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Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in advanced heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: Time for in-depth analysis for central and peripheral contributors to peak VO<sub>2</sub>?
Yerly P., Hullin R., 2019/10. European journal of preventive cardiology, 26 (15) pp. 1613-1615. Peer-reviewed.
Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for class III obesity in a patient with a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) Heartmate III.
Aittigrine S., Tozzi P., Hullin R., Yerly P., Regamey J., Rösner L., Rusca M., Kirsch M., Suter M., Mantziari S., 2019/08. Surgery for obesity and related diseases, 15 (8) pp. 1420-1421. Peer-reviewed.
Regression of Advanced Liver Fibrosis After Heart Transplantation in a Patient With Prior Fontan Surgery for Complex Congenital Heart Disease.
Bouchardy J., Meyer P., Yerly P., Blanche C., Hullin R., Giostra E., Hanquinet S., Rubbia-Brandt L., Sekarski N., Prêtre R. et al., 2018/11. Circulation. Heart failure, 11 (11) pp. e003754. Peer-reviewed.
The role of Heart Failure Team in managing Mechanical Circulatory Support in a Swiss low-volume institution.
Tozzi P., Nowacka A., Hullin R., Yerly P., Kirsch M., 2018/06/15. The heart surgery forum, 21 (4) pp. E257-E262. Peer-reviewed.
Options thérapeutiquesdans l’insuffisance cardiaque avancée : place de l’assistance ventriculaire gauche permanente (LVAD) [Therapeutic options in advanced heart failure : place of durable left ventricular assist device (LVAD)]
Regamey J., Kirsch M., Tozzi P., Barras N., Marcucci C., Liaudet L., Hullin R., Yerly P., 2018/05/23. Revue medicale suisse, 14 (608) pp. 1070-1077. Peer-reviewed.
Management of Severe Portopulmonary Hypertension With Dual Oral Therapy Before Liver Transplantation.
Vionnet J., Yerly P., Aubert J.D., Pascual M., Aldenkortt F., Berney T., Giostra E., Moradpour D., Schiffer E., 2018/05. Transplantation, 102 (5) pp. e194. Peer-reviewed.
HeartMate 3 implantation via left antero-lateral thoracotomy to avoid resternotomy in high risk patients.
Pfister R., Tozzi P., Hullin R., Yerly P., Jahns F.P., Prêtre R., Kirsch M., 2018/04/25. Multimedia manual of cardiothoracic surgery, 2018. Peer-reviewed.
Cardiologie [Cardiology update 2017]
Yerly P., Adjedj J., Fournier S., Hullin R., Kirsch M., Masci P.G., Monney P., Müller O., Regamey J., Schwitter J. et al., 2018/03/28. Revue medicale suisse, 14 (600) pp. 705-711. Peer-reviewed.
First histopathological evidence of irreversible pulmonary vascular disease in dasatinib-induced pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Daccord C., Letovanec I., Yerly P., Bloch J., Ogna A., Nicod L.P., Aubert J.D., 2018/03. The European respiratory journal, 51 (3) pp. 1-4. Peer-reviewed.
Repetitive use of levosimendan in advanced heart failure: need for stronger evidence in a field in dire need of a useful therapy.
Pölzl G., Altenberger J., Baholli L., Beltrán P., Borbély A., Comin-Colet J., Delgado J.F., Fedele F., Fontana A., Fruhwald F. et al., 2017/09/15. International journal of cardiology, 243 pp. 389-395. Peer-reviewed.
Syndrome hépato-pulmonaire et hypertension porto-pulmonaire [Hepatopulmonary syndrome and portopulmonary hypertension]
Marcu C., Schiffer E., Aubert J.D., Vionnet J., Yerly P., Deltenre P., Marot A., 2017/08/30. Revue medicale suisse, 13 (572) pp. 1464-1469. Peer-reviewed.
Red cell distribution width and mortality in acute heart failure patients with preserved and reduced ejection fraction.
Sotiropoulos K., Yerly P., Monney P., Garnier A., Regamey J., Hugli O., Martin D., Metrich M., Antonietti J.P., Hullin R., 2016/09. ESC heart failure, 3 (3) pp. 198-204. Peer-reviewed.
Amyloïdose héréditaire à transthyrétine [Transthyretin-related hereditary amyloidosis]
Vionnet J., Pascual M., Kuntzer T., Yerly P., Moradpour D., 2016/08/31. Revue medicale suisse, 12 (528) pp. 1434-1440. Peer-reviewed.
Current management of pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Yerly P., Prella M., Aubert J.D., 2016. Swiss Medical Weekly, 146 pp. w14305. Peer-reviewed.
Fréquence cardiaque de repos: quelle utilité pour la prévention cardiovasculaire [Resting heart rate: how to use it for cardiovascular prevention?].
Fassbind M., Yerly P., Nanchen D., 2016. Revue Medicale Suisse, 12 (508) pp. 454, 456-454, 459. Peer-reviewed.
Giant retroperitoneal cystic lymphangioma in a patient with Eisenmenger syndrome.
Eckert J., Bouchardy J., Yerly P., Denys A., Rutz T., 2016. International Journal of Cardiology, 203 pp. 635-637. Peer-reviewed.
Pulmonary Hypertension and Indicators of Right Ventricular Function.
von Siebenthal C., Aubert J.D., Mitsakis P., Yerly P., Prior J.O., Nicod L.P., 2016. Frontiers In Medicine, 3 p. 23. Peer-reviewed.
Red cell distribution width and mortality in acute heart failure patients with preserved and reduced ejection fraction
Sotiropoulos K., Yerly P., Monney P., Garnier A., Regamey J., Hugli O., Martin D., Metrich M., Antonietti J.-Ph., Hullin R., 2016. ESC Heart Failure. Peer-reviewed.
Cardiologie [Cardiology update in 2014].
Iglesias J.F., Monney P., Pascale P., Yerly P., Muller O., Schwitter J., Hullin R., Eeckhout E., Vogt P., 2015. Revue Médicale Suisse, 11 (456-457) pp. 30-2, 34-43.
Pulmonary arterial hypertension in patients treated with interferon.
Prella M., Yerly P., Nicod L.P., Aubert J.D., 2015. European Respiratory Journal, 46 (6) pp. 1849-1851. Peer-reviewed.
The Atherosclerosis Burden Score (ABS): a Convenient Ultrasound-Based Score of Peripheral Atherosclerosis for Coronary Artery Disease Prediction.
Yerly P., Marquès-Vidal P., Owlya R., Eeckhout E., Kappenberger L., Darioli R., Depairon M., 2015. Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research, 8 (2) pp. 138-147. Peer-reviewed.
Time-Dependent Specificity of Immunopathologic (C4d-CD68) and Histologic Criteria of Antibody-Mediated Rejection for Donor-Specific Antibodies and Allograft Dysfunction in Heart Transplantation.
Yerly P., Rotman S., Nobile A., Aubert V., Tozzi P., Yarol N., Vogt P., Hullin R., Pascual M., 2015. Transplantation, 99 (3) pp. 586-593.
Impact of targeted antifungal prophylaxis in heart transplant recipients at high risk for early invasive fungal infection.
Tissot F., Pascual M., Hullin R., Yerly P., Tozzi P., Meylan P., Manuel O., 2014. Transplantation, 97 (11) pp. 1192-1197.
Assistance circulatoire chronique: le point en 2013 [Long-term mechanical circulatory support: where do we stand in 2013?].
Reverdin S., Tozzi P., Yerly P., Vala D., Yarol N., Meyer P., Hullin R., 2013. Revue Médicale Suisse, 9 (388) pp. 1148-1153.
Association between conventional risk factors and different ultrasound-based markers of atherosclerosis at carotid and femoral levels in a middle-aged population.
Yerly P., Rodondi N., Viswanathan B., Riesen W., Vogt P., Bovet P., 2013. International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, 29 (3) pp. 589-599. Peer-reviewed.
Hypertension pulmonaire associée aux maladies du coeur gauche: quelle définition et quelle prise en charge en 2013 [Pulmonary hypertension in left heart disease: how to define it and how to manage it in 2013?].
Yerly P., Aebischer N., Prella M., Aubert J.D., Nicod L., Vachiéry J.L., 2013. Revue Médicale Suisse, 9 (388) pp. 1160-1167.
Low prevalence of abdominal aortic aneurysm in the Seychelles population aged 50 to 65 years.
Yerly P., Madeleine G., Riesen W., Bovet P., 2013. Cardiovascular Journal of Africa, 24 (2) pp. 17-18.
The transpulmonary pressure gradient for the diagnosis of pulmonary vascular disease.
Naeije R., Vachiery J.L., Yerly P., Vanderpool R., 2013. European Respiratory Journal, 41 (1) pp. 217-223.
How to detect disease progression in pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Vachiéry J.L., Yerly P., Huez S., 2012. European Respiratory Review, 21 (123) pp. 40-47.
Pulmonary vascular distensibility predicts aerobic capacity in healthy individuals.
Lalande S., Yerly P., Faoro V., Naeije R., 2012. Journal of Physiology, 590 (Pt 17) pp. 4279-4288.
Anorexigènes et maladies cardiovasculaires : les liaisons dangereuses
Yerly P., Vachiéry J.L., 2011. Réanimation, 20 (5) pp. 424-435.
Continuing medical education activity in echocardiography.
Fan P., Pascale P., Monney P., Jeanrenaud X., Aebischer N., Yerly P., Vogt P., Pruvot E., Schlapfer J., 2011..
Reduced atrial emptying after orthotopic heart transplantation masquerading as restrictive transmitral Doppler flow pattern?
Pascale P., Monney P., Jeanrenaud X., Aebischer N., Yerly P., Vogt P., Pruvot E., Schläpfer J., 2011. Echocardiography, 28 (2) pp. 168-174.
Successful heart and liver transplantation in a Swiss patient with Glu89Lys transthyretin amyloidosis.
Niederhauser J., Lobrinus J.A., Ochsner F., Wider C., Fellmann F., Yerly P., Antonino A.T., Saraiva M.J., Moradpour D., Kuntzer T., 2011. Transplantation, 91 (6) pp. e40-e42. Peer-reviewed.
Sélection et suivi prétransplantation des patients candidats à la greffe cardiaque en Suisse romande [Selection and preoperative follow-up of heart transplantation candidates in the French part of Switzerland].
Yarol N., Tozzi P., von Segesser L., Kalangos A., Vogt P., Yerly P., Mach F., Pascual M., Meyer P., Hullin R., 2011. Revue Médicale Suisse, 7 (297) pp. 1212-1216.
Cardiologie. Quoi de neuf en 2009 [Cardiology 2009: what is new?].
Locca D., Yerly P., Pascale P., Katz E., Monney P., Muller O., Stalder N., Vogt P., 2010. Revue Médicale Suisse, 6 (232) pp. 93-99.
Cardiologie [Cardiology]
Roguelov C., Vogt P., Yerly P., Pascale P., Katz E., Aebischer N., 2009. Revue Médicale Suisse, 5 (186) pp. 94-100.
Lower limb high arterial flow induced by tenofovir and emtricitabine treatment.
Periard D., Yerly P., Hayoz D., Mazzolai L., Widmeier A., Cavassini M., 2009. Antiviral Therapy, 14 (6) pp. 865-867. Peer-reviewed.
Suivi du patient après transplantation cardiaque: monitoring et adaptation de l'immunosuppression [Monitoring and adjustment of immunosuppression after heart transplantation].
Yerly P., Mach F., Kalangos A., Rotman S., von Segesser L., Vogt P., Hullin R., Pascual M., 2009. Revue Médicale Suisse, 5 (205) pp. 1214-1220.
Cardiologie [Trends in cardiology].
Roguelov C., Yerly P., Monney P., Pascale P., Eeckhout E., Vogt P., 2008. Revue Médicale Suisse, 4 (140) pp. 104-111.
Diabetes and pre-diabetes are associated with cardiovascular risk factors and carotid/femoral intima-media thickness independently of markers of insulin resistance and adiposity.
Faeh D., William J., Yerly P., Paccaud F., Bovet P., 2007. Cardiovascular Diabetology, 6 p. 32. Peer-reviewed.
Microalbuminuria, but not cystatin C, is associated with carotid atherosclerosis in middle-aged adults.
Rodondi N., Yerly P., Gabriel A., Riesen W.F., Burnier M., Paccaud F., Bovet P., 2007. Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation, 22 (4) pp. 1107-1114. Peer-reviewed.
Anticoagulation orale chez les patients cardiaques qui necessitent une intervention chirurgicale elective: quelle attitude adopter? [Oral anticoagulants in cardiac patients undergoing elective surgical procedures: what attitude to adopt?]
Yerly P., Schapira M., Vogt P., 2005/05. Revue Médicale Suisse, 1 (21) pp. 1412-4, 1416-7.
Cryoglobulines et endocardite, à propos d'un cas... [Cryoglobulins and endocarditis, a case report...].
Yerly P., Chuard C., Pugin P., Regamey C., 2001. Revue Médicale de la Suisse Romande, 121 (8) pp. 573-576.
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