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Immunogenicity of dimorphic and C-terminal fragments of Plasmodium falciparum MSP2 formulated with different adjuvants in mice.
Balam S., Jafarshad A., Servis C., Frank G., Reed S., Pink R., Druilhe P., Spertini F., Corradin G., 2016. Vaccine, 34 (13) pp. 1566-1574. Peer-reviewed.
Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 2: epitope mapping and fine specificity of human antibody response against non-polymorphic domains.
Balam S., Olugbile S., Servis C., Diakité M., D'Alessandro A., Frank G., Moret R., Nebie I., Tanner M., Felger I. et al., 2014. Malaria Journal, 13 p. 510.
Cell biological characterization of the malaria vaccine candidate trophozoite exported protein 1.
Kulangara C., Luedin S., Dietz O., Rusch S., Frank G., Mueller D., Moser M., Kajava A.V., Corradin G., Beck H.P. et al., 2012. PLoS One, 7 (10) pp. e46112.
Malaria vaccine candidate: design of a multivalent subunit α-helical coiled coil poly-epitope.
Olugbile S., Villard V., Bertholet S., Jafarshad A., Kulangara C., Roussilhon C., Frank G., Agak G.W., Felger I., Nebie I. et al., 2011. Vaccine, 29 (40) pp. 7090-7099.
Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 2: epitope mapping and biological activity analysis of specific antibodies
Balam S., Frank G., Diakite M., Moret R., Corradin G., Spertini F., 2011. p. 103 dans Annual Congress SGAI-SSAI, Advances in immunology and allergology: from research to diagnosis and therapy, Allergologie. Peer-reviewed.
Evaluation of two long synthetic merozoite surface protein 2 peptides as malaria vaccine candidates.
Flueck C., Frank G., Smith T., Jafarshad A., Nebie I., Sirima S.B., Olugbile S., Alonso P., Tanner M., Druilhe P. et al., 2009. Vaccine, 27 (20) pp. 2653-2661. Peer-reviewed.
Intranasal administration of the synthetic polypeptide from the C-terminus of the circumsporozoite protein of Plasmodium berghei with the modified heat-labile toxin of Escherichia coli (LTK63) induces a complete protection against malaria challenge.
Romero J.F., Ciabattini A., Guillaume P., Frank G., Ruggiero P., Pettini E., Del Giudice G., Medaglini D., Corradin G., 2009. Vaccine, 27 (8) pp. 1266-1271. Peer-reviewed.
The N-terminal domain of Plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein represents a target of protective immunity.
Bongfen S.E., Ntsama P.M., Offner S., Smith T., Felger I., Tanner M., Alonso P., Nebie I., Romero J.F., Silvie O. et al., 2009. Vaccine, 27 (2) pp. 328-335. Peer-reviewed.
Vaccine potentials of an intrinsically unstructured fragment derived from the blood stage-associated Plasmodium falciparum protein PFF0165c.
Olugbile S., Kulangara C., Bang G., Bertholet S., Suzarte E., Villard V., Frank G., Audran R., Razaname A., Nebie I. et al., 2009. Infection and immunity, 77 (12) pp. 5701-5709. Peer-reviewed.
Rapid identification of malaria vaccine candidates based on alpha-helical coiled coil protein motif.
Villard V., Agak G.W., Frank G., Jafarshad A., Servis C., Nébié I., Sirima S.B., Felger I., Arevalo-Herrera M., Herrera S. et al., 2007. Plos One, 2 (7) pp. e645.
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