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Protective Behavioral Strategies Scale-20: Psychometric properties of a French and German version among young males in Switzerland.
Grazioli V.S., Studer J., Larimer M.E., Lewis M.A., Marmet S., Lemoine M., Daeppen J.B., Gmel G. International journal of methods in psychiatric research pp. e1777. Peer-reviewed.
Does level of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder symptoms predicts poor transition into adulthood?
Baggio S., Studer J., Fructuoso A., Grazioli V.S., Heller P., Wolff H., Gmel G., Perroud N., 2019/03. International journal of public health, 64 (2) pp. 165-172. Peer-reviewed.
Prise en charge des grands consommateurs des services d’urgences [Management of emergency department frequent users]
Vu F., Hugli O., Daeppen J.B., Kasztura M., Grazioli V.S., Bodenmann P., 2019/02/27. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (640) pp. 490-493. Peer-reviewed.
Interpretation of DSM-5 alcohol use disorder criteria in self-report surveys may change with age. A longitudinal analysis of young Swiss men
Marmet Simon, Studer Joseph, Bertholet Nicolas, Grazioli Véronique S., Daeppen Jean-Bernard, Gmel Gerhard, 2019/01/22. Addiction Research & Theory pp. 1-9.
Implementing a case management intervention for frequent users of the emergency department (I-CaM): an effectiveness-implementation hybrid trial study protocol.
Grazioli V.S., Moullin J.C., Kasztura M., Canepa-Allen M., Hugli O., Griffin J., Vu F., Hudon C., Jackson Y., Wolff H. et al., 2019/01/11. BMC health services research, 19 (1) p. 28. Peer-reviewed.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and future alcohol outcomes: Examining the roles of coping and enhancement drinking motives among young men.
Grazioli V.S., Gmel G., Rougemont-Bücking A., Baggio S., Daeppen J.B., Studer J., 2019. PloS one, 14 (6) pp. e0218469. Peer-reviewed.
Comparing Mental Health across Distinct Groups of Users of Psychedelics, MDMA, Psychostimulants, and Cannabis.
Rougemont-Bücking A., Jungaberle H., Scheidegger M., Merlo MCG, Grazioli V.S., Daeppen J.B., Gmel G., Studer J., 2019. Journal of psychoactive drugs, 51 (3) pp. 236-246. Peer-reviewed.
Bidirectional Associations Between Self-Reported Gaming Disorder and Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Evidence From a Sample of Young Swiss Men
Marmet Simon, Studer Joseph, Grazioli Véronique S., Gmel Gerhard, 2018/12/11. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 9.
Attitudes toward protective behavioral strategies: Do they predict use of strategies and alcohol outcomes over time?
Grazioli V.S., Lewis M.A., Fossos-Wong N., Larimer M.E., 2018/12. Addictive behaviors, 87 pp. 190-195. Peer-reviewed.
Snus and Snuff Use in Switzerland Among Young Men: Are There Beneficial Effects on Smoking?
Gmel G., Clair C., Rougemont-Bücking A., Grazioli V.S., Daeppen J.B., Mohler-Kuo M., Studer J., 2018/09/25. Nicotine & tobacco research, 20 (11) pp. 1301-1309. Peer-reviewed.
Cigarette and Cannabis Use in Young Swiss Men: Examination of the Bidirectional, Longitudinal Associations Between Frequency of Use and Descriptive Norms.
Studer J., Bertholet N., Baggio S., Gaume J., Grazioli V.S., Rougemont-Bücking A., Daeppen J.B., Gmel G., 2018/07. Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs, 79 (4) pp. 585-590. Peer-reviewed.
Do sensation seeking and aggression traits moderate the association between peer influence and alcohol outcomes among young Swiss men?
Grazioli Véronique S., Gmel Gerhard, Mohler-Kuo Meichun, Daeppen Jean-Bernard, Bertholet Nicolas, Studer Joseph, 2018/01/02. Addiction Research & Theory, 26 (1) pp. 52-62. Peer-reviewed.
Non-medical use of prescription drugs by young men: impact of potentially traumatic events and of social-environmental stressors.
Rougemont-Bücking A., Grazioli V.S., Marmet S., Daeppen J.B., Lemoine M., Gmel G., Studer J., 2018. European journal of psychotraumatology, 9 (1) p. 1468706. Peer-reviewed.
Six-month outcomes among socially marginalized alcohol and drug users attending a drop-in center allowing alcohol consumption.
Grazioli V.S., Collins S.E., Paroz S., Graap C., Daeppen J.B., 2017/03. The International journal on drug policy, 41 pp. 65-73. Peer-reviewed.
Alcool et suicide
Bertholet Nicolas, Grazioli Véronique S., 2017. pp. 252-261 dans Michaud Laurent, Bonsack Charles (eds.) Prévention du suicide, Médecine et Hygiène.
Family-Related Stress versus External Stressors: Differential Impacts on Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use in Young Men.
Rougemont-Bücking A., Grazioli V.S., Daeppen J.B., Gmel G., Studer J., 2017. European addiction research, 23 (6) pp. 284-297. Peer-reviewed.
Risky substance use and peer pressure in Swiss young men : Test of moderation effects
Studer J., Baggio S., Grazioli V.S., Mohler-Kuo M., Daeppen J.B., Gmel G., 2016/11/01. Drug and alcohol dependence, 168 pp. 89-98. Peer-reviewed.
Alcohol expectancies and alcohol outcomes: effects of the use of protective behavioral strategies.
Grazioli V.S., Lewis M.A., Garberson L.A., Fossos-Wong N., Lee C.M., Larimer M.E., 2015. Journal of Studies On Alcohol and Drugs, 76 (3) pp. 452-458. Peer-reviewed.
Perceptions of twelve-step mutual-help groups and their associations with motivation, treatment attendance and alcohol outcomes among chronically homeless individuals with alcohol problems.
Grazioli V.S., Collins S.E., Daeppen J.B., Larimer M.E., 2015. International Journal on Drug Policy, 26 (5) pp. 468-474. Peer-reviewed.
Protective behavioral strategies and future drinking behaviors: Effect of drinking intentions.
Grazioli V.S., Dillworth T., Witkiewitz K., Andersson C., Kilmer J.R., Pace T., Fossos-Wong N., Carroll H., Berglund M., Daeppen J.B. et al., 2015. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 29 (2) pp. 355-364. Peer-reviewed.
Safer-drinking strategies used by chronically homeless individuals with alcohol dependence.
Grazioli V.S., Hicks J., Kaese G., Lenert J., Collins S.E., 2015. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 54 pp. 63-68. Peer-reviewed.
Tolérer la consommation d'alcool dans un centre d'accueil de jour: récit d'une expérience pilote de réduction des risques à Lausanne
Paroz S., Grazioli V.S., Graap C., Daeppen J.B., Collins S., Pythoud N., 2015. Dépendances, 56 pp. 28-30.
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