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Biogeographical patterns in soil bacterial communities across the Arctic region
Malard Lucie, Anwar Muhammad, Jacobsen Carsten, Pearce David, 2019/09/01. FEMS Microbiology Ecology.
Spatial Variability of Antarctic Surface Snow Bacterial Communities
Malard Lucie, Sabacka Marie, Magiopoulos Iordanis, Hodson Andrew, Tranter Martyn, Sieger Martin, Pearce David, 2019/03/26. Frontiers in Microbiology.
Microbial activity monitoring by the Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (MamSIOS)
Malard Lucie, Ávila-Jiménez Maria, Convey Peter, Larose Catherine, Hodson Andy, Øvreås Lise, Schmale Julia, Pearce David, 2019. SIOS.
Microbial diversity and biogeography in Arctic soils
Malard Lucie, Pearce David, 2018/12/20. Environmental Microbiology Reports.
Linkages between geochemistry and microbiology in a proglacial terrain in the High Arctic
Wojcik Robin, Donhauser Johanna, Frey Beat, Holm Stine, Holland Alexandra, Anesio Alexandre, Pearce David, Malard Lucie, Wagner Dirk, Benning Liane, 2018/12. Annals of Glaciology.
Characterisation of Arctic Bacterial Communities in the Air above Svalbard.
Cuthbertson L, Amores-Arrocha H, Malard LA, Els N, Sattler B, Pearce DA, 2017/05. Biology.
Site fidelity, size, and morphology may differ by tidal position for an intertidal fish, Bathygobius cocosensis (Perciformes-Gobiidae), in Eastern Australia.
Malard LA, McGuigan K, Riginos C, 2016/07. PeerJ.
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