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Ice sheet and precession controlled subarctic Pacific productivity and upwelling over the last 550,000 years
Yao Zhengquan, Shi Xuefa, Yin Qiuzhen, Jaccard Samuel, Liu Yanguang, Guo Zhengtang, Gorbarenko Sergey A., Wang Kunshan, Chen Tianyu, Wu Zhipeng et al., 2024/04/25. Nature Communications, 15 (1).
Orbital Controls on North Pacific Dust Flux During the Late Quaternary
Zhong Yi, Liu Yanguang, Yang Hu, Yin Qiuzhen, Wilson David J., Lu Zhengyao, Jaccard Samuel L., Struve Torben, Clift Peter D., Kaboth-Bahr Stefanie et al., 2024/02/28. Geophysical Research Letters, 51 (4). Peer-reviewed.
The southward migration of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current enhanced oceanic degassing of carbon dioxide during the last two deglaciations
Ai Xuyuan E., Thöle Lena M., Auderset Alexandra, Schmitt Mareike, Moretti Simone, Studer Anja S., Michel Elisabeth, Wegmann Martin, Mazaud Alain, Bijl Peter K. et al., 2024/01/30. Communications Earth & Environment, 5 (1). Peer-reviewed.
Pre-aged terrigenous organic carbon biases ocean ventilation-age reconstructions in the North Atlantic
Liu Jingyu, Wang Yipeng, Jaccard Samuel L., Wang Nan, Gong Xun, Fang Nianqiao, Bao Rui, 2023/06/24. Nature Communications, 14 (1). Peer-reviewed.
Chromium stable isotope distributions in the southwest Pacific Ocean and constraints on hydrothermal input from the Kermadec Arc
Janssen David J, Gilliard Delphine, Rickli Jörg, Nasemann Philipp, Koschinsky Andrea, Hassler Christel S, Bowie Andrew R, Ellwood Michael J, Kleint Charlotte, Jaccard Samuel L, 2023/02. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 342 pp. 31-44. Peer-reviewed.
Chromium Cycling in Redox‐Stratified Basins Challenges δ <sup>53</sup> Cr Paleoredox Proxy Applications
Janssen David J., Rickli Jörg, Wille Martin, Sepúlveda Steiner Oscar, Vogel Hendrik, Dellwig Olaf, Berg Jasmine S., Bouffard Damien, Lever Mark A., Hassler Christel S. et al., 2022/11/16. Geophysical Research Letters, 49 (21). Peer-reviewed.
Complex spatio-temporal structure of the Holocene Thermal Maximum
Cartapanis Olivier, Jonkers Lukas, Moffa-Sanchez Paola, Jaccard Samuel L., de Vernal Anne, 2022/10/03. Nature Communications, 13 (1). Peer-reviewed.
Bottom water oxygenation changes in the southwestern Indian Ocean as an indicator for enhanced respired carbon storage since the last glacial inception
Amsler Helen Eri, Thöle Lena Mareike, Stimac Ingrid, Geibert Walter, Ikehara Minoru, Kuhn Gerhard, Esper Oliver, Jaccard Samuel Laurent, 2022/08/09. Climate of the Past, 18 (8) pp. 1797-1813. Peer-reviewed.
Enhanced Carbonate Counter Pump and upwelling strengths in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean during MIS 11
Brandon Margaux, Duchamp-Alphonse Stéphanie, Michel Elisabeth, Landais Amaëlle, Isguder Gulay, Richard Patricia, Pige Nicolas, Bassinot Franck, Jaccard Samuel L., Bartolini Annachiara, 2022/07. Quaternary Science Reviews, 287 p. 107556. Peer-reviewed.
Deglacial patterns of South Pacific overturning inferred from 231Pa and 230Th
Ronge Thomas A., Lippold Jörg, Geibert Walter, Jaccard Samuel L., Mieruch-Schnülle Sebastian, Süfke Finn, Tiedemann Ralf, 2021/12. Scientific Reports, 11 (1). Peer-reviewed.
Bioactive Trace Metals and Their Isotopes as Paleoproductivity Proxies: An Assessment Using GEOTRACES‐Era Data
Horner T. J., Little S. H., Conway T. M., Farmer J. R., Hertzberg J. E., Janssen D. J., Lough A. J. M., McKay J. L., Tessin A., Galer S. J. G. et al., 2021/11. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35 (11). Peer-reviewed.
Release from biogenic particles, benthic fluxes, and deep water circulation control Cr and δ53Cr distributions in the ocean interior
Janssen David J., Rickli Jörg, Abbott April N., Ellwood Michael J., Twining Benjamin S., Ohnemus Daniel C., Nasemann Philipp, Gilliard Delphine, Jaccard Samuel L., 2021/11. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 574 p. 117163. Peer-reviewed.
Modeling the marine chromium cycle: new constraints on global-scale processes
Pöppelmeier Frerk, Janssen David J., Jaccard Samuel L., Stocker Thomas F., 2021/10/07. Biogeosciences, 18 (19) pp. 5447-5463. Peer-reviewed.
Evolution of Ocean Productivity in the Sub‐Tropical West Pacific Ocean Across the Last Deglaciation
Hu Bangqi, Zhang Handan, Ouyang Siqi, Zhao Jingtao, Wang Feifei, Li Qing, Jaccard Samuel L., Luo Yiming, 2021/08. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 36 (8). Peer-reviewed.
Opposite dust grain-size patterns in the Pacific and Atlantic sectors of the Southern Ocean during the last 260,000 years
van der Does Michèlle, Wengler Marc, Lamy Frank, Martínez-García Alfredo, Jaccard Samuel L., Kuhn Gerhard, Lanny Verena, Stuut Jan-Berend W., Winckler Gisela, 2021/07. Quaternary Science Reviews, 263 p. 106978. Peer-reviewed.
Assessment of C, N and Si isotopes as tracers of past ocean nutrient and carbon cycling
Farmer J. R., Hertzberg J. E., Cardinal D., Fietz S., Hendry K., Jaccard S. L., Paytan A., Rafter P. A., Ren H., Somes C. J. et al., 2021/05/22. Global Biogeochemical Cycles.
Global Ocean Sediment Composition and Burial Flux in the Deep Sea
Hayes Christopher T., Costa Kassandra M., Anderson Robert F., Calvo Eva, Chase Zanna, Demina Ludmila L., Dutay Jean-Claude, German Christopher R., Heimbürger-Boavida Lars-Eric, Jaccard Samuel L. et al., 2021/04. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35 (4).
Redox capacity of rocks and sediments by high temperature chalcometric titration
Galvez Matthieu E., Jaccard Samuel L., 2021/03. Chemical Geology, 564 p. 120016. Peer-reviewed.
The influence of deep water circulation on the distribution of 231Pa and 230Th in the Pacific Ocean
Luo Yiming, Lippold Jörg, Allen Susan E., Tjiputra Jerry, Jaccard Samuel L., Francois Roger, 2021/01/15. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 554 p. 116674. Peer-reviewed.
Early deglacial CO2 release from the Sub-Antarctic Atlantic and Pacific oceans
Shuttleworth R., Bostock H.C., Chalk T.B., Calvo E., Jaccard S.L., Pelejero C., Martínez-García A., Foster G.L., 2021/01. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 554 p. 116649. Peer-reviewed.
Southern Ocean upwelling, Earth's obliquity, and glacial-interglacial atmospheric CO2 change
Ai Xuyuan E., Studer Anja S., Sigman Daniel M., Martínez-García Alfredo, Fripiat François, Thöle Lena M., Michel Elisabeth, Gottschalk Julia, Arnold Laura, Moretti Simone et al., 2020/12/11. Science, 370 (6522) pp. 1348-1352. Peer-reviewed.
Glacial heterogeneity in Southern Ocean carbon storage abated by fast South Indian deglacial carbon release
Gottschalk Julia, Michel Elisabeth, Thöle Lena M., Studer Anja S., Hasenfratz Adam P., Schmid Nicole, Butzin Martin, Mazaud Alain, Martínez-García Alfredo, Szidat Sönke et al., 2020/12. Nature Communications, 11 (1) p. 6192. Peer-reviewed.
Northern-sourced water dominated the Atlantic Ocean during the Last Glacial Maximum
Pöppelmeier F., Blaser P., Gutjahr M., Jaccard S.L., Frank M., Max L., Lippold J., 2020/08/01. Geology, 48 (8) pp. 826-829. Peer-reviewed.
Water mass gradients of the mid-depth Southwest Atlantic during the past 25,000 years
Pöppelmeier F., Gutjahr M., Blaser P., Oppo D.W., Jaccard S.L., Regelous M., Huang K.-F., Süfke F., Lippold J., 2020/02. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 531 p. 115963. Peer-reviewed.
Constraining the Variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation During the Holocene
Lippold Jörg, Pöppelmeier Frerk, Süfke Finn, Gutjahr Marcus, Goepfert Tyler J., Blaser Patrick, Friedrich Oliver, Link Jasmin M., Wacker Lukas, Rheinberger Stefan et al., 2019/10/28. Geophysical Research Letters, 46 (20) pp. 11338-11346. Peer-reviewed.
Deep water provenance and dynamics of the (de)glacial Atlantic meridional overturning circulation
Lippold Jörg, Gutjahr Marcus, Blaser Patrick, Christner Emanuel, de Carvalho Ferreira Maria Luiza, Mulitza Stefan, Christl Marcus, Wombacher Frank, Böhm Evelyn, Antz Benny et al., 2016/07. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 445 pp. 68-78. Peer-reviewed.
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