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A robust conditional maximum likelihood estimator for generalized linear models with a dispersion parameter
Marazzi A., Valdora M., Yohal V., Amiguet M., 2018/11. Test pp. 1-19.
Robust estimators for negative binomial regression
Amiguet M., Marazzi A., Valdora M., Yohai V.J., 2016/07. pp. 159-160 dans International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS), University of Geneva, 4-8 Juillet 2016.
Robust Estimators of the Generalized Log-Gamma Distribution
Agostinelli C., Marazzi A., Yohai V.J., 2014. Technometrics, 56 (1) pp. 92-101. Peer-reviewed.
Robust parametric indirect estimates of the expected cost of a hospital stay with covariates and censored data.
Locatelli I., Marazzi A., 2013. Statistics in Medicine, 32 (14) pp. 2457-2466. Peer-reviewed.
Weighted likelihood negative binomial regression
Amiguet Michael, Marazzi Alfio, Yohai Victor, 2013. dans ICORS 2013, Saint Petersburg, 11 July 2013.
A generalized weighted likelihood estimator
Amiguet M., Marazzi A., 2012., ERCIM (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics) p. 69 dans 6th CSDA International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE 2012) & and 5th International Conference of the ERCIM (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics) Working Group on Computing & Statistics (ERCIM 2012), Ciudad de Oviedo", Spain 1-3 December 2012.
High hyperdiploid acute lymphoblastic leukemia in adults shows clonal heterogeneity and chromosomal instability at diagnosis and during the course of the disease.
Talamo A., Marazzi A., Rovo A., Schanz U., Tichelli A., Chalandon Y., Jotterand M., 2012. Annals of Hematology, 91 (5) pp. 793-796. Peer-reviewed.
Robust accelerated failure time regression
Locatelli Isabella, Marazzi Alfio, Yohai Victor J., 2011. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 55 (1) pp. 874-887. Peer-reviewed.
Variation des durées et ou des coûts réels d'hospitalisation au sein des DRG individuels : revue de la littérature sur l'existence du phénomène et ses causes possibles
Bize R., Marazzi A., Paccaud F., 2011., Institut de Médecine Sociale et Préventive, Lausanne.
Clonal heterogeneity and chromosomal instability at disease presentation in high hyperdiploid acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Talamo Anna, Chalandon Yves, Marazzi Alfio, Jotterand Martine, 2010. Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics, 203 (2) pp. 209-214. Peer-reviewed.
Optimal robust estimates using the Hellinger distance
Marazzi Alfio, Yohai Victor J., 2010. Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, 4 (2-3) pp. 169-179. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of job insecurity on sexual desire: an exploratory analysis.
Domenighetti G., Tomada A., Marazzi A., Abazi O., Quaglia J., 2009/08/22. Swiss medical weekly, 139 (33-34) pp. 486-492. Peer-reviewed.
A note on estimating a mean cost of hospital stay with incomplete information
Locatelli Isabella, Marazzi Alfio, 2009. pp. 309-317 dans Hofmann Bernice R. (eds.) Health care costs: causes, effects and control, New York : Nova Science Publishers.
Marazzi Alfio, Schindler Christian, Paccaud Fred, 2009. pp. 69-77 dans Gutzwiller Felix, Paccaud Fred (eds.) Médecine sociale et préventive - santé publique chap. 2.2, Berne : Huber.
Dissecting the compression of mortality in Switzerland, 1876-2005
Cheung Siu Lan Karen, Robine Jean-Marie, Paccaud Fred, Marazzi Alfio, 2009. Demographic Research, 21 pp. 569-597. Peer-reviewed.
La surveillance active dans la prise en charge du cancer de la prostate précoce. [Active surveillance for early-stage prostate cancer]
Jichlinski P., Berthold D. R., Zouhair A., Griesser A. C., Meuwly J. Y., Prior J. O., Lhermitte B., Doerfler A., Treuthardt C., Praz V. et al., 2009. Revue médicale suisse, 5 (228) pp. 2442-4, 2446-7.
Robust regression with asymmetric errors
Marazzi Alfio, 2009. pp. 207-210 dans Classification and Data Analysis 2009, Book of short papers, 7th Meeting of the Classification and Data Analysis Group of the Italian Statistical Society, Padova : CLEUP.
Robust response transformations based on optimal prediction
Marazzi Alfio, Villar Ana J., Yohai Victor J., 2009. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 104 (485) pp. 360-370. Peer-reviewed.
New approaches to reimbursement schemes based on patient classification systems and their comparison
Marazzi Alfio, Gardiol Lucien, Duong Hong Dung, 2007. Health Services Management Research, 20 (3) pp. 203-210. Peer-reviewed.
Methodological rules with a view to helvitise a DRG-grouper
Chalé Jean-Jacques, Duong Hong Dung, Marazzi Alfio, Meylan Danielle, 2006. Revue économique et sociale, 64 (June, special issue) pp. 95-109.
New approaches to reimbursement schemes based on PCSS and their comparison
Marazzi Alfio, Gardiol Lucien, Duong Hong Dung, 2006. Revue économique et sociale, 64 (June, special issue) pp. 83-93.
Validation of the potentially avoidable hospital readmission rate as a routine indicator of the quality of hospital care
Halfon Patricia, Eggli Yves, Pretre-Rohrbach Isaline, Meylan Danielle, Marazzi Alfio, Burnand Bernard, 2006. Medical care, 44 (11) pp. 972-81. Peer-reviewed.
Adaptively truncated maximum likehood regression with asymmetric errors
Marazzi Alfio, Yohai Victor J., 2004. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 122 (1-2) pp. 271-291. Peer-reviewed.
Robust Box-Cox transformations for simple regression
Marazzi Alfio, Yohai Victor J., 2004. pp. 173-182 dans Hubert Mia, et al. (eds.) Theory and applications of recent robust methods, Birkhäuser.
Circadian and circaseptan patterns of natality and perinatal mortality of infants with different birth weights
Marazzi A, Ruffieux C, Cornelissen G, Syutkina EV, Johnson D, Halberg F, 2003. Neuroendocrinology Letters, 24 (Suppl 1) pp. 105-110. Peer-reviewed.
Bootstrap tests for robust means of asymmetric distributions with unequal shapes
Marazzi Alfio, 2002. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 39 (4) pp. 503-28. Peer-reviewed.
Evaluation de la satisfaction des infirmiers(-ères): développement et validation d'un nouvel outil d'analyse [Evaluation of satisfaction of nurses: development and validation of a new analysis tool]
Berney V., Marazzi A., Wasserfallen J.B., 2002. Recherche en soins infirmiers 71 pp. 63-70.
S-plus functions for the Cox-test for separate families based on M-estimators pf asymmetric models: rapport technique
Marazzi Alfio, Randriamiharisoa Alex, 2002., IUMSP (Institut universitaire de médecine sociale et préventive).
The truncated mean of an asymmetric distribution
Marazzi A, Ruffieux C, 1999. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 32 (1) pp. 79-100. Peer-reviewed.
Age at death and rectangularisation of the survival curve: trends in Switzerland, 1969-1994.
Paccaud F., Sidoti Pinto C., Marazzi A., Mili J., 1998. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 52 (7) pp. 412-415. Peer-reviewed.
Fitting the distributions of length of stay by parametric models.
Marazzi A., Paccaud F., Ruffieux C., Beguin C., 1998. Medical Care, 36 (6) pp. 915-927. Peer-reviewed.
Exploring models for the length of stay distribution.
Ruffieux C., Marazzi A., Paccaud F., 1993. Sozial- Und Präventivmedizin, 38 (2) pp. 77-82. Peer-reviewed.
Evaluation of the consistency of Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE II) scoring in a surgical intensive care unit
Berger M. M., Marazzi A., Freeman J., Chiolero R., 1992/12. Critical Care Medicine, 20 (12) pp. 1681-7. Peer-reviewed.
Evaluation of arterial compliance-pressure curves. Effect of antihypertensive drugs.
Perret F., Mooser V., Hayoz D., Tardy Y., Meister J.J., Etienne J.D., Farine P.A., Marazzi A., Burnier M., Nussberger J. et al., 1991. Hypertension, 18 (4 Suppl) pp. II77-83. Peer-reviewed.
Een meta-analyse van acupunctuur tegen chronische pijn
Patel M., Gutzwiller F., Paccaud F., Marazzi A., 1990. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Integrale Geneeskunde, 6 (43) pp. 296-302.
Probabilistic Algorithms for Least Median of Squares Regression
Joss J, Marazzi A, 1990. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 9 (1) pp. 123-133. Peer-reviewed.
A meta-analysis of acupuncture for chronic pain.
Patel M., Gutzwiller F., Paccaud F., Marazzi A., 1989. International Journal of Epidemiology, 18 (4) pp. 900-906. Peer-reviewed.
Medizinische Informatik: Aus- und Weiterbildung in der Schweiz
Ziegler W.J., Marazzi A., 1989. Schweizerische Ärztezeitung, 70 pp. 142-143.
Algorithms for the computation of weights in bounded influence regression
Marazzi A, 1988. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 6 (3) pp. 251-276. Peer-reviewed.
Robust regression in biological assay: application to the evaluation of alternative experimental techniques.
Marazzi A., Ruffieux C., Randriamiharisoa A., 1988. Experientia, 44 (10) pp. 857-873.
SIMULIT : description du modèle de simulation
Grimm Renée, Koehn Véronique, Paccaud Fred, Van Melle Guy (Collab.) , Schwab Ch. (Collab.) , Santos-Eggimann Brigitte (Collab.) , Marazzi Alfio (Collab.) , 1988. 12 f. (Cahiers de recherches et de documentation ; 1 s.8), Lausanne : Institut universitaire de médecine sociale et préventive (IUMSP).
Changes in the vascular reactivity of the isolated tail arteries of spontaneous and renovascular hypertensive rats to endogenous and exogenous noradrenaline.
Fouda A.K., Marazzi A., Boillat N., Sonnay M., Guillain H., Atkinson J., 1987. Blood Vessels, 24 (1-2) pp. 63-75.
Quelques abus de la statistique dans la recherche médicale [Various abuses of statistics in medical research].
Marazzi A., 1987. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift, 117 (16) pp. 609-618.
Intérêt des bandelettes colorimétriques pour l'examen urinaire de routine en pratique ambulatoire [The role of colorimetry strips in routine urine analysis in ambulatory practice]
Bonard C., Darioli R., Petrillo A., Cretin T., Marazzi A., 1986/03. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift, 116 (11) pp. 338-341. Peer-reviewed.
Correlation between plasmatic phospholipids and coronary atherosclerosis.
Darioli R., Bourgeois R., Essinger A., Grandjean T., Marazzi A., 1986. pp. 118-118 dans Archives des maladies du coeur et des vaisseaux.
Projections de l'utilisation des lits dans le canton de Vaud : hôpitaux de zone, 1990-2010
Paccaud Fred, Grimm Renée, Gutzwiller Felix, Eggimann Brigitte (Collab.) , Van Melle Guy (Collab.) , Schwab Ch. (Collab.) , Marazzi Alfio (Collab.) , 1986. 53 f. (Cahiers de recherches et de documentation ; 1 s.5), Lausanne : Institut universitaire de médecine sociale et préventive (IUMSP).
SIMULIT : un modèle de simulation pour l'analyse et la planification de l'activité hospitalière
Grimm Renée, Paccaud Fred, Van Melle Guy (Collab.) , Schwab Ch. (Collab.) , Eggimann Brigitte (Collab.) , Marazzi Alfio (Collab.) , 1986. 15 f. ; tabl. (Cahiers de recherches et de documentation ; 1 s.4), Lausanne : Institut universitaire de médecine sociale et préventive (IUMSP).
Hysterectomy and sex of the gynecologist.
Domenighetti G., Luraschi P., Marazzi A., 1985. New England Journal of Medicine, 313 (23) p. 1482.
Influence des habitudes alimentaires sur la morbidité chez 645 patients obèses d'une consultation spécialisée. [Effect of eating habits on morbidity in 645 patients at a specialized clinic].
Burnand B., Marazzi A., Heraief E., Burckhardt P., 1985. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift, 115 (49) pp. 1770-1772.
On constrained minimization of the Bayes risk for the !inear model
Marazzi A., 1985. Statistics and Decisions, 3 pp. 277-296.
The prevalence of accentuated palmoplantar markings and keratosis pilaris in atopic dermatitis, autosomal dominant ichthyosis and control dermatological patients.
Mevorah B., Marazzi A., Frenk E., 1985. British Journal of Dermatology, 112 (6) pp. 679-685.
Toxicomanie dans le canton de Vaud: un regard sur les données de la police cantonale [Drug addiction in the Canton of Vaud: a look at data from the canton police].
Haller E., Marazzi A., 1985. Sozial- und Präventivmedizin, 30 (6) pp. 333-335.
Validation par ergométrie d'un questionnaire sur l'activité physique dans 2 villes suisses [A short questionnaire on physical-activity validated by bicycle ergometry]
Gutzwiller F, Marazzi A, Nater B, Howald H, Haller E, 1985. Revue d'epidémiologie et de santé publique, 33 (2) pp. 103-107. Peer-reviewed.
Etude de la variation interlaboratoire du test de dépistage prénatal des défauts de fermeture du tube neural [Interlaboratory variation in the prenatal screening test for neural tube closing defects].
Braoudakis G., Marguerat P., Marazzi A., Gutzwiller F., 1984. Sozial- Und Präventivmedizin, 29 (4-5) pp. 207-208.
Neurofibromatosis of von Recklinghausen: a quantitative study of the epidermal keratinocyte and melanocyte populations.
Frenk E., Marazzi A., 1984. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 83 (1) pp. 23-25.
Facteurs de risque de l'artériosclérose coronarienne chez la femme [Risk factors in coronary arteriosclerosis in women]
Légeret M.J., Darioli R., Grandjean T., Gersbach P., Essinger A., Marazzi A., 1983. Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift, 113 (49) pp. 1850-1853. Peer-reviewed.
L'enseignement du patient diabétique et son évaluation par un questionnaire à choix multiple. [Education of the diabetic patient and its evaluation by a multiple-choice questionnaire].
Weissbrodt P., Marazzi A., Truhan M., Steimer E., Hofstetter J.R., 1983. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift, 113 (50) pp. 1919-1921.
Neurofibromatosis - a Quantitative-Analysis of the Epidermal Keratinocyte and Melanocyte Populations
Frenk E, Marazzi A, Haller E, 1983. pp. 355-355 dans Journal of Investigative Dermatology. Peer-reviewed.
Surveillance médicale de personnes exposées au perchloréthylène. Etude dans les pressings. [Medical surveillance of dry cleaning employees]
Boillat MA, Djevahirdjian I, Droz PO, Marazzi A, 1983. Sozial- und Präventivmedizin, 28 (5) pp. 256-257. Peer-reviewed.
Human exposure to styrene .4. Industrial-hygiene investigations and biological monitoring in the polyester industry
Guillemin MP, Bauer D, Martin B, Marazzi A, 1982. International archives of occupational and environmental health, 51 (2) pp. 139-150. Peer-reviewed.
Le Département de Statistique de l'Institut Universitaire de Médecine Sociale et Préventive, Lausanne [The Department of Statistics at the University Institute of Social Medicine and Prevention, Lausanne].
Marazzi A., 1982. Sozial- Und Präventivmedizin, 27 (5) pp. 228-229.
ROBETH: un logiciel pour les procédés statistiques robustes [ROBETH: a library for robust statistical procedures].
Marazzi Alfio, 1981. Sozial- und Präventivmedizin, 26 (5) pp. 288-290.
Minimax Credibi!ity
Marazzi Alfio, 1976. Bulletin de l'association suisse des actuaires, 76 pp. 119-129.
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