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Life courses and the conditions of their gendering

The gendering of life courses is a major aspect of their social standardisation which seems to be particularly resilient in the face of change. It also plays a crucial role for the general social "anchoring" of sexual differenciation and inequalities. Hence, in a perspective of gender emancipation and equality, it is particularly important to improve our understanding of the processes of stabilisation of these phenomena

Social Inequalities and Stratification

Social stratification remains one of the principal structuring axes of contemporary societies, frequent assertions on its vanishing notwithstanding. An oft-neglected aspect of habitual research in this area is the meso-scopic level of social organisation (e.g. in the form of organisations, labour market segmentation, subnational contexts), which plays an important role in the social production and reproduction of the system of inequalities (including inequalities between sexual categories); it merits a special attention

Rapports sociaux de sexe et leur dimension institutionnelle

Research on gender differenciation needs no special justification. What seems particularly important because it tends to be neglected in the context of the social construction of these phenomena (doing gender) is the institutional and more particularly the structural aspect, for the reproduction as well as the transformation of gender relationships. A concept that helps direct research in this area is that of gendered master statuses

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