomley Tom (eds.)Walters Gretchen, 2019/08/21., IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature.
Core principles for successfully implementing and upscaling Nature-based Solutions
Cohen-Shacham Emmanuelle, Andrade Angela, Dalton James, Dudley Nigel, Jones Mike, Kumar Chetan, Maginnis Stewart, Maynard Simone, Nelson Cara R., Renaud Fabrice G. et al., 2019/08. Environmental Science & Policy, 98 pp. 20-29.
Identifying governance problems and solutions for forest landscape restoration in protected area landscapes
Mansourian Stephanie, Walters Gretchen, Gonzales Emily, 2019/05/30. Parks, 25 (1) pp. 83-96.
Examining the Supply and Demand of Effective Participation and Representation
Akwah Neba George, Walters Gretchen, Jung Ha-young, 2018. dans Global Forest Governance and Climate Change: Interrogating Representation, Participation, and Decentralization , Emmanuel O. Nuesiri.
Getting ready for REDD+: Recognition and donor-country project development dynamics in Central Africa
Walters Gretchen, Ece Melis, 2018. Conservation and Society, 0 (0) p. 0.
Measuring progress in status of land under forest landscape restoration using abiotic and biotic indicators : Measuring progress in forest landscape restoration
Dudley Nigel, Bhagwat Shonil A., Harris Jim, Maginnis Stewart, Moreno Jaime Garcia, Mueller Gregory M., Oldfield Sara, Walters Gretchen, 2018/01. Restoration Ecology, 26 (1) pp. 5-12.
An integrative research framework for enabling transformative adaptation
Colloff Matthew J., Martín-López Berta, Lavorel Sandra, Locatelli Bruno, Gorddard Russell, Longaretti Pierre-Yves, Walters Gretchen, van Kerkhoff Lorrae, Wyborn Carina, Coreau Audrey et al., 2017/02. Environmental Science & Policy, 68 pp. 87-96.
Governance of restoration and institutions: Working with Ghana's Community Resource Management Areas
Baruah M., Bobtoya S., Mbile P., Walters G., 2016/09. World Development Perspectives, 3 pp. 38-41.
Nature-based solutions to address global societal challenges
Cohen-Shacham E., Janzen C., Maginnis S., Walters G. (eds.), 2016/08/04., IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature.
Peri-urban conservation in the Mondah forest of Libreville, Gabon: Red List assessments of endemic plant species, and avoiding protected area downsizing
Walters G., Ngagnia Ndjabounda E., Ikabanga D., Biteau J. P., Hymas O., White L. J. T., Ndong Obiang A.-M., Ndong Ondo P., Jeffery K. J., Lachenaud O. et al., 2016/07. Oryx : The International Journal of Conservation, 50 (3) pp. 419-430.
Responsive Forest Governance Initiative handbook II : implementing improved natural resource governance in practice
Barrow E., Angu Angu K., Bobtoya S., Cruz R., Kutegeka S., Nakangu B., Savadogo M., Walters G., 2016. Responsive Forest Governance Initiative Working Paper Series 35 64, Council for the Development of Social Sciences Research in Africa.
Changing Fire Governance in Gabon′s Plateaux Bateke Savanna Landscape
Walters G., 2015. Conservation and Society, 13 (3) pp. 275-286.
Evolving hunting practices in Gabon: lessons for community-based conservation interventions
Walters G., Schleicher J., Hymas O., Coad L., 2015. Ecology and Society, 20 (4) pp. NA.
Fire management in a changing landscape: a case study from Lopé National Park, Gabon
Jeffery K. J., Korte L., Palla F., Walters G., White L. J.T., Abernethy K. A., 2014/03. Parks : The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation , 20 (1) pp. 39-52.
Integrating cultural and conservation contexts of hunting: the case of the Plateau Bateke savannas of Gabon
Walters G., Makouka L., Touladjan S., 2014. African Study Monographs, 35 (2) pp. 99-128.
Les forêts littorales de la région de Libreville (Gabon) et leur importance pour la conservation: description d'un nouveau Psychotria (Rubiaceae) endémique
Lachenaud O., Stévart T., Ikabanga D., Ngagnia Ndjabouda E., Walters G., 2013/03/20. Plant Ecology and Evolution, 146 (1) pp. 68-74.
Customary Fire Regimes and Vegetation Structure in Gabon's Bateke Plateaux
Walters G., 2012/12. Human Ecology, 40 (6) pp. 943-955.
Phytogeographical analysis and checklist of the vascular plants of Loango National Park, Gabon
Harris D., Armstrong K. E., Walters G., Wilks C., Mouandza Mbembo J.-C., Niangadouma R., Wieringa J. J., Breteler F. J., 2012/07/06. Plant Ecology and Evolution, 145 (2) pp. 242-257.
Diversity and conservation value of Gabon's savanna and inselberg open vegetation: an initial gap analysis
Walters G., Parmentier I., Stévart T., 2012/03/12. Plant Ecology and Evolution, 145 (1) pp. 46-54.
Novitates Gabonenses 80 : Additiona and corrections to the Flora of Gabon
Walters G., Dauby G., Stévart T., Dessein S., Niangadouma R., Lachenaud O., 2011/11. Edinburgh Journal of Botany, 68 (3) pp. 423-442.
Novitates gabonenses 77: A new Eriosema (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) from Gabon and adjacent Congo
van der Maesen J., Walters G., 2011/03/25. Plant Ecology and Evolution, 144 (1) pp. 101-105.
Memecylon Batekeanum, a New Species from Southeastern Gabon, and a Note on the Circumscription of Memecylon Sect. Mouririoidea (Melastomataceae)
Stone R. D., Walters G., Ghogue J.-P., 2006/06. Novon : A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature, 16 (2) pp. 276-280.
Check-list des plantes vasculaires du Gabon = Check-list of Gabonese Vascular Plants
Sosef M.S.M., Wieringa J.J., Jongkind C.C.H., Achoundong G., Azizet Issembe Y., Bedigian D., van den Berg R.G., Breteler F.J., Cheek M., deGreef J. et al., 2006. Scripta Botanica Belgica, 35 438, Jardin botanique national de Belgique.
Floristics of Gabon's Batéké Plateaux: Guineo-Congolian plants on Kalahari Sands
Walters G., Bradley A., Niangadouma R., 2006., 17th AETFAT Congress pp. 259-266 dans Ghazanfarand S. A., Beentje H. J. (eds.) Taxonomy and ecology of African plants, their conservation and sustainable use, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
Revision of Ancistrocladus Wall (Ancistrocladaceae)
Taylor C., Gereau R, Walters G., 2005. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, 92 (3) pp. 360-399.
Perennial plants and ephemeral seed banks in Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona
Walters G., 2004. Natural Areas Journal, 24 (1) pp. 36-43.
Chamaecrista mwangokae (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae), a new species from the southern highlands of Tanzania
Gereau R.E., Walters G., 2003. Novon, 13 (4) pp. 438-442.
Lamiaceae Mint Family, part 1 : Agastache, Hyptis, Lamium, Leonurus, Marrubium, Monarda, Monardella, Nepeta, Salazaria, Stachys, Teucrium, and Trichostemma
Christy C., Damrel D.Z., Henry A., Trauth-Nare A., Puente-Martinez R., Walters G., 2003. Journal of the Arizona Nevada Academy of Science, 35 (2) pp. 151-169.
Winter ephemeral vegetation and seed banks of four north-facing slopes in the Sonoran Desert
Walters G., 2003. Madroño, 50 (1) pp. 45-52.
Flora of the Papago Park Military Reservation: a desert remnant in Phoenix, Arizona
Walters G., 2002. Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science, 34 (1) pp. 16-23.
Noteworthy collection for Arizona: Enchylaena tomentosa R. Br.
Walters G., 2001. Madroño, 48 p. 61.
Forest decline and tree mortality in a southeastern Ohio oak-hickory forest
Walters G., McCarthy B. C., 1997. Ohio Journal of Science , 97 (1) pp. 5-9.
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