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Evaluation of systemically-oriented therapies

This area of research involves process and outcome research on systemic therapies.
The following project is the result of collaboration among the Institut Universitaire de Psychothérapie (Department of Psychiatry, CHUV) and Faculté de Psychologie et des Sciences de l'Education (University of Geneva):

"Targeting the coparental relationship in couple therapy: A randomized, controlled, parallel-group study"

This study is assessing the effectiveness of couple interventions that specifically target the coparental relationship. The coparental relationship is the quality of a couple's coordination in their roles as parents. It is distinct from the marital relationship and its role has been studied extensively in developmental literature. The value of this project lies in the empirical data it provides on two as yet unexplored areas of couple therapy which could prove beneficial both for teaching and for clinical work with couples: (a) the types of therapeutic interventions that target the coparental sub-system in couple therapy; and (b) the effect of these interventions on both the coparental and marital aspects of the couple relationship. A sample of 80 couples who live together and have a biological child/children under the age of 16 will be recruited at intake. At the three points of measurement, couples will fill out self-reported questionnaires on their coparental and marital relationships and on other levels of functioning (individual symptomatology, parent-child relationship and family dynamic). A therapeutic alliance questionnaire will be filled out on site after each therapy session.

Couple, family and parenthood

This area of research involves studying the couple and the family during various developmental stages. Other research projects are being conducted on stepfamily functioning (Gloria Repond, PhD student) and on the link between self esteem and family dynamics (Nahema El Ghaziri, PhD student).

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