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Who Benefits from Innovations in Financial Technology?
Mihet Roxana SSRN Electronic Journal.
The Economics of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Mihet Roxana, Philippon Thomas, 2019/10/21. pp. 29-43 dans Disruptive Innovation in Business and Finance in the Digital World, Emerald Publishing Limited.
Big Data and Firm Dynamics
Farboodi Maryam, Mihet Roxana, Philippon Thomas, Veldkamp Laura, 2019/05/01. AEA Papers and Proceedings, 109 pp. 38-42.
Comment "Is the Macroeconomy Locally Unstable and Why Should We Care?"
Mihet Roxana, Veldkamp Laura, 2017/01. NBER Macroeconomics Annual, 31 (1) pp. 531-539.
Macro-prudential policies to mitigate financial system vulnerabilities
Claessens Stijn, Ghosh Swati R., Mihet Roxana, 2014/01. Journal of International Money and Finance, 39 pp. 153-185. Peer-reviewed.
Dealing with the Challenges of Macro Financial Linkages in Emerging Markets
Canuto Otaviano, Ghosh Swati (eds.), 2013/10/29., The World Bank.
Macro Prudential Policies to Mitigate Financial Vulnerabilities in Emerging Markets
Claessens Stijn, Ghosh Swati R., and Mihet Roxana, 2013/10/29. pp. 155-178 dans Dealing with the Challenges of Macro Financial Linkages in Emerging Markets, The World Bank.
Effects of culture on firm risk-taking: a cross-country and cross-industry analysis
Mihet Roxana, 2013/02. Journal of Cultural Economics, 37 (1) pp. 109-151. Peer-reviewed.
Commodity Prices and Inflation Expectations in the United States
Celasun Oya, Ratnovski Lev, Mihet Roxana, 2012. IMF Working Papers, 12 (89) p. 1.
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