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The Importance of Input and Output Legitimacy in Democratic Governance: Evidence from a Population-based Survey Experiment in Four West European Countries
Strebel Michael A., Kübler Daniel, Marcinkowski Frank, 2019. European Journal of Political Research, 58 (2) pp. 488-513. Peer-reviewed.
Why Voluntary Municipal Merger Projects Fail: Evidence from Popular Votes in Switzerland
Strebel Michael A., 2019. Local Government Studies, 45 (5) pp. 654-675. Peer-reviewed.
Incented Voluntary Municipal Mergers as a Two-Stage Process: Evidence from the Swiss Canton of Fribourg
Strebel Michael A., 2018. Urban Affairs Review, 54 (2) pp. 267-301. Peer-reviewed.
Public Support for Metropolitan Integration. Citizens’ Attitudes in Eight West European Metropolitan Areas
Strebel Michael A., 2018., PhD Thesis.
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