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Mental health among centenarians living in Switzerland.
Uittenhove K., Rohner S.L., Falciola J., Gomes da Rocha C., Röcke C., Cavalli S., Herrmann F., Jopp D.S., von Gunten A. Psychogeriatrics. Peer-reviewed.
Profiles of centenarians' functioning: linking functional and cognitive capacity with depressive symptoms.
Uittenhove K., Lampraki C., da Rocha C.G., Rott C., von Gunten A., Jopp D.S., 2024/05/23. BMC geriatrics, 24 (1) p. 451. Peer-reviewed.
From Lab-Testing to Web-Testing in Cognitive Research: Who You Test is More Important than how You Test.
Uittenhove K., Jeanneret S., Vergauwe E., 2023. Journal of cognition, 6 (1) p. 13. Peer-reviewed.
The Time-Course of the Last-Presented Benefit in Working Memory: Shifts in the Content of the Focus of Attention
Valentini Beatrice, Uittenhove Kim, Vergauwe Evie, 2022/01/07. Journal of Cognition, 5 (1) p. 8.
To which world regions does the valence–dominance model of social perception apply?
Jones Benedict C., DeBruine Lisa M., Flake Jessica K., Liuzza Marco Tullio, Antfolk Jan, Arinze Nwadiogo C., Ndukaihe Izuchukwu L. G., Bloxsom Nicholas G., Lewis Savannah C., Foroni Francesco et al., 2021/01. Nature Human Behaviour, 5 (1) pp. 159-169.
Scrutinizing patterns of solution times in alphabet-arithmetic tasks favors counting over retrieval models
THEVENOT Catherine, DEWI Jasinta D M, BAGNOUD Jeanne, UITTENHOVE Kim, CASTEL Caroline, 2020/03/18. Cognition.
Is working memory storage intrinsically domain-specific?
Uittenhove Kim, Chaabi Lina, Camos Valérie, Barrouillet Pierre, 2019/11. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 148 (11) pp. 2027-2057.
The Relation Between Memory Speed and Capacity: A Domain-General Law of Human Cognition?
Uittenhove Kim, Vergauwe Evie, 2019/10/18. Journal of Cognition, 2 (1).
On the sources of forgetting in working memory: The test of competing hypotheses
Barrouillet Pierre, Uittenhove Kim, Lucidi Annalisa, Langerock Naomi, 2018/08. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 71 (8) pp. 1714-1733.
Performance Control in Numerical Cognition
Uittenhove Kim, Lemaire Patrick, 2018. pp. 127-145 dans Heterogeneity of Function in Numerical Cognition, Elsevier.
Strategy difficulty effects in young and older adults' episodic memory are modulated by inter-stimulus intervals and executive control processes
Burger Lucile, Uittenhove Kim, Lemaire Patrick, Taconnat Laurence, 2017/04. Acta Psychologica, 175 pp. 50-59.
La dyscalculie et l’automatisation des procédures de calcul
Thevenot Catherine, Uittenhove Kim, Prado Jérôme, 2016/12. Développements : revue interdisciplinaire du développement cognitif normal et pathologique pp. 7-9.
Fast automated counting procedures in addition problem solving : when are they used and why are they mistaken for retrieval ?
Uittenhove K., Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., 2016/01. Cognition, 146 pp. 289-303.
Ten-year-old children strategies in mental addition : a counting model account
Thevenot C., Barrouillet P., Castel C., Uittenhove K., 2016/01. Cognition, 146 pp. 48-57.
Sequential difficulty effects during execution of memory strategies in young and older adults.
Uittenhove K., Burger L., Taconnat L., Lemaire P., 2015. Memory, 23 (6) pp. 806-816. Peer-reviewed.
The effects of aging on numerical cognition
Uittenhove Kim, Lemaire Patrick, 2015. The Oxford handbook of numerical cognition.
Strategy sequential difficulty effects vary with working-memory and response–stimulus-intervals: A study in arithmetic
Uittenhove Kim, Lemaire Patrick, 2013/05. Acta Psychologica, 143 (1) pp. 113-118.
The time course of strategy sequential difficulty effects: an ERP study in arithmetic
Uittenhove Kim, Poletti Celine, Dufau Stephane, Lemaire Patrick, 2013/05. Experimental Brain Research, 227 (1) pp. 1-8. Peer-reviewed.
Strategy sequential difficulty effects in Alzheimer patients: A study in arithmetic
Uittenhove Kim, Lemaire Patrick, 2013/01. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 35 (1) pp. 83-89.
Sequential Difficulty Effects During Strategy Execution : A Study in Arithmetic
Uittenhove Kim, Lemaire Patrick, 2012/05/01. Experimental Psychology, 59 (5) pp. 295-301.
Fonctions exécutives, variations stratégiques et vieillissement
Uittenhove Kim, Lemaire Patrick, 2012. Revue de neuropsychologie, 4 (4) p. 298.
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