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When is collective exposure to war events related to more acceptance of collective guilt?
Penic S., Elcheroth G., Spini D. Journal of Conflict Resolution. Peer-reviewed.
Surveying national minorities
Herzing Jessica M. E., Elcheroth Guy, Lipps Oliver, Kleiner Brian, 2019/03/01., University of Lausanne; FORS.
The LIVES Cohort survey: a longitudinal diversified sample of young adults who have grown up in Switzerland
Spini Dario, Dasoki Nora, Elcheroth Guy, Gauthier Jacques-Antoine, Rossignon Florence, 2019. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, 10 (3) pp. 399-410.
Identity, violence and power. Mobilising hatred, demobilising dissent
Elcheroth Guy, Reicher Steve, 2017., Palgrave Macmillan.
Intergroup forgiveness in the aftermath of symmetric and asymmetric communal violence: Contact density and nationalistic climates as contextual mediators
Penic Sandra, Elcheroth Guy, Morselli Davide, 2017. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47 pp. 209-227. Peer-reviewed.
Political beliefs and political behaviour
Goncalves-Portelinha Isabelle, Staerklé Christian, Elcheroth Guy, 2017. pp. 222-236 dans Howarth Caroline, Andreouli Eleni (eds.) The social psychology of everyday politics, Routledge.
Can patriots be critical after a nationalist war? The struggle between recognition and marginalisation of dissenting voices
Penic S., Elcheroth G., Reicher S., 2016. Political Psychology, 37 (4) pp. 481-496. Peer-reviewed.
From marginal to mainstream: The role of perceived norms in the rise of a far-right movement
Portelinha Isabelle, Elcheroth Guy, 2016. European Journal of Social Psychology, 6 (46) pp. 661-671. Peer-reviewed.
Le premier enfant en contexte: l'institutionalisation du conflit ?
Bühlmann Felix, Elcheroth Guy, Tettamanti Manuel, 2016. pp. 262-284 dans Le Goff Jean-Marie, Levy René (eds.) Devenir parents, devenir inégaux. Transition à la parentalité et inégalités de genre, Seismo.
Can there be a general theory of intractable conflict ?
Elcheroth Guy, Spini Dario, 2015. pp. 175-194 dans Halperin E, Sharvit K (eds.) The social psychology of intractable conflicts, Springer.
'Not our war, not our country': Contents and contexts of Scottish political rhetoric and popular understandings during the invasion of Iraq
Elcheroth G., Reicher S., 2014. British Journal of Social Psychology, 53 (1) pp. 112-133. Peer-reviewed.
Rappresentazioni, metasistemi e identità sociali
Doise Willem, Elcheroth Guy, 2014. dans Palmonari A, Emiliani F (eds.) Psicologia delle rappresentazioni sociali. Teoria e applicazioni, Il Mulino.
Threatened powers : when blaming "the others" grows out of internal instability and protest
Penic S., Corkalo Biruski D., Elcheroth G., 2014. pp. 163-182 dans Spini D., Elcheroth G., Corkalo Biruski D. (eds.) War, Community, and Social Change : Collective experiences in the former Yugoslavia, Springer.
War, community and social change
Spini Dario, Elcheroth Guy, Corkalo Biruski Dinka, 2014., Springer.
National minorities and their representation in social surveys : which practices make a difference ?
Laganà F., Elcheroth G., Penic S., Kleiner B., Fasel N., 2013. Quality & Quantity, 47 (3) pp. 1287-1314. Peer-reviewed.
Spacom : Spatially weighted context data for multilevel modelling. R package version 1.0-4.
Junge T., Penic S., Cossuta M., Elcheroth G., 2013..
Spatially Weighted Context Data and Their Application to Collective War Experiences
Elcheroth G., Penic S., Fasel R., Giudici F., Glaeser S., Joye D., Le Goff J.-M., Morselli D., Spini D., 2013. Sociological Methodology, 43 (1) pp. 364-411. Peer-reviewed.
Spatially weighted context data and their application to collective war experiences
Elcheroth G., Penic S., Fasel R., Joye D., Giudici F., Glaeser S., Le Goff J.-M., Morselli D., Spini D., 2013. Sociological Methodology, 47 (3) pp. 364-411. Peer-reviewed.
Minorities in general social surveys: what we can learn from the Swiss case and why the black box should be opened wider. Position paper,
Elcheroth Guy, Fasel Nicole, Gianettoni Lavinia, Kleiner Brian, Lagana Francesco, Lipps Oliver, Penic Sandra, Pollien Alexandre, 2011/09., University of Lausanne and Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences.
On the Knowledge of Politics and the Politics of Knowledge: How a Social Representations Approach Helps Us Rethink the Subject of Political Psychology
Elcheroth G., Doise W., Reicher S., 2011. Political Psychology, 32 (5) pp. 729-758. Peer-reviewed.
Political violence, intergroup conflict, and ethnic categories
Elcheroth G., Spini D., 2011. pp. 175-194 dans Bar-Tal D. (eds.) Intergroup conflicts and their resolution: A social psychological perspective, New York: Psychology Press.
The Division of Labour Among European Couples : The Effects of Life Course and Welfare Policy on Value-Practice Configurations
Bühlmann F., Elcheroth G., Tettamanti M., 2010. European Sociological Review, Published online pp. 49-66. Peer-reviewed.
Is there space for time in social psychology publications? A content analysis across five journals
Spini D., Elcheroth G., Figini D., 2009. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, Published online pp. 165-181. Peer-reviewed.
Public support for the prosecution of human rights violations in the former Yugoslavia
Elcheroth G., Spini D., 2009. Peace and Conflict : The Journal of Peace Psychology, 15 (2) pp. 189-214. Peer-reviewed.
The impact of group norms and generalization of risks across groups on judgments of war behavior
Spini D., Elcheroth G., Fasel R., 2008. Political Psychology, 29 (6) pp. 919-941. Peer-reviewed.
Classes sociales et jugements normatifs de jeunes français : la justification du système par les défavorisés revisitée
Elcheroth G., Spini D., 2007. Cahiers Internationaux de Psychologie Sociale, 75-76 pp. 117-131. Peer-reviewed.
Collective vulnerability, morality, and intergroup conflict: The beast, the angel and the madman
Spini D., Fasel R., Elcheroth G., 2007., University of Zadar, Department of Psychology pp. 53-67 dans Cubela Adoric V. (eds.) 15th Psychology Days in Zadar: Book of selected proceedings, University of Zadar.
TRACES: Methodological and technical report
Spini D., Elcheroth G., Fasel R., 2007., University of Lausanne.
Individual level and community-level effects of war trauma on social representations related to humanitarian law
Elcheroth G., 2006. European Journal of Social Psychology, 36 (6) pp. 907-930. Peer-reviewed.
Réagir au harcèlement : de la victimisation à la vulnérabilité collective
Elcheroth G., 2005. pp. 157-179 dans Sanchez-Mazas M., Koubi G. (eds.) Le harcèlement: de la société solidaire à la société solitaire, Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles.
Why Look at Life Courses in an Interdisciplinary Perspective?
Levy R., Deschamps J.-C., Elcheroth G., Forney Y., Gauthier J.A, Ghisletta P., Kellerhals J., Lalive d'Epinay C., Le Goff J.-M, de Ribaupierre A. et al., 2005. pp. 3-32 dans R. Levy, P. Ghisletta, J. M. Le Goff, D. Spini & E. Widmer (eds.) Toward an interdisciplinary perspective on the life course, Oxford : Elsevier.
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