Jurg Rainer Schwyter

Education and work experience


University degrees and post-doctoral experience
Jürg Schwyter holds a BA in English, linguistics, and history from the University of Pennsylvania (1989) and a PhD from the University of Cambridge (1994). After a Junior Research Fellowship at Worcester College, Oxford, he was a lecturer in English language and linguistics at various Swiss universities and a post-doctoral assistant (C1) at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau. He joined the Lausanne faculty as professor in 2001.

Having retired from the post as professor in 2020 after a brain stroke, he is now a research fellow at the English Department.

Work experience

Visiting Professor
Visiting professorships in various Swiss universities, including Berne (2003-04), Zürich (2004-05) and Fribourg (2003; 2005-06)

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