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Endlich Zeit zum Forschen; Enfin du temps pour la recherche; Finalmente è tempo di ricerche.
Schwyter Jürg, 2021. aphasia, 2021 (1) pp. 18-19, 48-49, 72-73.
Ich hoffe, dass dieses Buch Vorurteile über Aphasiker beseitigt
Schwyter Jürg, 2021. dans Lukesch Barbara (eds.) Wer sind wir ohne Sprache? Das Aphasie-Experiment, Edition Punktuell.
Der Tag an dem alles anders wurde: Mein Leben nach dem Schlaganfall; Le jour où tout a changé: Ma vie après l’attaque cérébrale; Il giorno in cui tutu cambiò: La mia vita dopo il colpo apoplettico.
Schwyter Jürg R., 2020. aphasia.
Ein persönlicher Erfahrungsbericht zur Coronakrise; Un témoignage personnel sur la crise du Covid-19; Un racconto d’esperienza personale sulla crisi del coronavirus.
Schwyter Jürg, 2020. aphasia.
Multilingusime - récit d’une expérience vécue
Schwyter Jürg R., 2019. dans Le cerveau fascinant, Ligue Suisse pour le Cerveau.
Ten years after the stroke: Me talk slightly less funny
Schwyter Jürg R., 2018/01/31. English Today pp. 1-4.
Dictating to the Mob: The History of the BBC Advisory Committee on Spoken English.
Schwyter J., 2016. 281, Oxford University Press.
Is it 'gahrage' or 'gerredge' : the early BBC attemps to prescribe a 'correct' English
Schwyter J., 2015. Babel : the language magazine 12 pp. 35-40.
Losing Language: Multilingualism and Aphasia
Schwyter J., 2013/07. Babel. The language magazine 4 pp. 29-34.
Multilingualism im Stroke Patients: A Personal Account
Schwyter J., 2013. International Journal of English Linguistics, 3 (3) pp. 15-22.
English and the media: Radio
Schwyter J., 2012. pp. 1089-1104 dans Bergs A., Brinton L. (eds.) Historical Linguistics of English chap. 69, De Gruyter.
Language and the brain: strategies to recover language after a stroke and adaptation to daily life
Schwyter J., 2012. Aphasie und verwandte Gebiete, 2012 (1) pp. 24-34.
"Me talk funny": A stroke patient's personal account.
Schwyter J., 2011/11. English Today, 27 pp. 49-52.
L1 Interference in the Editing Process: Felix Liebermann, the 'Gesetze' and the German Language
Schwyter J., 2010. pp. 43-57 dans Jurasinski S., Lisi O., Rabin A. (eds.) English Law Before Magna Carta: Felix Liebermann and 'Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen', BRILL.
How not to Do Things with Words: The BBC Sub-Committee for the Invention of New Words (1935-1937)
Schwyter J., 2009. Neuphilologische Mitteilungen, 110.2 pp. 159-175.
Broadcast English Past, Present and Future
Schwyter J., Maillat D., Mair Ch. (eds.), 2008. Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 33, G. Narr.
Introduction to "Broadcast English Past, Present and Future"
Schwyter J., 2008..
Setting a Standard: Early BBC Language Policy and the Advisory Committee on Spoken English
Schwyter J., 2008. pp. 217-250 dans Schwyter J., Maillat D., Mair Ch. (eds.) Broadcast English Past, Present and Future, G. Narr.
The BBC Advisory Committee on Spoken English or How (not) to Construct a "Standard" Pronunciation
Schwyter J., 2008. pp. 175-193 dans Locher M., Strässler J. (eds.) Standards and Norms in the English Language, Mouton de Gruyter.
Slipping in Old English Narrative and Legislative Prose
Schwyter J., 2007. Studia Neophilologica, 79.2 pp. 133-147.
Introduction to "The Seeming and the Seen: Essays in Modern Visual and Literary Culture"
Schwyter J., Maeder B., Sigrist I., Vejdovsky B., 2006..
The Seeming and the Seen: Essays in Modern Visual and Literary Culture
Maeder B., Schwyter J., Sigrist I., Vejdovsky B. (eds.), 2006. Transatlantic Aesthetics and Culture, 1, Peter Lang.
Direct ou indirect? Possibibilités de "slipping" dans les textes de loi anglo-saxons
Schwyter J., 2005. pp. 17-42 dans Schwyter J., Poppe E., Onillon S. (eds.) Le 'slipping' dans les langues médiévales, Université de Lausanne.
Introduction to "Le 'slipping' dans les langues médiévales"
Schwyter J., Poppe E., Onillon S., 2005..
Le 'slipping' dans les langues médiévales
Schwyter J., Poppe E., Onillon S. (eds.), 2005. Cahiers de l'ILSL, 18, Université de Lausanne.
The Ethics and Genetics Debate: The Linguist's View. Five Short Essays
Schwyter J., 2003. pp. 18-19 29 39 53-54 59 67 dans Andres F., Hay L. (eds.) Ethics and Predictive Medicine, British Council.
OE Conjunction "theah (the)": Law II Cnut 72.1 and II Cnut 75
Schwyter J., 2001. Neophilologus, 85 pp. 291-296.
Syntax and Style in the Anglo-Saxon Law-Codes
Schwyter J., 1998. pp. 189-231 dans Ehler C., Schaefer U. (eds.) Verschriftung - Verschriftlichung: Aspekte des Medienwechsels in verschiedenen Kulturen und Epochen, G. Narr.
Old English Legal Language: The Lexical Field of Theft
Schwyter J., 1996., Odense University Press.
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