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Fish assemblage composition within the floodplain habitat mosaic of a tropical lake (Tonle Sap, Cambodia)
Pool Thomas, Elliott Vittoria, Holtgrieve Gordon, Arias Mauricio, Altman Irit, Kaufman Leslie, McCann Kevin, Fraser Evan D. G., Tudesque Loïc, Chevalier Mathieu et al., 2019/11. Freshwater Biology, 64 (11) pp. 2026-2036.
Changes in forest bird abundance, community structure and composition following a hurricane in Sweden
Chevalier Mathieu, Lindström Åke, Pärt Tomas, Knape Jonas, 2019/09. Ecography.
Planktonic diatom community dynamics in a tropical flood-pulse lake: the Tonle Sap (Cambodia)
Tudesque Loïc, Pool Thomas K., Chevalier Mathieu, 2019/01/02. Diatom Research, 34 (1) pp. 1-22.
New measures for evaluation of environmental perturbations using BACI analyses
Chevalier Mathieu, Russell James C, Knape Jonas, 2018/12/14. Ecological Applications.
Global assessment of early warning signs that temperature could undergo regime shifts
Chevalier Mathieu, Grenouillet Gaël, 2018/12. Scientific Reports, 8 (1).
Sensitivity of binomial N-mixture models to overdispersion: The importance of assessing model fit
Knape Jonas, Arlt Debora, Barraquand Frédéric, Berg Åke, Chevalier Mathieu, Pärt Tomas, Ruete Alejandro, Żmihorski Michał, 2018/10. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9 (10) pp. 2102-2114.
Demographic and genetic collapses in spatially structured populations: insights from a long-term survey in wild fish metapopulations
Mathieu-Bégné Eglantine, Loot Géraldine, Chevalier Mathieu, Paz-Vinas Ivan, Blanchet Simon, 2018/09. Oikos.
Seasonal variations in diet composition, diet breadth and dietary overlap between three commercially important fish species within a flood-pulse system: The Tonle Sap Lake (Cambodia)
Heng Kong, Chevalier Mathieu, Lek Sovan, Laffaille Pascal, 2018/06/18. PLOS ONE, 13 (6) pp. e0198848.
Interactions between species attributes explain population dynamics in stream fishes under changing climate
Chevalier Mathieu, Comte Lise, Laffaille Pascal, Grenouillet Gaël, 2018/01. Ecosphere, 9 (1) pp. e02061.
Indirect effect of temperature on fish population abundances through phenological changes
Kuczynski Lucie, Chevalier Mathieu, Laffaille Pascal, Legrand Marion, Grenouillet Gaël, 2017/04/18. PLOS ONE, 12 (4) pp. e0175735.
Spatio-temporal variation of fish taxonomic composition in a South-East Asian flood-pulse system
Kong Heng, Chevalier Mathieu, Laffaille Pascal, Lek Sovan, 2017/03/28. PLOS ONE, 12 (3) pp. e0174582.
Measurements of spatial population synchrony: influence of time series transformations
Chevalier Mathieu, Laffaille Pascal, Ferdy Jean-Baptiste, Grenouillet Gaël, 2015/09. Oecologia, 179 (1) pp. 15-28.
Spatial synchrony in stream fish populations: influence of species traits
Chevalier Mathieu, Laffaille Pascal, Grenouillet Gaël, 2014/10. Ecography, 37 (10) pp. 960-968.
Eutrophication as a driver ofr-selection traits in a freshwater fish : eutrophication and fish life-history traits
Lin M., Chevalier M., Lek S., Zhang L., Gozlan R. E., Liu J., Zhang T., Ye S., Li W., Li Z., 2014/08. Journal of Fish Biology, 85 (2) pp. 343-354.
The Evolution of Bet Hedging in Response to Local Ecological Conditions
Rajon Etienne, Desouhant Emmanuel, Chevalier Mathieu, Débias François, Menu Frédéric, 2014/07. The American Naturalist, 184 (1) pp. E1-E15.
Combining genetic and demographic data for prioritizing conservation actions: insights from a threatened fish species
Paz-Vinas Ivan, Comte Lise, Chevalier Mathieu, Dubut Vincent, Veyssiere Charlotte, Grenouillet Gaël, Loot Geraldine, Blanchet Simon, 2013/08. Ecology and Evolution, 3 (8) pp. 2696-2710.
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